Chapter 153: The Mysterious Masked Man (5)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 153: The Mysterious Masked Man (5)

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Gu Panpan immediately saw stars from the power of that slap. It took her a while before she could regain her senses, and then she looked at Old Man Gu like she hadn’t understood a thing.

“Grandfather, why did you hit me?”

“You’re too stupid!”

The old man was so angry that he stomped his foot. His tone was extremely frustrated.

Gu Panpan was different from Gu Ruoyun. She had been spoiled rotten by him since she was a child, and she didn’t know enough about the world to properly judge her own ability. Furthermore, she had always thought that no one would dare to do anything to her with Gu Xianglin behind her.

In her mind, the Wind Hall and the other powers absolutely would not dare to start anything with the Cool Breeze Faction, which stood at about the same level.

Of course, if she didn’t have Gu Xianglin as her brother, she wouldn’t have dared to insult everyone present.

She had never expected that Grandfather would actually slap her in front of so many people; this made her feel completely wronged.

“Elder Lei, Young Master Feng Lei, my granddaughter is young and lacks sense. I hope you won’t take offence.”

The old man wiped away the cold sweat trickling down his forehead, smiling in self-mockery as he tried to appease them.

“Hmph!” Elder Lei snorted coldly, “I prevented you from holding this woman back precisely because I wanted to hear what she would say. You’ve really opened my eyes. Is the Ghost Doctor’s identity something that she’s qualified to suspect? Or perhaps I should say, does she think that something’s wrong with our eyes?”

Gu Panpan’s lips were trembling slightly. Her face was pale and she couldn’t speak. However, it was clear from her gaze that she still felt wronged; she kept staring at Gu Ruoyun.

“Alright, the show’s over. It’s time for us to return.”

It was at this moment that Gu Ruoyun slowly stood up. With a slight smile, she said: “I was simply taking advantage of this welcoming feast to announce those two matters today. Since we’re done with our business, it’s time to leave. Wei Yiyi, let’s go.”

“Yes, shifu.”

Wei Yiyi stood up and tossed a charming look at Gu Xianglin before smiling seductively: “Young Master Gu, I wonder if you were satisfied with today’s banquet? Hahaha!”

When she finished speaking, she loudly laughed and followed Gu Ruoyun out of the banquet hall.

Watching their two figures disappearing under the moonlight, Gu Xianglin tightly clenched his fists.

Those two had done it on purpose! They had purposely made a fool out of him at his banquet! Everything… had been planned by them!

Gu Xianglin had guessed it right. Gu Ruoyun had not been planning to take their lives; she had simply wanted to cause trouble at the banquet. The Gu family had been so fixed on humiliating them that they had forgotten: you reap what you sow.

Gu Ruoyun had not expected the appearance of Elder Lei and the rest, but at least their sudden appearances had helped them achieve their true motives.

Thinking of the expressions on the faces of the Gu family just now, Wei Yiyi felt unbelievably satisfied!

“Wei Yiyi, it has already been three years.”

Under the light of the moon, the girl paused her steps. The faint moonlight encased her entire body, casting a clear and cold light upon her.

“In these three years, I have made a lot of progress in my growth. I don’t have to hide my power like before. After these three years of biding our time, it’s time for us to reveal ourselves to the world,” she frowned slightly, “However, in these three years, I still haven’t been able to find out how my parents went missing back then.”

She used the word ‘missing’ to describe her parents’ status and didn’t use the word ‘dead’.

For some reason, Gu Ruoyun had a feeling that her parents were still alive! In these three years, that feeling had only grown stronger and stronger!

Wei Yiyi lapsed into silence for a moment: “Shifu, the spies from our Devil Sect have been continuously investigating what happened back then. Although they have not found all the information yet, we’ve uncovered some new leads. Gu Tian’s disappearance… seems to have something to do with Second Master Gu!”

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