Chapter 139: Gu Xianglin Returns (2)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 139: Gu Xianglin Returns (2)

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The man fiercely glared at Xunfeng: “Consider your luck good. Our young master isn’t going to pursue this matter this time, but if this happens again, you better watch your head!”

After saying so, he threw himself onto his wolf mount, and then with a shout, he rushed forward, kicking up a wave of dust in his wake.

“Left Protector, this…”

Seeing the attitude of those people, the men by Xunfeng’s side cast their gazes towards him in askance: “Are we letting them go just like that?”

The question brought Xunfeng back to his senses. He was about to speak, when suddenly, a silvery white light shot across the horizon with a whoosh. Following that, a snow white wolf appeared before them.

That wolf was beautiful; its snow white fur was supple and shiny, those intelligent eyes were curiously measuring up the group of people before it.

However, its beauty was irrelevant. More importantly, as part of the wolf clan of spiritual beasts, it carried enormous attack power!

“Left Protector, watch out!”

Everyone paled in fear. They hurried to draw their weapons, cautiously watching the snow wolf’s every move.

At this moment, no one noticed Xunfeng’s eyes light up with emotion.

“All of you, stand down!” He shouted. Then, Xunfeng turned his gaze to the snow wolf and tried to restrain his excitement as he said, “Heavenly Wolf, you’re here. Is Master here too?”

The others probably did not know this, but he had personally seen this snow wolf walk out of Master’s room a year ago, some time after Master had broken through to martial general…

He had thought that the snow wolf was trying to harm Master at first, but Master had told him that the snow wolf was the contracted spiritual beast she had just obtained!

Within the mainland, humans and spiritual beasts could form a contract with each other and fight together. However, they had to get the spiritual beast’s consent. If the spiritual beast refused, then it was impossible to form a contract between that pair of human and beast.

Spiritual beasts had always been stubborn. Countless beasts would rather die than submit, so usually, there were only a rare few who managed to contract a spiritual beast.

“Baobao, come back.”

Right at that moment, a familiar voice came from behind. Following that, they watched as the snow wolf dash behind them. Its little head rubbed against a young girl’s thigh, begging for attention in a cute manner.

Everyone’s eyes were following the wolf; upon seeing the young girl standing where the wolf had stopped, their eyes unconsciously lit up.


Why was Master here? She was even acting so familiar with that wolf.

“You’re back?” Gu Ruoyun had a faint smile on her face as she walked towards them and said, “However, why have you all stopped here?”

“Master,” Xunfeng thought for a while before raising his head to look at Gu Ruoyun, “We just met Gu Xianglin and got into a small dispute. Moreover, he’s now the young master of the Cool Breeze Faction.”

Gu Xianglin?

The young girl’s slender fingers lightly brushed against the snow wolf’s soft fur. For a moment, she appeared to be in deep thought. Then the moment passed, and she spoke: “The Cool Breeze Faction seems to have two martial king experts, and they’re both at the early stage. However, even if he’s become the young master of the Cool Breeze Faction, it doesn’t change anything. Furthermore, Xunfeng, I need you to do something for me.”

She lowered her head slightly and whispered into Xunfeng’s ears. After she finished speaking, Xunfeng looked at her pretty face in surprise before cupping his fists in a salute: “I’ll do as you’ve ordered!”


At the Gu household.

After receiving the news of Gu Xianglin’s return, everyone ran out to welcome him. The one who was the most pleased was Second Madam Gu. She would see just who dared to bully her now with her son back! Especially that little bitch Gu Ruoyun! So what if she had Elder Yu behind her? When the time came, wouldn’t she have to obediently come kowtow to her and admit her wrongs?

At that time, she definitely had to force that little bitch to insult her own mother. And if Gu Ruoyun refused, she would have to face the consequences!

Just thinking about it, an arrogant expression surfaced on Second Madam’s face. Everyone would have to bow down at her feet!

TL’s Note: ‘Baobao’ means ‘bunbun’. Gu Ruoyun chose a pretty childish name for her fierce snow wolf pet XD

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