Chapter 119: The Shocking Four Nations' Auction (5)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 119: The Shocking Four Nations' Auction (5)

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Gu Ruoyun curled her lip. If her condition was easy, she wouldn’t have even mentioned it.

“Then I don’t have any other way,” Gu Ruoyun shrugged, “Although I’m under Hundred Herb Hall, I’m only a little errand girl. I don’t have any authority, so I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

No authority?

The old man hated that he couldn’t spit in her face. If she had nothing to do with Hundred Herb Hall, why would Elder Yu continuously leap out to save her, heedless of the dangers? Although this girl didn’t have a face that could cause the downfall of countries, she still looked rather pretty and refreshing. Elder Yu might just have that sort of taste.

If Elder Yu knew what sort of thoughts Old Man Gu was harboring in his heart, he’d be so enraged that he would keep whipping his corpse even after he killed him.

“This…” The old man hesitated for a moment, but finally fixed his resolve and said, “Fine, I agree to your request. We’ll trade the pill for the corpses then.”

“Fine,” Gu Ruoyun smiled, “Come to me after the auction ends. I’ll give you what you want.”

Hearing this, joy rose within the old man’s heart. He was even more sure of his guess now.

It looked like this girl was indeed involved with Elder Yu; otherwise, how could she even touch the treasures within Hundred Herb Hall?

He had wondered why Hundred Herb Hall had accepted such a good-for-nothing. He hadn’t expected that there would actually be this sort of relationship going on. You really couldn’t read books by their covers. If Gu Shengxiao returned to see this, he would most likely die of anger.

As for why the old man didn’t even think that Gu Ruoyun’s position could be higher than Elder Yu, it was all because Elder Yu’s position as a martial king expert was extremely intimidating. Even if Gu Ruoyun had broken away from her good-for-nothing name, what qualifications did she have to be ordering around a martial king expert?

Looking at Old Man Gu’s quickly disappearing silhouette, Elder Yu frowned: “Eldest Miss, you’re really going to give him a Beauty Rejuvenation Pill?”

Gu Ruoyun shrugged: “Of course… not.”

That old fellow shouldn’t have brought her parents into this farce, otherwise she wouldn’t stab him in the dark like this…

“Eldest Miss, you…” Elder Yu’s eyes widened in astonishment. He looked at the girl’s smile with a completely flabbergasted expression. Suddenly, he laughed out loud and exclaimed, “You’re really too sneaky! It’s like you were made from the same mold as your father.”

That temperament, that personality, it was completely just like Gu Tian…

If anyone said they weren’t father and daughter, no one would believe it.


In the main hall of the Gu household, Second Master Gu held his hands behind his back as he paced around anxiously. Right at that moment, he suddenly spotted Old Man Gu striding in. Upon seeing the undisguised pleasure in the old man’s face, delight sprung up in his heart: “Father, you did it?”

The old man’s arrogant expression showed how pleased he was with himself as he said: “How could anything end in failure once this general personally takes action? Gu Ruoyun has already agreed to give me a Beauty Rejuvenation Pill, however…”

Second Master Gu had been overjoyed upon hearing the first few words, but following that, his expression instantly changed into one of dismay.

“She wants the corpses of Gu Tian and his wife.”

The corpses of Gu Tian and his wife?

Over a decade had already passed since then! Where were they going to find the corpses? Even if they found them, they would most likely just be rotten skeletons at this point…

“Father, isn’t she making things difficult for us? Where are we going to find two corpses for her?”

Old Man Gu replied with a treacherous smile: “I never said that I would find the real deal for her. Just go to the mass graves and bring back two bodies. As long as we keep our actions secret, she won’t even know. Furthermore, which father would let some unknown corpse be entombed within their ancestral graves? Gu Ruoyun will never suspect the origins of those two bodies we give her!”

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