Chapter 116: The Shocking Four Nations' Auction (2)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 116: The Shocking Four Nations' Auction (2)

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“Young Master, I’ve finished the tasks you’ve entrusted to me.”

At that moment, within the courtyard, Qingyi respectfully stood in front of a man in pink: “Through our information network, we’ve spread the news that Leng Yanfeng was castrated by someone last night. Right now, everyone in Azure Dragon Country knows of this incident.”

“Good, very good!”

Zuo Shangchen merely smiled, and it seemed as if ten miles of cherry blossoms had just bloomed; it was a sight mesmerising beyond words.

“That fellow only castrated Leng Yanfeng. That’s far from enough. I have to add fuel to the fire from the shadows and tear Leng Yanfeng’s reputation to shreds. After this, he won’t have any excuse to get near Xiao Yun’er.”

Thinking up to there, Zuo Shangchen’s smile grew even more pronounced; it was more beautiful than anything anyone could ever imagine.

Actually, he had had the same thoughts as Qianbei Ye last night and had wanted to go teach Leng Yanfeng a lesson. He didn’t think that that fellow would take action first, and he even very satisfyingly castrated Leng Yanfeng. Of course, from Zuo Shangchen’s point of view, since Leng Yanfeng cared so much about his reputation, wouldn’t it be a waste if he didn’t destroy it to bits?

It was his own fault for trying to pester his Xiao Yun’er anyway. Was his Xiao Yun’er someone that Leng Yanfeng could even match?

“What’s going on in the crown prince’s household now?” Zuo Shangchen sneered, “From what I know of Leng Yanfeng’s personality, he definitely won’t give up on himself.”

Qingyi lowered her head and answered respectfully: “Reporting to My Lord, it seems like the people from Weapon Refining Sect and the crown prince’s household have been commanded to find the whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor, Wei Yiyi.”

“Hehe,” Zuo Shangchen chuckled, and his slanted eyes were laughing in mockery, “They’re actually trying to get the Ghost Doctor to treat him? If Leng Yanfeng found out that the girl he called a servant yesterday was actually the Ghost Doctor, won’t he feel the urge to cry? Qingyi, continue monitoring the situation there. If there are any changes, inform me.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

Qingyi retreated after receiving her orders.

After she left, Zuo Shangchen slightly raised his devilish face, watching the sky with unfocused eyes: “Xiao Yun’er, how will you thank me for helping you this time?”


The people from Weapon Refining Sect were highly efficient. In just half a day, they managed to narrow down the Ghost Doctor’s location; she had appeared in Azure Dragon Country to save someone’s life just a few days ago. However, Mr. Liu obeyed the Ghost Doctor’s orders and didn’t dare to reveal her whereabouts. He only said that she had left after finishing the treatment.

This was also the Ghost Doctor’s usual style of doing things, so they weren’t suspicious at all.

Just as the people from Weapon Refining Sect and the crown prince’s household were out searching for the Ghost Doctor, a shocking piece of news was spreading throughout the four nations.

It was none other than Hundred Herb Hall holding a once-off auction, to which people from all countries would be invited to attend. It was even rumoured that the legendary pills that had long disappeared from the mainland would appear there!

Although it was just a Beauty Rejuvenation Pill that was useless for cultivation, it still brought about a huge wave. Countless organisations sent their experts sprinting to Azure Dragon Country from thousands of miles away, all for one reason alone!

That is, pills!

If they managed to get this pill in their hands, they might even able to find out its components and then refine that pill! Since there wasn’t even a single pill formula left on the current mainland, this was an extremely valuable chance for them.

Thus, Azure Dragon Country was bustling with activity after a long period of peace. They were even more boisterous than the time when the four nations held martial arts competitions for their youth…

Despite being the place where the auction was going to be held, Hundred Herb Hall was strangely quiet. No matter how many organisations tried to scout out the situation, they didn’t reveal even the tiniest bit of information from start to finish. From the number of pills to the source of the pills, no one knew anything...

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