Chapter 154: The Mysterious Masked Man (6)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 154: The Mysterious Masked Man (6)

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A fist landed heavily on a tree beside her. Gu Ruoyun sneered: “Young Master Dongfang told me previously that the Gu family had something to do with this! Once I find the culprit behind all this, I swear on my soul that I’ll tear his very spirit to pieces, so that he’ll never be able to enter the cycle of rebirth again!”

Wei Yiyi hesitated before asking: “Shifu, should we capture Second Master Gu and interrogate him?”

“No need,” Gu Ruoyun felt that her throat had become a little dry; her tone was husky as she said, “Did you think that fellow could deal with my parents with his level of ability? There must be someone helping him behind the scenes! Before we discover his backer’s identity, I don’t want to inadvertently alarm him and have him hide even deeper. This is also why I’ve only caused trouble for the Gu family these past few years and never settled our debts once and for all.”

Gu Ruoyun would never do something without a guarantee.

If she wanted to act, then she would have to eliminate them completely!

No matter what, she wouldn’t let herself fall into any danger!


Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun’s brows drew together and she cast a severe glance at an old tree behind her: “You don’t have to hide anymore, come out! I’ve already detected your presence!”

Wei Yiyi stared blankly for a while before turning to look in the direction of Gu Ruoyun’s gaze.

A man stepped out slowly from behind the old tree.

The man was wearing a black mask. Under that mask, the man’s eyes were like those of a predator in the night; no one could escape from that grim gaze. However, when he looked at that girl dressed in green, a hint of warmth was showing through his cold pupils, although that warmth disappeared almost instantly.

Gu Ruoyun frowned. For some reason, this man’s gaze was very familiar to her, but she couldn’t recall where she had seen it before.

“Who are you? Have we met before?”

The man opened his mouth, wanting to say countless words to her. In the end, he still chose to swallow them all. A grim, hoarse voice slowly resounded from his throat.

“We’ve never met.”

Gu Ruoyun sneered: “If we’ve never met, then why are you following me?”

Just as she finished speaking, that man in black suddenly charged over with an icy gaze; his eyes carrying killing intent.

“Shifu, be careful!”

Seeing the man about to reach Gu Ruoyun, Wei Yiyi’s expression changed drastically. She quickly threw herself in Gu Ruoyun’s direction, with her seductive face twisted in anger. Who was this man? Why did he want to kill Shifu?

However, when the man reached Gu Ruoyun, he reached out and pulled her into his embrace before raising his hand to block a blow. Suddenly, Wei Yiyi heard a crash as a figure fell from the night sky.

That person’s expression was full of fear as he stared in amazement at the man shielding Gu Ruoyun in his arms.

Why... how had that masked man discovered him?

After seeing this scene, Wei Yiyi relaxed. It looked like this man wasn’t here to kill Gu Ruoyun. His real target had been the assassin hiding in the darkness of the night…

“Speak!Who are you? Who sent you here!” The masked man was radiating killing intent as his grim gaze fixed coldly upon the assassin.

“You don’t have to ask,” Gu Ruoyun said, waving her hand, “He’s someone from the Cool Breeze Faction, most likely sent by Gu Xianglin. He’s been following me ever since I left the Gu household. I purposely said those words out loud to Wei Yiyi for him to hear, to see when he would try to kill me.”

It was as if a basin of cold water had been poured over his head; the assassin started trembling unconsciously.

She knew… She knew everything… The moment he had started following her, she had known. That is to say, from the start, she had had no intention of letting him leave alive…

How scary was this woman?

He practised the Hidden Aura Technique. The masked man before him was too strong, so it was still within reason if he could see through his technique. However, how could Gu Ruoyun have detected his aura?

What kind of enemy had the young master offended this time?

“You… who are you?” Looking towards towards Gu Ruoyun, he asked while trembling.

Author’s Note: The Azure Dragon Country arc is about to end soon. The Gu family’s death day is coming soon too. Don’t get too anxious, we’ll be looking for her little brother from her past life soon, and the four Divine Beasts will also be making their appearance. The female lead will only grow stronger and stronger. Of course, her enemies are also going to grow stronger...

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