Chapter 140: Disturbance at the Banquet (1)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 140: Disturbance at the Banquet (1)

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Within the Gu family’s main hall, Gu Xianglin’s gaze swept over the entire front courtyard. Suddenly, he spotted a group of people walking over from the front hall. The proud arch of his expression slowly turned gentle as he strode forward and said, “Grandfather, Father, Mother, Little Sister, I have returned. Has everything been going well these past few years? Right, where’s Gu Ruoyun? Why hasn’t she come out to greet me yet?”

After he finished speaking, Gu Xianglin frowned.

In his heart, there was only disdain towards Gu Ruoyun! So what if Gu Shengxiao was better than him in all aspects? Wasn’t his little sister a mere good-for-nothing? If it wasn’t for the Gu Family’s blood running through her veins, she probably would have been driven out early on.


The old man coldly snorted, radiating hatred as he spat, “Don’t bring up that bastard!”

“What happened?” Gu Xianglin was surprised. Although Grandfather disliked Gu Ruoyun, he wouldn’t insult her like this. It seemed like at some point during the years that he had been gone, something had happened within the Gu Family that he wasn’t aware about.

Grandfather’s good mood abruptly changed as soon as Gu Ruoyun was mentioned. He said with an ashen face, “That woman has no morals! Not only did she announce her separation from our family, but she even schemed to harm her own relatives. Finally, she fooled around and shamelessly seduced a man even older than me! Treat it as if I don’t have this granddaughter!”

Following that, the old man recounted every single incident that had taken place in the past three years. Of course, he exaggerated his retelling. He made it sound like his own Gu Family was innocent, while portraying Gu Ruoyun as a completely ungrateful brat who had tossed away the Gu Family after sucking up to Hundred Herb Hall. She had even tried to exterminate them.

“I should’ve strangled an immoral girl like her as soon as she was born!” The old man gritted his teeth, “Even though I disliked her, I never did any harm to her; after all, she’s still my granddaughter! Even if I was biased towards Panpan, I never starved her or hurt her before. Even when she was disobedient, I strove to discipline her. And what did she do? When I asked for her help in my time of need, she actually ordered someone to throw me out!”

It was true that the old man didn’t harm his granddaughter; he had simply beaten her to death! If Gu Ruoyun hadn’t taken this body when she did, then the world would be short one Gu Ruoyun right now…

Gu Xianglin frowned. “This Gu Ruoyun is too outrageous. Her parents died early, so Grandfather, Second Uncle and Second Aunt are all her elders. How could she treat her elders this way! Grandfather, there’s one thing you’ve said correctly. Brothers are like father figures, but her brother isn’t here. As her elder male cousin, the task of disciplining her is left to me. Don’t worry; I’ll make her understand what it means to respect the old and treasure the young!”

If anyone else had told him such things, Gu Xianglin probably would not have believed it, but it was Grandfather who had said so. Grandfather had always been the one he looked up to since he was young, so Gu Xianglin didn’t doubt his words at all.

“Lin’er, why waste your words on a bastard like that? Let’s just hire people from the Cool Breeze Faction to kill her and be done with it! Why waste the effort to do it yourself?” Second Madam Gu said angrily.

Her inability to put a knife to Gu Ruoyun’s face right now infuriated her. She needed to satisfy the hate in her heart, otherwise she would never be able to rest!

Gu Xianglin looked at his mother and calmly said, “Mother, no matter what, the Gu family blood still runs in Gu Ruoyun’s veins. Though she doesn’t recognise our affection, we still can’t do something like that. Besides, now that I’ve come back, we need to hold a welcome feast. As the young master of the Cool Breeze Faction, there will be many powers that will come and visit me. How about this? I’ll send her an invite and let her see the big banquet. Once she sees how grand the banquet is, I reckon she’ll know it’s better for her to return to the Gu Family.”

As he spoke, his face held undisguised pride. He obviously had immense confidence in himself.

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