Chapter 122: The Shocking Four Nations' Auction (8)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 122: The Shocking Four Nations' Auction (8)

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“What’s going on here?”

Just as it was getting noisy outside, an elderly voice resounded from within the auction hall. Dressed in a flax robe, Shopkeeper Zhao strode outside under the gazes from the crowd. Upon seeing Gu Ruoyun’s expressionless face, he froze for a moment before frowning and turning his gaze towards Qin Luo and Gu Panpan.

“Tell me, what are you trying to do by causing such a ruckus outside my Hundred Herb Hall?”

Qin Luo’s expression changed. No matter how haughtily he acted, that was only in front of those he could intimidate. In front of Hundred Herb Hall’s Shopkeeper Zhao, he didn’t dare to continue to act as such.

“Shopkeeper Zhao, there’s nothing going on. We’re heading in right now.”

“Hehe.” The sound of escaping laughter rang out. Luo Yin couldn’t help but laugh even louder, “Nothing’s going on? Tsk tsk, who was the one just insulting Gu Ruoyun and calling her a little errand girl? Who was the one who dared to say that Hundred Herb Hall would chase us away! So anyone who has relations with Gu Panpan is always this shameless? They’ll disavow whatever they have just said in the blink of an eye.”

Shopkeeper Zhao’s expression was extremely ugly. On the outside, although it seemed like Elder Yu called the shots, it was actually Gu Ruoyun who was the real owner. Even Elder Yu had to follow her orders. This fellow, he even wanted to get Hundred Herb Hall to chase her away?

“Gentleman Qin, haven’t you gone overboard with your words? So this is how the Qin family raises their children! It looks like my Hundred Herb Hall is too small to entertain bigshots like yourself. Please go away!”

Gu Panpan’s expression had changed from one of astonishment into an unsightly one. She sneered and said: “Shopkeeper Zhao, you’re just a little shopkeeper. Even Elder Yu hasn’t said anything, who are you to chase us out? Is this how your Hundred Herb Hall treats guests? You’ll make enemies with the Qin Order for a little Gu Ruoyun. Do you think that’s worth it? You want me to leave today? If I just refuse to go, what can you do to me?”

Gu Panpan had clearly forgotten that Elder Yu had gone against the Weapon Refining Sect and had even battled against a martial king just for Gu Ruoyun. Why would he care about offending a single Qin Order?

From Gu Panpan’s point of view, this was simply Shopkeeper Zhao’s personal decision. The one who called the shots in Hundred Herb Hall was Elder Yu. Elder Yu had not said anything yet, so what right did Shopkeeper Zhao have to make such a decision?

“Panpan!” Qin Luo’s face changed instantly. He was now starting to regret bringing Gu Panpan to the auction.

Who would have known that this woman would be this brainless. Although Shopkeeper Zhao wasn’t the highest ranked person in Hundred Herb Hall, he still had enough authority over matters like these. Offending him wasn’t the best move…


Gu Panpan still wanted to say something more, but upon seeing Qin Luo’s terrible expression, she swallowed her words and instead fiercely glared at Gu Ruoyun and Luo Yin.

“Shopkeeper Zhao, while I admit I wasn’t completely in the right, they also had some part in this matter.” Qin Luo said somewhat angrily, “They insulted Panpan, clearly not respecting me at all. Furthermore, I came all the way from my Qin Order to attend this auction. Shopkeeper Zhao, it wouldn’t look too good if you prevent me from entering outside the door.”

Used to being arrogant, Qin Luo wasn’t willing to plead with others. However, he didn’t want to offend Shopkeeper Zhao either. As long as Shopkeeper Zhao judged this incident fairly, he would forget about it...

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