Chapter 110: The Expert from Spirit Sect (9)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 110: The Expert from Spirit Sect (9)

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“Xiao Yun’er, you don’t have to worry too much,” Zuo Shangchen was filled with staunch resolution and trust towards Gu Shengxiao, “If it’s him, there won’t be any problems! Furthermore, if it was possible for him to be in danger, those people wouldn’t come looking for you. The only thing that can make him temporarily leave Spirit Sect is something happening to his precious baby sister.”

Gu Ruoyun nodded: “I understand. I have to grow strong enough so that I’ll no longer be his weakness… However, Zuo Shangchen, you’re acquainted with my brother?”

“We’re sworn friends for life.”

With one sentence, he named the relationship between the two of them…

Gu Ruoyun finally understood why Zuo Shangchen wanted to help her, and why she could hear caring in his words. It was all because he was sworn friends with her brother!

“Zuo Shangchen, I trust you,” she raised her head, her gaze firm and completely devoid of suspicion, “Someone that he trusts, I’ll trust even more.”

This was clearly telling him that she believed him only because of Gu Shengxiao…

“Xiao Yun, I’m back! I’ve brought the things you wanted, too!”

Suddenly, the voice cut off abruptly. Qianbei Ye’s bloodthirsty, red pupils stared at the man who was even more beautiful than a woman. His silver hair instantly rose; in this instant, as if he had met his love rival, that enormous, unstoppable power of his came bursting out.

At the same time, Zuo Shangchen saw Qianbei Ye…

To be honest, before meeting Qianbei Ye, Zuo Shangchen had always thought that his looks were unrivalled. However, he now knew that there was a man who could somehow meld the two words ‘god’ and ‘devil’ into one body, and anyone by his side would only serve as a foil to his beauty.

With that head of silver hair, he was like a god standing high above everything, impossible to sully. However, that red robe gave him the appearance of one who had just crawled out of hell, dyed red in the fresh blood of mortal men…


That’s right, towards this man, Zuo Shangchen only had this thought in mind.

Why would there be such a strong man by Gu Ruoyun’s side? It looked like he had to get Qingyi to check his identity…

“Xiao Ye, you’re back?”

Upon seeing the man appear, Gu Ruoyun looked over in astonishment.

Although it was a matter of an instant, the enormous and heavy power on the man’s body abruptly dissipated, and the air seemed to return to its normal state. Following that, that beautiful face turned towards the girl, an aggrieved look in his red pupils as he asked like a little wife: “Xiao Yun, who’s this woman?”


Gu Ruoyun almost choked on her own saliva, violently coughing against her own will. Zuo Shangchen was too beautiful, and it was the soft and gentle kind of beauty, too. No wonder Xiao Ye would mistake him for a woman. Other than his body structure, this fellow was absolutely no different from a woman…

Zuo Shengchen’s face immediately darkened. He glared at Qianbei Ye with a corner of his lips raised: “If I’m a woman, then… Xiao Yun’er is a man. Xiao Yun’er, since you have such a strong personality, I see that we’re rather matching. How about we form a pair?”

At this moment, Gu Ruoyun could feel the power radiating from the man by her side. She knew that she had to quickly say something, or else this guy would start a massacre right in her courtyard.

They definitely weren’t playing around.

“I’m sorry, Fourth Prince, I’m not interested in women who are too beautiful.” Gu Ruoyun dryly coughed twice as she spoke.


Zuo Shangchen raised an eyebrow and asked.

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