Chapter 148: The Ghost Doctor's Identity Revealed (4)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 148: The Ghost Doctor's Identity Revealed (4)

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“Old Man Gu, are you taking me for a fool? This girl looks about 17 or 18. Are you trying to tell me that, in just three or four years, she went from Qi level 2 to the late stage of martial general?”

Reaching the late stage of martial general from Qi level 2 in just three to four years was nigh impossible; who could cultivate such a talent other than the powers on the same level of the Spirit Sect?

This old man was clearly treating him like a monkey!

How could he not be angry?

Old Man Gu’s expression was a little stiff as he asked, “Elder Lei, could you have seen wrongly?”

The old man had only wanted to request Elder Lei to check again. He didn’t think that Elder Lei would explode upon hearing this.

“What do you mean by that? Are you saying that my eyes have gone bad in my old age? That I can’t even see someone else’s power clearly? If you don’t believe me, then get your grandson to call the chief of the Cool Breeze Faction here! I want to question him, too. I came here as a guest, yet I’m the one being suspected of lying!”

As an elder of the Heavenly Thunder Faction, Elder Lei was known for meaning what he said. This old fellow was only a useless good-for-nothing, yet he dared to question his words! Elder Lei also rather looked down on Gu Xianglin. He was just the adopted son of the Cool Breeze Faction’s Faction Master; he wasn’t worthy of his current status, and his skills weren’t all that. If it hadn’t been for the orders of the Heavenly Thunder Faction’s Faction Master, Elder Lei wouldn’t have even come to this banquet.

Gu Ruoyun hadn’t expected that Elder Lei would see through her cultivation level; that surprised her for a bit.

“Elder Lei is practising the Heavenly Eye technique, so there’s nothing he can’t see through.”

As if she heard Gu Ruoyun’s doubts, the Ghost Doctor explained the situation.

Hearing so, Gu Ruoyun nodded. She had been wondering why Elder Lei could see through her cultivation level. She hadn’t expected that it would be due to the Heavenly Eye technique.

“General Gu, the next time you try to give an excuse, find a better one. No one’s going to believe such a thing. Furthermore, to become the Ghost Doctor’s shifu, her medical skills have to be higher than the Ghost Doctor’s. Your Gu family actually took her for a good-for-nothing and abandoned her? If I had a granddaughter like this, I would definitely treat her like a precious treasure. How could I bear to abandon her?”

Elder Lei couldn’t understand Old Man Gu’s actions. With such an outstanding granddaughter, how could he bear to just abandon her like that? Conversely, he treated those useless people by his side as treasures?

Hearing this, it was as if the old man’s throat had been seized by a hand. He couldn’t make a sound; his elderly face was exceptionally pale without a single trace of blood.

At this moment, the guests in the banquet hall suddenly regained their senses and fervent discussion ensued.

“Gu Ruoyun is actually the Ghost Doctor’s shifu? This Ghost Doctor’s status is so high; who doesn’t have to give her respect on this mainland? With a disciple like the Ghost Doctor, does she even need to use her body to seduce Hundred Herb Hall’s Elder Yu? What’s even funnier is that Gu Panpan even insulted the Ghost Doctor by saying that she’s learning how to seduce old men from Gu Ruoyun.”

“We’ve only heard Old Man Gu talk about this matter, and combined with Elder Yu’s protection of Gu Ruoyun, it seemed believable at the time. But now it’s clear that Old Man Gu has been saying that the grapes are sour because he couldn’t have them. He was purposely trying to frame Gu Ruoyun, while Elder Yu’s protection of her must be a gesture of respect towards the Ghost Doctor.”

The whispers of the crowd trickled into Elder Lei’s ears. His eyes widened in disbelief.

Was this even something that a human could do? Old Man Gu even spread malicious rumours that Gu Ruoyun was selling her body to seduce an old man at Hundred Herb Hall? Did she need to do so? With the Ghost Doctor’s status, she could become an imperial physician anywhere she liked.

Wait a minute!

Hundred Herb Hall?

Suddenly, Elder Lei thought about that shocking auction that Hundred Herb Hall had held three years ago. Filled with suspicion, his gaze slowly turned towards Gu Ruoyun.

Since she was able to take the Ghost Doctor as her disciple, her medical skills must be great indeed! For example, knowing how to disguise her face…

Thinking back to the auction three years ago… could it have had something to do with this young lady?

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