Chapter 157: Longevity Pill (3)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 157: Longevity Pill (3)

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Beauty Rejuvenation Pills were already rare enough, they hadn’t expected that there would actually be pills that could extend your lifespan!

Although the Ghost Doctor was said to be able to revive the dead, that was only if she could treat his wounds in time while he still had a single breath left in him. She couldn’t add on to their lifespans! Thus, it could be imagined how shocking the existence of the Longevity Pills was!

“Shopkeeper Zhao, is… is what you said true?”

Amongst the crowd, a young little fellow trembled as he asked.

Shopkeeper Zhao cast a glance at Gu Ruoyun, who was sitting at one side. Upon seeing her nod, he then replied in confirmation: “Of course it’s true. I can swear on Hundred Herb Hall’s name that what I said was completely true!”

Upon hearing this, the young little fellow burst into tears: “That’s great! There’s hope for my grandfather! My grandfather can live on!”

At that moment, upon hearing such shocking news, the crowd no longer cared that they were still in Hundred Herb Hall’s territory. They burst into a cacophony of noise, their tones and expressions full of excitement.

If this was true, then this was going to be even more sensational than the auction held three years ago!

“Longevity Pills? Hehe, if we could really extend our lifespans, wouldn’t we be rewriting our fates?”

Suddenly, a burst of cold laughter sounded from outside.

Shopkeeper Zhao’s brows drew together and he raised his eyes to look over as Gu Xianglin led the Cool Breeze Faction in.

They carried unfriendly expressions; it was clear that they had come here to cause trouble.

“Shopkeeper Zhao, we’re all cultivators here. The biggest taboo for cultivators is to rewrite fate!” Gu Xianglin sneered, “If you defy nature and rewrite your fate, you’ll definitely suffer divine punishment! I don’t believe that there’ll be anyone silly enough to risk their souls being torn apart to extend the lifespans of some people unrelated to them! Thus, those pills must be fake! Most importantly, as everyone knows, pill formulas disappeared from this world a long time ago. Since then, countless people have tried to research pill formulas and failed. From this, you can tell that there will never be any more pill masters in this world!”

When he had started cultivating, his shifu had told him to never defy nature nor attempt to rewrite his fate. Otherwise, his soul would be torn apart by divine punishment, and he would be doomed to eternal damnation! He didn’t believe that these old people had no knowledge of that bit of common sense. Thus, those pills absolutely could not be real Longevity Pills!

Just as the crowd looked at each other in dismay, light laughter carried over: “Pills have always been things that defied nature. However, that doesn’t mean that pill masters have to suffer divine punishment! The meaning of ‘defying nature and rewriting fate’ is to forcefully rewrite a person’s fate with some underhanded means. However, pills simply make some changes to the body by borrowing some external power. As for what you said last… Who can guarantee that there’ll be no exceptions after so many years?”

Gu Xianglin’s pupils darkened as he gazed coldly at Gu Ruoyun: “Little Sister Ruoyun, are you sure you want to make enemies with your own family for the sake of Hundred Herb Hall?”

“My own family?” Gu Ruoyun smiled, full of mocking, “I’m sorry, I only recognise my parents and Gu Shengxiao as my family. As for all of you, you’re just some strangers who are related to me by blood.”

“Very well!” Gu Xianglin sneered, “I hope you don’t regret your words today! However, no matter what you say today, I’ll prove to everyone that Hundred Herb Hall is lying! Those pills are all fake!”


Hearing this, everyone bent their heads and whispered to each other, brimming with discussion.

They had seen the success of Hundred Herb Hall’s auction back then. If they claimed that the Longevity Pills were fake, they really couldn’t believe it. However, since the Cool Breeze Faction’s Young Master was so confident, did that mean he had some evidence in his hands?

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