Chapter 129: Sky-high Prices at the Auction (2)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 129: Sky-high Prices at the Auction (2)

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“I bid 80 million gold coins!”

Ba Zhentian was the first to speak. These 80 million gold coins were all the funds he could touch. He wouldn’t be able to bear it if the price went higher than this.

“110 million gold coins.”

A voice rang out calmly.


Ba Zhentian’s legs went soft and he fell onto his chair. His forehead was full of sweat and it was as if his body had collapsed from exhaustion.

Zuo Shangchen indolently smiled with his almond-shaped eyes fixed on Gu Ruoyun. His beautiful smile made it hard for a gaze to turn away.

“Xiao Yun’er, I’m extremely interested in this pill as well. I wonder if you’ll agree to letting me take part in this auction.”

Gu Ruoyun rolled her eyes: “If you have the money, then do as you like. Either way, I won’t feel dissatisfied earning so much.”

“120 million gold coins.”

Another voice rang out from outside the private box. Without hesitation, Zuo Shangchen immediately said: “220 million gold coins!”


“500 million!”

Before that person could finish speaking, his words died in his throat when Zuo Shangchen spoke out.


The crowd drew in their breaths. Although they were all pretty rich, it was hard for them to justify using up so much funds in just a short moment… What kind of person was this fellow? He could actually throw out 500 million just like that!

“500 million going once, 500 million going twice, 500 million going thrice, sold!”


The sound of the gavel!

Elder Yu’s heart was all stirred up and his face was full of excitement.

That was 500 million gold coins! It was enough for even the Dongfang family to spend for ten years. You could imagine what kind of sky-high price that 500 million gold coins was!

Today’s auction was destined to be written into the annals of history! Even many years later, it would still be talked about by the people of the world…

At this moment, within the private box, Gu Ruoyun rubbed her chin and stared at Zuo Shangchen with a sinister look.

Seeing her evil expression, Zuo Shangchen hurriedly covered his chest: “Xiao Yun’er, what are you thinking of doing? Isn’t it a little inappropriate to do it in such a public place? Your brother will kill me.”

Gu Ruoyun couldn’t resist rolling her eyes: “I was just thinking, since you’re so rich, I need to properly squeeze some of it out of you.”

Luo Yin, who had still been in a daze, abruptly regained her senses after hearing their banter. She grabbed onto Gu Ruoyun’s shoulder, extremely agitated.

“That’s 500 million gold coins! A single pill of yours sold for 500 million gold coins, that’s just impossible! Tell me, where did you get these pills from!”

How could Luo Yin not be agitated? 500 million gold coins; surely even the national treasury didn’t have that much money?

Furthermore, this was before counting in the final prices of the other four pills.

She wondered if the national treasuries of all four countries added up together would amount to what Gu Ruoyun had made today…

“I picked them up.”

Gu Ruoyun shrugged: “I still have one more pill here, do you want it? I can return you the 100 gold coins I borrowed from you a few months ago.”

Picked them up? Picked them up, your ass!

Luo Yin wanted to curse out loud, but was mesmerised by the pill in Gu Ruoyun’s hands.

Zuo Shangchen and Susu both turned their gazes to the Qi Gathering Pill. From their intuitions, the pill in Gu Ruoyun’s hands seemed to be much better than the Beauty Rejuvenation Pills that had just been auctioned off…

“Xiao Yun’er, you’re really biased,” Zuo Shangchen pouted and pitifully whined, “Why did I have to spend 500 million to get one pill, but she only needed 100 gold coins? You’re clearly too biased, this is unfair!”

Was he born to be an easy mark?

Gu Shengxiao took advantage of that, and so did his sister…

The more he thought about it, the more Zuo Shangchen thought it wasn’t fair. The gaze he turned towards Gu Ruoyun accused her with a hefty crime, as if she were some bastard who had abandoned her husband and children...

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