Chapter 159: Longevity Pill (5)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 159: Longevity Pill (5)

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When a cultivator reached the martial king rank, their lifespan would be extended by a hundred years. If a late stage martial general was on the verge of a breakthrough but his lifespan was coming to an end, there was no way to reverse that desperate situation. However, if an additional ten years of life could give him the chance to break through, then that was equivalent to adding on a hundred years of life. Thus, it could be imagined how important getting an additional ten years of life was to a cultivator.

Gu Xianglin didn’t speak, but his eyes darted here and there, clearly thinking of how he could get the pill formulas into his hands!

Putting aside the extra ten years of life; if he could refine the Longevity Pill, how many riches could he amass?

Thinking of that, he was moved by the possibilities. He said: “Shopkeeper Zhao, I want to meet with your master. Could you invite him to meet me?”

Hearing so, Shopkeeper Zhao stared blankly for a moment. The current master of Hundred Herb Hall was Eldest Miss, but it seemed like Eldest Miss didn’t want anyone to know of her true connection to Hundred Herb Hall, even up till now. Thus, he couldn’t possibly reveal her identity.

“Apologies, Young Master Gu. Our master doesn’t want to meet anybody. Furthermore, didn’t you just say that our Hundred Herb Hall is selling fake pills? Since that’s so, what are you trying to do by meeting with our master?”

Shopkeeper Zhao’s face carried a sneer as he spoke unhappily.

Gu Xianglin didn’t get angry, but replied in a calm manner, “Shopkeeper Zhao. I would like to trouble you to report to your master. Just say that the young master of the Cool Breeze Faction, Gu Xianglin, requests an audience.”

“Haha!” Shopkeeper Zhao let out a burst of laughter, “Gu Xianglin, are you thinking of using the Cool Breeze Faction to pressure us? Unfortunately, I’m not impressed by your Cool Breeze Faction! Please return from where you came from!”

Gu Xianglin’s expression turned uglier upon hearing those words. He carried the faint trace of a sneer as he said emotionlessly: “I called you Shopkeeper Zhao out of respect for Hundred Herb Hall. However, you’re not qualified to speak to me. Get your master out here! Only he is qualified to stand in front of me!”


Right after Gu Xianglin finished speaking, the Cool Breeze Faction’s men gathered behind him drew their weapons. They glared at Shopkeeper Zhao threateningly with expressions full of mocking.

They looked as if they would turn the entire place into a bloodbath if their young master gave the order.

“The Cool Breeze Faction… how awe-inspiring.”

At this moment, Gu Ruoyun, who had been sitting to one side and watching the show, finally stood up. Brimming with smiles, she said: “I didn’t think that a fraudulent young master from the Cool Breeze Faction would actually throw his weight around compared to the legitimate second young master from the Wind Hall. Tsk tsk, I have a whole new level of respect for you.”

Everyone knew that Gu Xianglin was just the adopted son of the Cool Breeze Faction’s Faction Master, so he was deemed fraudulent. However, this word stabbed him in his weak spot, so his expression turned chilly in an instant.

“Little cousin, is that how you should speak to your older brother? Elder Lei and those other people aren’t here right now. Who do you think can protect you now? The Ghost Doctor? Although her medical skills are great, it seems like she doesn’t have enough strength. If you’re thinking of relying on her, then think again! Your Hundred Herb Hall only has a single martial king, but our Cool Breeze Faction has two! A wise man knows when to give up! Don’t make a decision you’re going to regret for the rest of your life!”

Gu Xianglin was trying to persuade her, seemingly with good intentions. His expression would make those who didn’t know him think that he was just a good older brother, who was concerned for his little sister.


Gu Ruoyun smiled: “Gu Xianglin, weren’t you so intent on seeing the master of Hundred Herb Hall for the sake of the Longevity Pill’s formula? You can just say it out directly, why beat around the bush?”

Although Gu Xianglin did have this idea in mind, he still felt rather awkward after having his true intentions revealed. He used a righteous tone as he spoke: “I don’t know what grudge you have with Grandfather, but I, Gu Xianglin, have always treated you as a little sister. Pill formulas are a great treasure to everyone on the mainland. When the time comes, there’ll be many experts out to steal it. As someone from Hundred Herb Hall, it’s not too safe for you. Out of consideration for your safety, I want to take the pill formulas from Hundred Herb Hall and bear all the risks and danger for you.”

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