Chapter 132: Gu Ruoyun's Trickery (1)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 132: Gu Ruoyun's Trickery (1)

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“Miss, thank you for your words today. I understand what I have to do now.”

Ba Zhentian smiled in gratitude and cupped his fists in a salute to Gu Ruoyun: “If not for you, I might have kept my head buried in a box. Now, I’ve finally realised what I need to do. I bid you goodbye for now. If Miss goes to Heaven City sometime in the future, don’t forget to come to my place as a guest! Haha!”

Speaking up to here, Ba Zhentian laughed out loud and turned to leave. It was at this moment that the girl’s voice rang out, halting his steps.

“Please wait!”

Ba Zhentian paused for a moment and turned to look at the girl’s pretty face. He asked: “Is there any other business, Miss?”

Gu Ruoyun revealed a smile, her black eyes filled with self-confidence and calm: “Leader Ba, have you felt discomfort in your body recently? Does the left side of your abdomen hurt sometimes?”

“This…” Ba Zhentian looked at Gu Ruoyun with a startled look, “How did you know?”

“I’ve studied medicine before, so I can tell you have an illness. Furthermore, your neck is a little dark and you look like you don’t have enough vitality. These are the symptoms of poisoning. Luckily, it’s a slow-acting poison. Since I’ve discovered it early, it won’t be too much of a problem.”

From her first glance at Ba Zhentian, Gu Ruoyun had already known that he was poisoned! Furthermore, it was a very rare poison at that!

There was obvious suspicion in Ba Zhentian’s eyes, so Gu Ruoyun didn’t bother saying anything more. She directly said: “If Leader Ba doesn’t believe me, you can consult a doctor. I’m simply giving you a word of warning. Alright, I’m tired. Elder Yu, send our guest out.”


Elder Yu made a gesture of invitation and said: “Leader Ba, this way please.”

Ba Zhentian nodded, and walked out shortly after under Elder Yu’s lead.

Honestly speaking, on this mainland, many people tended to believe in the existence of something rather than not, let alone someone in a high position like Ba Zhentian. Thus, he decided to get someone to check his body once he returned.

If he really had been poisoned, then…

Thinking up to here, a cold glint flashed in his eyes before he sneered silently.

“If I’ve really been poisoned, then if I find out who did it, I’ll definitely make it so he won’t be able to rest in peace!”


Within Hundred Herb Hall, Elder Yu had just returned from sending Ba Zhentian out when some men from the Gu family walked in, bearing a litter. Wherever they passed, a disgusting stench would spread out, causing everyone to frown unconsciously.


Old Man Gu came forward with a beaming face and said: “I’ve found your parents’ corpses. I only hope that you’ve prepared yourself.”

Having said so, he turned towards the servants behind him and raised his hands, indicating for them to remove the white cloth.

In the instant the white cloth was lifted, two faces beyond recognition appeared before her eyes. These bodies had already rotted to the point that only white bones were left. Furthermore, there were traces of gnawing by demonic beasts. The white maggots squirming within the corpses caused everyone to shiver in horror.

“Mr Gu Tian, and…”

Miss Yu’er?

Elder Yu looked at the two tragic corpses and his body couldn’t help but tremble slightly. If there hadn’t been too many people around, he would have knelt down crying in front of those two corpses.

Many people turned their heads away, disturbed by the sight. Who would ever have thought that the illustrious Mr Gu Tian would become such a miserable sight upon death?

Why hadn’t the Gu family found them earlier?

It couldn’t be helped that the crowd held disdain in their hearts. Gu Tian had brought the Gu family to its current height while he was alive, and that was entirely because everyone had pandered to him. After his death, not a single person had gone to collect his corpse, and it had even rotted to this degree.

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