Chapter 146: The Ghost Doctor's Identity Revealed (2)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 146: The Ghost Doctor's Identity Revealed (2)

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The eyes of the members of the Gu family lit up. The Heavenly Thunder Faction’s strength was on par with the Cool Breeze Faction’s. In fact, the Heavenly Thunder Faction’s Faction Master was also in the midst of breaking through to the mid stage of martial king, so they had to give them a certain amount of respect.

“Heavenly Thunder Faction?”

Wei Yiyi raised an eyebrow: “Someone from the Heavenly Thunder Faction came?”

“You recognise them?” Gu Ruoyun asked, turning her head to Wei Yiyi.

Wei Yiyi shrugged: “I treated their faction master before, so I guess you could say we’re acquainted. And about a year ago, I passed by the Heavenly Thunder Faction while I was out on an errand. When their faction master found out, I was invited to stay with them as a guest, but I turned them down. What a coincidence; I didn’t expect to meet their Elder Lei in a place like this.”

As she was speaking, an elderly man dressed in purple walked in with Gu Xianglin, all smiles. However, right after stepping into the banquet hall, Elder Lei could feel someone’s gaze on him so he unconsciously turned to look back.

Upon locating the source of that gaze, he froze on the spot. Astonishment flashed across his eyes.

A year ago, it was Elder Lei who had personally led a team to invite the Ghost Doctor as their guest after finding out that she would be passing by their faction. However, the Ghost Doctor had been rather busy then and had rejected their invitation. He hadn’t thought that he would meet her here a year later.

Elder Lei had not really thought too highly of the Gu family at first. It was just a general’s family in the secular world; what could they possibly have to offer to make him take a second look? However, he couldn’t ignore their invite because of their relation to the Cool Breeze Faction, so he had come to attend a banquet hosted by a mere general.

If this general could invite the Ghost Doctor here when his own faction had failed, then he clearly had to impress them...

“General Gu, how did you manage to invite that lady over there?”

Actually, the question Elder Lei wanted to ask was, what method did you use to get the Ghost Doctor to attend? It wasn’t just their Heavenly Thunder Faction; even the Weapon Refining Sect probably wouldn’t be graced with her presence.

Even though the Ghost Doctor didn’t have much power, she was someone who could wrest a life even from the hands of the King of Hell! On this mainland, who could predict when they would suddenly fall ill? The Ghost Doctor’s abilities were thus invaluable. Offending her was equivalent to offending the King of Hell himself…

However, it was clear that Old Man Gu had mistaken his meaning. He thought that Elder Lei was reprimanding him for inviting that kind of woman to such a solemn occasion. He hurried to speak up and explain.

“You mean her? She’s the disciple of my granddaughter, but…”

Old Man Gu was about to say that he had already chased Gu Ruoyun out of the Gu family, so that Elder Lei would not be unhappy about that prostitute profaning this banquet. However, before he could finish his words, Elder Lei hurriedly walked towards Wei Yiyi.

“Haha, Ghost Doctor, what a coincidence, bumping into you here.”

The elderly man’s words called a stop to Wei Yiyi and Gu Ruoyun’s conversation. Wei Yiyi turned to Elder Lei and nodded indifferently: “Indeed, it’s quite a coincidence.”

“This lady here is...”

Every inch of Elder Lei’s smile was made to flatter as he turned towards Gu Ruoyun.

Old Man Gu had just said that his granddaughter was the shifu of the Ghost Doctor. Didn’t that mean that this lady’s medical skills were even higher than Wei Yiyi’s? How had she managed to reach that height? Wei Yiyi could steal lives from the King of Hell. Did this mean that, as the Ghost Doctor’s shifu, this lady could possibly reverse the passage of time and return one’s youth to them?

“This is my shifu.”

Wei Yiyi smiled as she said.

Sure enough!

Elder Lei sucked in a breath of surprise. To be able to make the Ghost Doctor serve her so willingly… How strong was this young lady before him?

Ever since the Heavenly Thunder Faction’s representatives had entered the Gu household, they had been the center of attention for all the attendees. Everyone had been listening to Elder Lei’s every word. So, upon hearing the people of the Heavenly Thunder Faction call Wei Yiyi the Ghost Doctor, everyone felt their hearts stop. It was like a bolt of lightning had struck them on the spot; they almost died of fright!

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