Chapter 128: Sky-high Prices at the Auction (1)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 128: Sky-high Prices at the Auction (1)

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“Everyone, you can start bidding now.”

Elder Yu was a cunning man, smiling as he pulled off his heist; if they didn’t play some tricks, how could they squeeze all these powers dry? Of course, this was a method that Gu Ruoyun had taught him. These powers definitely wouldn’t go all out in the first few rounds of the auction.

After the crowd sunk into silence for a moment, the cacophony of crazed bids rang out again. They realised that if they didn’t get the pills in this round, then the price would only get higher and higher.

“4 million gold coins!”

Ba Zhentian gritted his teeth. It was clear that he was setting down his life on the line for the sake of making his wife happy.

However, the others didn’t approve of his actions. His wife was already old and wrinkled. As the leader of an underground force, why did he need to fear an old lady?

“6 million gold coins.”

A beautiful and alluring voice rang out, carrying a charming and touching tone: “I must have this Beauty Rejuvenation Pill. Gentlemen, would you let me have this chance? I’ll be very grateful.”

“Haha, Sheji, your beauty is already renowned throughout the lands. Why fight with us for this pill? Don’t tell me you want all the men in the world to bow down before you?”

The beautiful woman covered her lips as she smiled: “I’m extremely interested in refining pills. I simply want to study this pill. Furthermore, who wouldn’t want to become even more beautiful? Don’t you think so too?”

This time, Elder Yu had managed to force the hand of some of the powers that hadn’t wanted to take action yet. Thus, Ba Zhentian’s expression was already turning ugly. Cold sweat gathered on his forehead. Although his fortune wasn’t considered too shabby, compared to so many strong clans and sects, he was still weaker by a level.

Very quickly, the current round was won by Sheji at the price of 20 million gold coins. In the private box, Luo Yin was gaping at this mind-blowing figure.

“One pill, and one that only changes a woman’s appearance at that, can actually sell for 20 million! That’s an amount we can never hope to earn in our entire lifetime.”

Hearing this, Susu, who had been silent up till now, spoke up: “Although strong experts rule on this mainland, experts are also vain. They’re even more willing to spend huge amounts on this aspect as well. It’s not strange that a Beauty Rejuvenation Pill can sell at that kind of price.”

Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun took a second look at Susu, but didn’t say anything more.

Not long after, the third and fourth pills were sold at 50 million and 100 million respectively. Of course, poor Ba Zhentian didn’t have a chance to get a pill at all. Anxiety appeared on his face, and his tightly clenched fists were filled with sweat.

“There’s only one pill left. I have to get it no matter what!”

After taking a deep breath, Ba Zhentian’s eyes were filled with determination.

“Next up, we have the last pill up for auction.”

Elder Yu chuckled, clearly pleased with today’s results. Although Hundred Herb Hall normally made a lot of profit, they hadn’t yet reached the point where they could earn 100 million in a day. The apple didn’t fall from the tree; he had a premonition that this girl’s achievements would surpass Gu Tian’s in the near future.

“The bidding for this pill starts at 3 million gold coins. Of course, this might be the last Beauty Rejuvenation Pill left in the world. You have to think clearly. If you miss this chance, there may never be another.”

Elder Yu was only speaking of maybes and he didn’t say definitely. His words left space for other possibilities. Even so, in the ears of everyone present, they heard that if they missed out on this chance, they would never be able to get a Beauty Rejuvenation Pill again.

In just a short amount of time, the crowd became boisterous.

TL Note: Sheji is pronounced as ‘sure-ji’, and means ‘snake princess’. As of now, I can’t tell whether it’s her name or a title. I’ll be keeping it as Sheji for now!

Try listening to her name on Google Translate XD

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