Chapter 130: Sky-high Prices at the Auction (3)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 130: Sky-high Prices at the Auction (3)

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Gu Ruoyun shrugged: “You’re rich and stupid; who else should I target if not you?”

Hearing this, the corner of Zuo Shangchen’s mouth twitched unconsciously. Although 500 million gold coins didn’t mean much to him, who would say something like that so clearly?

“Fourth Prince, Luo Yin, I have some business to attend to. I’m leaving first.”

While saying so, Gu Ruoyun stood up and yawned lazily. She then walked towards the door of the private box. However, before she could push open the door and leave, she halted her steps at the sound of someone speaking.

“You’re really the boss behind the scenes at Hundred Herb Hall?”

Susu’s gaze was locked onto Gu Ruoyun: “As far as I know, Hundred Herb Hall already existed long before you were born.”

No matter what, she couldn’t believe that the young girl before her was the boss of Hundred Herb Hall. It was simply too unbelievable.

Gu Ruoyun smiled with her back to Susu: “As long as a country exists, it will change rulers sooner or later, no?”

This sentence was equivalent to tacitly confirming that she was the boss of Hundred Herb Hall.

However, right after she finished saying so, she pushed the door open and left.

Susu looked towards the direction Gu Ruoyun had left in, her eyes carrying a complicated look. She had at first thought that the woman Chen-gege was protecting was a good-for-nothing, since everything she had heard about Gu Ruoyun before coming here was that. However, if Gu Ruoyun was the mysterious boss behind Hundred Herb Hall, then that was a whole other story.

Even if Hundred Herb Hall had to change rulers, if she didn’t have the ability, how would she be able to make these people submit?

“Susu, I’ve told you before, don’t provoke her.”

Zuo Shangchen showed off that smile that could charm devils again, lazing against the back of his seat as he spoke with an equally lazy tone.

Susu didn’t have a bad personality, but she was a little stubborn due to being spoiled ever since she was a child. Zuo Shangchen didn’t wish for her to offend Gu Ruoyun, so he had purposely said those words for her.

“Chen-gege, if she’s that great, why isn’t she willing to reveal her identity to others? If those people knew that she was the boss behind Hundred Herb Hall, then they wouldn’t keep disturbing her.”

Susu blinked her wide, watery eyes and asked in bewilderment.

“She has to hide her talents while her wings have yet to finish growing. However, she’s very sincere in front of her friends; that’s what I admire about her,” Zuo Shangchen drawled, a slight smile on that devastatingly beautiful face.

If everyone found out that the Beauty Rejuvenation Pills had come from her, and that she could take out even more precious pills, and that she had even made the Ghost Doctor willingly submit to her, then the entire mainland would be in an upheaval.

However, she clearly didn’t want that to happen…

Before her wings grew out, she had to hide and bide her time…


In the main hall, Ba Zhentian was watching the streams of people flow out of the auctioning area. Just as he was about to turn and leave, a voice halted his steps.

“Leader Ba, our boss would like to invite you for a talk.”

Ba Zhentian froze for a moment. He turned his head to look at Elder Yu with suspicion in his eyes: “Elder Yu, why is your boss looking for me?”

“Leader Ba will know once you go.”

Elder Yu smiled calmly. Honestly speaking, he didn’t know why Gu Ruoyun was looking for Ba Zhentian either.

“Then, I’m troubling you.”

Ba Zhentian finally regained his senses. He cupped his hands in a respectful salute as he spoke.


Hearing this, Elder Yu made a friendly gesture and led Ba Zhentian towards the guest hall.

However, once Ba Zhentian saw the young girl waiting for him within, his entire person froze in surprise. Undisguised astonishment appeared on that imposing face of his.

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