Chapter 155: Longevity Pill (1)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 155: Longevity Pill (1)

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“Shifu, how should we take care of this fellow?”

Wei Yiyi’s expression cooled down. On the inside, however, she was feeling vexed. The Cool Breeze Faction’s assassin had been following them the entire time, yet she hadn’t noticed him. If not for Shifu’s keen senses, he would have succeeded with his sinister plans.

Gu Ruoyun raised her eyes to look at the man before her and asked expressionlessly: “Gu Xianglin must have gotten you to follow me for more than just a sneak attack. Otherwise you wouldn’t have stayed hidden for so long without making a move. Tell me, what’s his motive?”

“Don’t ask me! I won’t speak. Kill me if you want!”

The assassin recovered from his surprise and shock. Gritting his teeth, he spoke as if he wasn’t afraid of dying.

“You want to die?”

Gu Ruoyun smiled.

For some reason, when he saw her smile, the assassin trembled. A fear that originated from the depths of his heart took over his spirit. Within seconds, his clothes were drenched in a layer of sweat.

The girl didn’t say anything else, but the entire night seemed to have sunk into grave silence. It was so silent that it was even a little scary. That feeling made the assassin even more antsy, a feeling even worse than dying painfully from a thousand cuts.

After a very long time, that clear voice slowly resounded from the girl: “Do you know why I purposely let you listen in on my conversation with Wei Yiyi?”

The assassin stared at her blankly, puzzled.

Had she been trying to use her words shock him into revealing his aura? No! That wasn’t right. She had detected his presence from the start, she wouldn’t have needed any tricks to make him reveal his presence.

“Because…” Gu Ruoyun smiled at the man, sounding like a devil from hell luring unsuspecting victims into an inescapable trap, “I need you to do something for me. To be more accurate, I want you to be my spy in the Gu family, and investigate the culprit who harmed my parents.”


The flustered assassin shouted loudly. He would never surrender to this woman!

“That’s not up to you.”

The pretty girl had been smiling from the start: “Baobao, it’s your turn to shine now. It’s time to give the Cool Breeze Faction a glimpse of what a real spiritual beast mount looks like!”


A wolf’s howl sounded abruptly in the silent night. The assassin was so frightened that he almost hunkered down to the ground.

“A wolf… Why is there a wolf here?”

He mumbled to himself with a pale face. Suddenly his gaze swung towards Gu Ruoyun, his eyes widening as if he had seen something terrifying and he lost the ability to speak.

Under the moonlight, a majestic snow white wolf stood by the girl’s side, protecting her like a protector god.

“A spiritual beast!”

The assassin’s face paled as he thought of retreating. Although the Cool Breeze Faction’s mounts were also spiritual beasts, those were the lowest tier of spiritual beasts, which were rather easy to tame. However, wolves were different, as they are extremely hard to tame, and it is even more rare for them to willingly form contracts with humans…

This wolf in particular was extraordinarily powerful! Its power seemed to be on the same level as the Faction Master of the Cool Breeze Faction!

And their Faction Master was a martial king expert! How had this girl managed to tame this wolf with her strength?

“What kind of enemy has the Young Master brought upon the Cool Breeze Faction?” His face had gone beyond pale, as he started shivering, his expression filling with despair and dejection, “It’s over. The Cool Breeze Faction is going to be finished in Young Master’s hands.”


Baobao roared in a low tone. At first, the assassin thought that the wolf was giving him a warning. However, he soon realised that something was wrong. He could feel his soul being imprisoned. No matter what he did, he couldn’t get free.

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