Chapter 137: Three Years (2)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 137: Three Years (2)

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“Miss, should we also snatch that Beauty Rejuvenation Pill?”

From within the meeting hall, Hun Fei turned to look at Shiyun, revealing his undisguised greed.

To think, a single Beauty Rejuvenation Pill could actually sell for as much as 500 million. If the Weapon Refining Sect were to take all that, there would be no need to worry about their future funds.

Shiyun didn’t speak up. As she slightly tilted her head, a strange light flashed across her pure, fairy-like face. “Since Hundred Herb Hall was able to bring out those Beauty Rejuvenation Pills, there might be other pills as well. Elder Hun Fei, we must have them all no matter what!”


She needed more power to snatch that man back!

Right at that moment, a Weapon Refining Sect disciple rushed over and reported: “Miss, Elder Hun Fei, something happened! The entire Weapon Refining Sect is in trouble!”


Shiyun abruptly stood and asked, “What happened?”

“Recently, the Sect Master has been away, so a group of mounted troops took advantage of the darkness to attack us last night! The Weapon Refining Sect sent a message by carrier pigeon asking the young Miss to return and take charge!”

Shiyun’s expression turned ugly: “Do you know who’s behind the attacks?”

“It seems to be… the Dongfang family.”

The Dongfang family?

Shi Yun grimly smiled, “It seems like some people are too bored, so they’re trying to stir up some trouble. Elder Hun Fei, since that’s the case, let us return first. When we’ve settled things there, we’ll come back!”

“Understood. Then what about Leng Yanfeng? Should I go look for him?”

“No need! We’re in a hurry; there’s no need to bother about him.”

Most importantly, she was disgusted every time that man cast his yearning gaze on her. Who did he think he was? He was just an inner disciple of the Weapon Refining Sect. With an inner talent lesser than hers, how could he possibly be worthy enough to stand by her side? If he didn’t still have his uses, she would’ve kicked him away a long time ago!


At this moment, within Hundred Herb Hall, Gu Ruoyun put down what she was doing. Her gaze rested upon Elder Yu as she lifted a brow and said, “So you’re saying that those people from the Weapon Refining Sect finally left.”

“That’s right,” Elder Yu nodded his head, “I reported our situation to Young Master some time ago. Young Master said that he would think of a way to handle it. Seeing that the Weapon Refining Sect left in such a rush, Young Master must have done something.”

After all, it would be too dangerous with the Weapon Refining Sect here. Who knew what those shameless people would do?

For now, Gu Ruoyun was still in the midst of growing. At this stage, she was no match for those people from the Weapon Refining Sect. However, he believed that in the time to come, she would definitely surpass them all.

“Good, very good!” Gu Ruoyun smiled, “Now that the Weapon Refining Sect has left, I can develop my power in peace. Three years: I will use three years’ time to grow. After those three years, I will surely have the words ‘Devil Sect’ resounding in everyone’s ears…”

Yu’er, wait for me. In three years, I will come and find you!

Thinking of those words, Gu Ruoyun’s resolution shone within her eyes...


Time flowed like water; the years passed swiftly.

For cultivators, three years were merely a fleeting moment.

Within three years, an organisation known as the Devil Sect suddenly rose to power. No one knew whether the master of that sect was male or female, nor did they know what kind of place the Devil Sect really was. However, that was understandable, because any organisation that harboured ill intent towards the Devil Sect was destroyed overnight. Thus, the Devil Sect’s merciless, ruthless ways were gradually engraved into the people’s hearts. For generations to come, the infamous Sect Master of the Devil Sect was henceforth known as-- the Devil Emperor!

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