Chapter 125: The Shocking Four Nations' Auction (11)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 125: The Shocking Four Nations' Auction (11)

“Everyone, thank you for coming from so far away. Welcome to our Hundred Herb Hall’s auction.”

It was at this moment that Elder Yu’s elderly voice sounded from outside the private box.

His tone carried obvious excitement: “You know what we’re auctioning off today! That’s right, the legendary pills! Even now, we’ve only discovered a few pills in the tombs of experts from tens of thousands of years ago and the rest have disappeared in the flowing rivers of time. However, this time, our Hundred Herb Hall has been lucky enough to find a few Beauty Rejuvenation Pills.”

The breathing of the crowd tightened as they stared without blinking at the elderly man standing in the center of the auction hall, afraid that they would miss a single word.

“As everyone knows, the famous Ghost Doctor’s face carries numerous scars. She couldn’t even cure them herself. However, our Hundred Herb Hall tested the pill on the Ghost Doctor and successfully healed all the wounds on her face.”

As Elder Yu continued speaking, he got even more excited, as if he had seen a wondrous future ahead of him.

“The Ghost Doctor? The Ghost Doctor who can treat anyone on the brink of death and bring them back to life?”

“Heavens, the Ghost Doctor actually used the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill? I was sceptical about this pill at first, but if the Ghost Doctor serves as a living example, then I’ll have to get this pill even if I have to spend my entire family fortune!”

Just as the crowd was bursting into discussion, Wei Yiyi appeared, all dressed in red. Before the audience’s stunned gazes, she walked towards the center of the hall.

Her oval-shaped face looked extremely lovely. With her red lips curved in a slight smile, her fair skin seemed translucent and clear, completely flawless. Her every expression held a slight hint of flirtation.

What a charming woman.

Upon seeing Wei Yiyi, the crowd was filled with surprise. Their gazes could no longer move away from the woman’s face…

Even though she didn’t have a single scar left on her face, those who had seen Wei Yiyi before could tell that she was the Ghost Doctor!

That attitude wasn’t something that could be emulated.

“The scars on the Ghost Doctor’s face really were removed…”

“Back then, the Ghost Doctor’s wounds were severely poisoned, and adding on the amount of time that has passed since then… The time limit to completely heal a wound is two years. Seeing that she has recovered to this degree, it looks like the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill is real.”

“My wife is so vain… if I give this Beauty Rejuvenation Pill to her, she might even recover her youthful looks…”

Pills were categorised into primary and secondary pills. Normally, pills used by cultivators for cultivation and battle were called primary pills, whereas those that had nothing to do with cultivation were called secondary pills.

However, the power of secondary pills shouldn’t be underestimated. The stronger the woman, the more vain she would be. Some women were willing to spend their family fortunes for their face, so Gu Ruoyun hadn’t been worried at all about the market for the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill.

“Chen-gege, it’s the Empress Dowager’s birthday in a few more days, if we give this Beauty Rejuvenation Pill to her, she’ll surely be happy.” Susu looked at Elder Yu with shining eyes. In her heart, she quietly had the determination to obtain the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill.

Zuo Shangchen raised an eyebrow and smiled at Susu: “Susu, if you want this Beauty Rejuvenation Pill, you don’t have to get it from any other channels. There’s someone right here who can get it for you.”

“What?” Susu froze for a moment and looked at Zuo Shangchen in confusion.

Zuo Shangchen shot a glance at Gu Ruoyun, and a peculiar glint flashed across his eyes: “Xiao Yun’er is the boss behind Hundred Herb Hall. If you want, you can ask her for it. If she’s in a good mood, she might even sell you one.”

Susu’s eyes widened comically.

Gu Ruoyun was the boss behind Hundred Herb Hall? Impossible! From what her subordinates had investigated, this woman was just an errand girl in Hundred Herb Hall.

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