Chapter 16: Refining Pills (7)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 16: Refining Pills (7)

“Zixie, I’ve already collected the ingredients needed to refine the Qi Gathering Pills, when will you start to teach me pill refining?”

In the Ancient Divine Pagoda, Gu Ruoyun was standing behind the medicine cauldron, placing the medicinal herbs she had bought from Hundred Herb Hall in front, she then turned her head towards the man next to her.

Zixie’s slender fingers stroked his chin, before smiling evilly: “It starts right now! Girl, start preparing yourself first, I’ll teach you the art of refining pills in a moment.”


Gu Ruoyun nodded, at this moment, she would be lying if she said she was not excited, since it was the long lost art of refining pills after all…

“Girl, to refine pills, you must follow the steps on the pill formulas exactly and place the ingredients in the cauldron in order. If the order is wrong, then the refining will fail. After you reach a certain level of strength, then you’ll be able to create your own original formulas from sensing the medicinal properties of herbs. Of course, you won’t be able to reach that level of skill without a number of years,” Zixie held hidden laughter in his eyes, “Actually, refining pills isn’t that difficult, unfortunately I’m not human, so I’m unable to refine pills. You can try it out and practice for now, whether it’s watching the fire or placing the ingredients in, you cannot make any mistakes. Once you make a mistake, the pill will be ruined! Never forget this point.”

Hearing so, Gu Ruoyun’s expression turned serious.

She took a deep breath, a light of determination shining in her black eyes…

“Pills, if I had known this magical skill in my previous life, maybe, I would have been able to change my little brother’s inability to cultivate, and that man wouldn’t have been so ruthless as to abandon the Xia family’s only son! If… if my little brother is reborn in this world, I will definitely change his life!”

Pills had always been all-powerful, if she had been a pill master in her previous life, then her little brother would not have died such a miserable death.


As if that boy lying in a pool of blood had once again appeared before her eyes, Gu Ruoyun’s heart throbbed fiercely in pain, before being replaced by determination.

“Yu-er, if you’re still alive, sister will definitely find you. If you’re dead… then, I’ll live on for your sake, until I take revenge for our mother! This was also your wish at your deathbed, rest assured, wait for me to grow up, I will surely return to the East Peak Mainland, and let that hypocrite pay blood for blood! Even more, to let him fall into utter despair!”

Zixie looked at the hate on the girl’s pretty and delicate face, lips lightly curving up at an angle.

Hatred, could let a person grow even faster, but he was looking forward to the day that Gu Ruoyun finishes growing up…

Perhaps that day, won’t come too late.


Flame illuminated the entire room; the girl’s eyes were focused on the medicine cauldron before her, as she threw the herbs in her hands into the cauldron slowly, however, just as she let go of the herbs, bang, a loud noise rang from within the cauldron, and grey smoke burst out, covering the girl in ashes.

Zixie glanced at Gu Ruoyun, then shook his head, “Girl, pill refining is a very sacred profession, you must not have any distractions while refining, just a single thread of loose thought is enough to make you lose control of it.”

“I understand, I’ll try again!”

Gu Ruoyun forcefully breathed in, and took out the ingredients again…

Because Gu Ruoyun was an easily overlooked existence in the entire Gu household, she disappeared for three days and three nights without thinking, since going off the past, even if she disappeared for a month, no one would look for her.

However, this time, the entire Gu household was in a huge fuss...

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