Chapter 158: Longevity Pill (4)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 158: Longevity Pill (4)

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“Everyone, to prove that the pills are real, we’ve already invited someone to prove it to you. We’ll let him in right now.”

Shopkeeper Zhao coughed drily as he spoke, smiling with narrowed eyes.

The raucous crowd quieted down instantly upon hearing his words. Their gazes turned towards the entrance together. Following that, a slight cough sounded as an elderly man slowly walked into Hundred Herb Hall with the help of a cane.

That doddering, old man needed someone’s help to walk; his old face was wrinkled like ancient bark. It was clear that he was at the end of his road, and that there wasn’t much life left in him.

“Isn’t that the Imperial Tutor?”

“The Imperial Tutor is just a normal person, his lifespan wasn’t particularly long from the start. He’s already in his late nineties now. Not too long ago, the imperial physicians diagnosed that he won’t live past three months. Since Hundred Herb Hall had invited him here, did that mean that the Longevity Pills were real?!

Within Azure Dragon Country, the Imperial Tutor still had some prestige. Even if he wasn’t a cultivator, he was extremely knowledgeable and had an upright character. There was no better person to prove the authenticity of the pills.

“Hehe, I thought I only had three months left in me. I didn’t think that Hundred Herb Hall would invite me to test this Longevity Pill. I’m overwhelmed by this favour.”

The Imperial Tutor spoke very slowly. He had to pant for breath after every sentence, as if speaking each word used up what was left of his strength.

Shopkeeper Zhao didn’t say anything more, but directly ordered some men to hand the pill over to the Imperial Tutor.

The Imperial Tutor smiled and raised his hand with some difficulty. His hand shook as he placed the pill in his mouth.

His expression was very calm, so calm that not a single ripple was showing.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were fixed on the Imperial Tutor, afraid that they would miss out on something.

Gu Xianglin narrowed his eyes as a strange glint flashed across his eyes.

If this pill verification failed, then Hundred Herb Hall’s good reputation would be tarnished. When that happened, he had to take the pill formulas for himself!

“Quick, look!”

Suddenly, a shocked voice abruptly sounded.

Following that, everyone could feel that the Imperial Tutor’s body was slowly starting to change…

How could they describe it? Although his face was still as wrinkled as before, the pallor of death around him had slowly disappeared. Although he needed to lean on a cane to walk previously, he threw it to one side in front of the stares of the crowd.


He let loose a burst of laughter. That laughter held no trace of weakness, he looked completely hale and hearty: “A miracle, it’s really a miracle! I thought I was close to death, I didn’t think that I could live a few more years! Most importantly, I was actually able to try the pill that all the people of the world long for in their dreams! I’m satisfied! I’ve experienced enough in this lifetime!”

As he was speaking, the Imperial Tutor became emotional and tears ran down his cheeks.


The crowd abruptly exploded. Everyone’s gazes carried disbelief and undisguised traces of excitement.

Heavens, Longevity Pills really existed! Helping someone on their deathbed extend their lifespans was something impossible to do! It was something even the Ghost Doctor, who could wrestle people out of the hands of the King of Hell, couldn’t do!

Within this Hundred Herb Hall, someone had actually refined this miraculous pill!

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Shopkeeper Zhao smiled and said, “A person can only use a single Longevity Pill in his lifetime. Furthermore, each pill only extends your lifespan by ten years! That is to say, you’ll still die after ten years!”

Although the pill was only effective for ten years, it was enough to make everyone there go crazy.

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