Chapter 144: Disturbance at the Banquet (5)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 144: Disturbance at the Banquet (5)

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Amidst everyone’s flattery, the day of the banquet finally arrived.

In the faint light cast by the natural night sky, many richly decorated carriages were stopped outside the Gu family’s mansion. New arrivals were still coming every so often.

As he listened to everyone’s congratulations, Old Man Gu was already smiling to the point that his eyes were nothing but narrow slits. His elderly face was filled with arrogance and pride, as if the people before him were only fit to admire his Gu family’s achievements.

It was at this moment that a plain carriage stopped outside the door. The mark of that carriage drew everyone’s gaze; even the people surrounding the old man temporarily stopped flattering him to take a look…

“It’s someone from Hundred Herb Hall! With the current state of relations between Hundred Herb Hall and the Gu family, why did they come here?”

“Hehe, don’t you know? Although Hundred Herb Hall has a martial king expert in their ranks, Gu Xianglin is the young master of the Cool Breeze Faction. That faction has at least two martial kings. Do you really think Hundred Herb Hall can sit idly by with that knowledge? I’m guessing that they’re here to talk peace. Furthermore, Hundred Herb Hall’s Gu Ruoyun is from the Gu family; Elder Yu won’t hesitate to use that connection.”

Speaking of Gu Ruoyun, the crowd was only filled with sighs.

They hadn’t expected that a hero like Gu Tian would actually have such a shameless woman for a daughter! She had seduced an old man for her own selfish desires, leaving a black stain on Gu Tian’s heroic reputation!

Furthermore, it was Old Man Gu himself who had said so! Thus, it couldn’t possibly be false. No wonder Old Man Gu had chased her out of the family back then! A shameless woman like that... If something like that had happened in their families, they would have done the same!

“You’ve come?”

The old man looked coldly at the woman who had alighted from the carriage, sticking his nose in the air as he spoke.

The first time he had tried to visit her, it had been for the sake of maintaining relations with the Dongfang family. However, he had been chased out by this woman! The second time, for the sake of the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill, he had lowered his position and humbled himself before her, but what had she done? In the end, Gu Ruoyun had played him for a fool!

This girl probably hadn’t expected that the Gu family would still have a chance for reversal. However...

Even without Gu Shengxiao and Gu Ruoyun, he still had another outstanding grandchild!


Thinking of this, the old man laughed in his heart. What a refreshing turn of events! He could almost see the wretched sight of Gu Ruoyun and Elder Yu kneeling in front of him, begging for forgiveness…

It felt good!

Very good!

He had never felt this good in the three years he had been suppressed!

“Grandfather, since our guests have come, let’s all head inside first.”

It was at this moment that Gu Xianglin walked over from the side and said: “As for the guests who haven’t arrived, let the Cool Breeze Faction’s disciples usher them in.”

“Very well.”

The old man laughed again: “Xianglin, you haven’t seen Gu Ruoyun in many years. She’s here right now. Of course, without your generosity, she wouldn’t even have the right to stand here.”

“Gu Ruoyun?” Gu Xianglin frowned and turned his head. There was a girl dressed in green, standing under the moonlight…

Compared to a few years ago, the young girl had matured into a slender, elegant woman, with skin as white as jade and pretty and delicate features. Although she didn’t have an absolute beauty that could drive men crazy, she was extremely easy on the eyes. If the Weapon Refining Sect’s Shiyun was like a white lotus flower, pure and gentle, then the girl before him was like bamboo, refined and unbending.

Gu Xianglin was a little surprised. Was this still that frail, cowardly Gu Ruoyun of the past?

How did she change this much in just a few years’ time? The difference was so great that he could see no trace of her former self...

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