Chapter 166: The Dispute Over Pills (2)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 166: The Dispute Over Pills (2)

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“Why? Am I not fit to have the other pill formula?”

The grey-robed elder looked at Gu Xianglin indifferently. His pitch dropped as he intoned: “It looks like your Gu family’s sincerity only goes so far!”

“My lord, I can swear right now and prove to the heavens that I am utterly devoted to you!” Second Master Gu hurriedly cast another look at Gu Xianglin, “Quickly, give our lord the formula for the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill.”

“But…” Gu Xianglin’s heart trembled, “I promised my foster father that I would give him a pill formula. If I gave them both away, how am I going to account for it before my foster father?”

With his foster father’s temper, he would definitely explode out of rage. When that happened, if this great expert wasn’t willing to guide him, then his last hope would be gone.

“Hmph!” The elder snorted and the temperature of the room plummeted. “Gu Ming, you said that your son used tremendous effort to obtain that pill formula all for my sake, but I see that that’s not the case. What do you have to say for it?”

Gu Ming was Second Master Gu’s name. Upon hearing the elder’s words, Second Master Gu trembled where he stood. His heart thumped inside his rib cage, evidence of how deathly afraid he was that the person before him would, in a fit of unhappiness, instantly annihilate him.

“My lord, you have to believe me, I’m only loyal to you! Until my death, you’re the only person I’ll ever be loyal to! No one else deserves my fealty!”

Afraid that the elder would not believe his words, Second Master Gu walked up to Gu Xianglin. His gaze hardened. With a threat sown into his tone, he said, “Son, I’m your father. You have to listen to me in all matters. Even if you have been claimed by the Cool Breeze Faction’s Faction Master as an adopted son, you’re still my biological son and I’m still your biological father! I order you to hand over the pill formula, immediately! This lord is very strong; even several hundred Cool Breeze Factions wouldn’t be enough to match his might. As long as you obey, there’ll be rewards for you.”

In that instant, Gu Xianglin’s gaze turned heavy and he clenched his fists.

To be honest, he really did want to get into the good graces of this expert. However, he had always been conservative in his actions and would never back himself into a corner. If he handed over the pill formula now, then he would offend his foster father greatly.

Gu Xianglin was currently regretting his decision.

He was regretting that he had hurriedly reported the good news of the formulas to his foster father.

If his foster father didn’t know that he had obtained a pill formula, then he wouldn’t be in this mess right now.

However, he also understand that he was just an ant to the expert before him. If the expert wanted to kill him, then he could simply do so. If Gu Xianglin refused to hand over the pill formula, then he probably wouldn’t even be able to walk out of this secret room…

Gu Xianglin took in a deep breath and slowly reached into his lapel. Under the watchful gaze of the elder, he took out that ancient pill formula.

His eyes were filled with reluctance and conflict, but ultimately, he still handed over the pill formula to the grey-robed elder.

In the instant that the pill formula exchanged hands, his body felt on the verge of collapse. Gu Xianglin leaned against the wall behind him, knees weak, and slowly closed his eyes. He didn’t want to look at the pill formula that had left his hands…

“Good,” The grey-robed elder stored the pill formulas within his lapels and nodded in satisfaction. “Seeing as you handed over the pill formula in the end, I’ll forgive your earlier mistake in hiding it! Since your contributions are equal to your wrongs, I won’t punish you anymore.”

Contributions equal to wrongs?

What did he mean?

Gu Xianglin’s eyes widened as he stared at the elder, stunned.

“‘My contributions are equal to my wrongs? What wrongs have I committed? My contributions were cancelled out in the end? What about the rewards? Where are the rewards you promised after I handed the pill formulas over?”

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