Chapter 136: Three Years (1)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 136: Three Years (1)

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“Miss Ruoyun doesn’t go back on her word, unlike some people.” Shopkeeper Zhao cast a glance towards Old Man Gu, who was currently pale as a sheet. He sneered and said, “However, Elder Mei, a word of advice: this old fellow loves to stir up trouble for others and create something out of nothing. I hope you won’t listen to his one-sided words. This person even used a corpse to impersonate his own son; what wouldn’t he do?”

Elder Mei was a little ashamed. If Shopkeeper Zhao hadn’t appeared, she probably would have believed Old Man Gu’s words and despised Gu Ruoyun. She might have even tried to do something to her...

“Shopkeeper Zhao, go back and tell Miss Ruoyun this: Gu Tian was a hero in the hearts of everyone, and as Gu Tian’s daughter, I believe that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If she has some time in the future, I will welcome her as a guest in our Plum Faction.”

“I’ll let Miss Ruoyun know. I’ll take my leave now.”

Shopkeeper Zhao made a cupped fist salute before turning to leave without a second look at Old Man Gu.

Right after he left, the old man felt a pair of icy eyes watching him. He turned his head stiffly, and upon seeing Elder Mei’s frosty expression, he spoke up out of fright, “Elder Mei, let me explain, it’s not like that…”

“Then tell me, what’s the truth behind this matter?” Elder Mei sneered, “You didn’t put your all into your task, and you even tried to push all the blame onto an innocent girl. If Shopkeeper Zhao hadn’t come over to send the pill just now, I would have most likely believed your words!”

Just the thought of how this old fellow had almost played her for a fool was the source of overwhelming rage blooming inside Elder Mei’s heart. Her frosty gaze was practically sharp enough to pierce through Old Man Gu’s body.

“Elder Mei, I…”

“Enough!” Elder Mei briskly interrupted his words, “Our Plum Faction was considering helping your Gu family at first, but you were the one who didn’t seize the opportunity! Moreover, you’ve dug yourself into a hole you’ll never get out of!”


Old Man Gu felt a chill all over his body, as if he had fallen into an igloo. He tried to open his mouth to continue explaining, but not a single sound came out of his throat.

“General Gu, go back! The Gu family is no longer welcome here with our Plum Faction! I’ll spare your life for today, but from now on, if my Plum Faction meets anyone from the Gu family, I’ll kill them as soon as I see them! I hope your family will never appear before my eyes again in the future. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite. Scram!!!”

That one word pushed Old Man Gu’s body back a few steps. His eyes were filled with despair.

The world was so big; who knew where the Plum Faction’s members might appear? If the Gu family’s people were going to lose their lives the moment they were seen by the Plum Faction, then that basically meant that the Gu family could never leave their home at all.

The Plum Faction might even purposely appear outside the door of the Gu household and kill everyone in the family.

However, Old Man Gu was thinking too much. The Plum Faction was so busy already; where would they get the time to take revenge on someone as insignificant as him? Even purposely going to the Gu household? This old fellow was thinking too highly of himself.

“Elder Mei, please have mercy on us.”

The old man trembled as he gave a cupped fist salute, the streaks of white hair against his temples making him a pitiful sight to behold.

Elder Mei’s expression turned impatient as she shouted: “If you’re not going to scram right now, I’ll make it so you’ll never be able to scram again!”


A strong wind hit the old man like a punch, pushing him out and cutting off his cries for mercy along the way as the door slammed shut.

The Gu family had dug a hole for themselves this time, even thoroughly offending the Plum Faction while they were at it...

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