Chapter 109: The Expert from Spirit Sect (8)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 109: The Expert from Spirit Sect (8)

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That bitch Tianyin had acted against her for the sake of the Treasure Encyclopedia of Medicine, but Xiao Tong was Shifu’s only daughter. How could she bear to harm her? Back when they were little kids, if it had not been for Shifu, they would have died at the hands of bandits!

Zuo Shangchen cast a sideways glance at Wei Yiyi: “It’s the truth that she became an idiot. I can even tell you that it was your junior who did it. In this world, there’s nothing that this prince doesn’t know.”


An endless amount of hatred gnawed at Wei Yiyi’s heart like a colony of ants, filling her eyes with a reddish glow.

Actually, even more than hatred was the self-blame that filled her heart.

That year, when she had been captured by that wretched couple, it was Xiao Tong who had secretly listened in on their conversation and found out what had happened to her. It was also Xiao Tong who had then made a plan and rescued her; otherwise, it would’ve been impossible to escape. However, Xiao Tong couldn’t bear to leave the Medicine Order and had refused to leave with her.

Back then, she had even promised Xiao Tong that once she had recovered her strength, she would definitely return to the Medicine Order and they would expose everything those people had done together.

Who knew that ten years would pass, and still she could not return…

She had thought that that wretched couple would remember what Shifu had done for them and wouldn’t do anything to Xiao Tong. She hadn’t thought that she had underestimated them…

Xiao Tong had met such a bad end, but because of what happened that year, her strength had declined by so much that she could no longer return to the Medicine Order...

“Tianyin, I’ll never let you off! Shifu treated us so well that we could never repay our debts of gratitude. Xiao Tong was the most precious thing to him, yet you’ve made her into a fool! The day will come when I will return to the Medicine Order and bring her away! However, it’s not the time now…”

Wei Yiyi took a deep breath, balanced the guilt in her heart, and gritted her teeth as she spoke word by word.

Since Tianyin hadn’t killed Xiao Tong, that meant that she wasn’t in danger for now. It was even more likely that Tianyin was trying to use Xiao Tong to lure her out. The only thing she could do now was to increase her strength and return for revenge as early as she could!

Zuo Shangchen smiled in admiration: “Xiao Yun’er, this Ghost Doctor isn’t too bad. She has some brains and she’s not impulsive. She knows her limits and won’t act recklessly, so she’s suitable for you to use. I’ll rest assured like this.”

To be honest, he had spoken of that matter to test Wei Yiyi. If she was going to bring danger to Gu Ruoyun because of her impulsiveness, then he wouldn’t let her off so easily!

If anyone brought danger to Gu Ruoyun, then he… would definitely kill that person!

Wei Yiyi didn’t know that her choice had saved her life. Otherwise, no matter how dangerous it would be, Zuo Shangchen would never let her stay…

“Zuo Shangchen, shouldn’t you tell me about the identity of that man in black now?” Gu Ruoyun’s eyebrows raised and she turned towards Zuo Shangchen, “Don’t tell me you didn’t recognise him.”

Hearing this, Zuo Shangchen’s smile disappeared again and his expression cooled down.

“That person… came from the Spirit Sect!”

Spirit Sect?

Gu Ruoyun’s heart trembled for an instant, and she looked at that man’s delicately devilish cheeks in astonishment.

“You said, that he’s from the Spirit Sect? Did something happen to Brother? If not, why is someone from the Spirit Sect trying to kill me?”

Zuo Shangchen bitterly laughed: “There’s no difference between the Spirit Sect and the secular world. The fight for power and position, it’s the same everywhere. Those people couldn’t deal with your brother, so they would of course look for his weaknesses. And you, you are his only weakness!”

Gu Ruoyun clenched her fists tightly. In her past life, she had been unable to protect her family. In this life, she was definitely going to protect the only kin she had in this world.

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