Chapter 120: The Shocking Four Nations' Auction (6)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 120: The Shocking Four Nations' Auction (6)

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Second Master Gu had initially thought that he was rather malicious, but he hadn’t thought that this old fellow would be even more malicious than he was. He would actually let someone else impersonate his son to be entombed within the ancestral graves.

However, they only had that one method left…

“Alright, Father. I’ll send my trusted aide to look for one. Before the auction, we’ll definitely look for two corpses that match what we need.”


Within this period of time, groups led by martial generals would appear from time to time on the streets of Azure Dragon Country. Even the rare martial king experts had suddenly become more common. Normally, in Azure Dragon Country, there would only be two or three martial generals around at any given time.

However, their aim was clear: Hundred Herb Hall.

The emperor of Azure Dragon Country lost his spirit and recalled the ones sent to look for the culprit who had harmed the crown prince, afraid that they might accidentally offend some martial king and bring trouble upon him. Those were experts that even the emperor couldn’t afford to offend. With just  a wave of their hands, they could easily destroy the empire he so painstakingly built up…

At this moment, at the entrance of the auction’s location, Gu Panpan sat by a young man’s side. Her limpid eyes curiously gazed upon the crowds of people, and her small face was filled with yearning and reverence.

Normally, her background wasn’t enough to admit her into an auction like this. However, she was lucky and managed to attract the Qin Order’s young master, Qin Luo. Borrowing this chance, she came out to broaden her worldview.

However, at this moment, a voice sounded from nearby, trickling into her ears…

“I didn’t think that Hundred Herb Hall would host such an imposing gathering. That’s right, Gu Ruoyun, is it really okay if you don’t go and help? Won’t Elder Yu scold you?”

Gu Ruoyun?Gu Panpan was stunned for a moment. Turning her head over to look, that face that made her grind her teeth in hatred appeared in her view.

Why was this woman here? She should be helping out at the auction; that was what a little errand girl like her should be doing.

Luo Yin was chattering about something by the girl’s ear, but the girl kept a faint smile on her face from start to finish. She was wearing a light green dress with green leaves sewn on, looking fresh and refined like she was isolated from the dirtiness of the world.

Seeing the girl’s pretty face, Gu Panpan clenched her lily white hands. She didn’t understand; it had been only a short time since they had last met, so how did Gu Ruoyun change so much? That air of hers made Gu Panpan unbearably jealous!

“Panpan, you know her?” Qin Luo followed Gu Panpan’s gaze and looked towards the faintly smiling girl. A peculiar look flashed across his eyes.

Even though the girl wasn’t particularly beautiful, her air was undeniably the most outstanding he had seen among women. While looks would easily wither with age, only their auras would continue growing through the years…

Gu Panpan had clearly noticed the peculiar look in Qin Luo’s eyes. She gripped onto the edge of her clothes and said: “She’s my uncle’s daughter. Unfortunately, she was too rebellious and didn’t know how to respect the elderly. After breaking off ties with the family, she became a little errand girl in Hundred Herb Hall.”

She purposely emphasised the words ‘errand girl’.

“Errand girl?” Qin Luo was a little disappointed.

She was just an errand girl. In the end, that was no different from a servant girl: they belonged to the lowest levels of Hundred Herb Hall. That feeling he had just now was mostly like a hallucination…


Luo Yin had spotted Gu Panpan, and she gasped in surprise: “Gu Panpan, you little bitch, how are you not dead? You even came here today. Don’t tell me you were pretending to faint the other day?”

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