Chapter 107: The Expert from Spirit Sect (6)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 107: The Expert from Spirit Sect (6)

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General Luo harrumphed once. Everyone in Azure Dragon Country knew that the most precious thing to him was his daughter. Ling Yu’s grandfather had almost killed his precious darling, so why would he stand there and try to save her at this crucial point? He’d be a certified idiot if he did so!

“Yin’er, it looks like we’re done here. Let’s go.”

Hearing General Luo’s words, Luo Yin’s gaze landed on Gu Ruoyun’s pretty face. She gripped the girl’s hand and said: “It looks like there’s nothing left to do here. I’ll go back to the general’s mansion with my dad. Remember to find us if anything else happens.”

“Thank you.”

Gu Ruoyun didn’t say much, but all her gratitude and feelings were conveyed in those two words.

This time, the Luo family had made enemies with an expert on the mainland for her sake! They had pretty much thrown their lots in with her, so she was going to remember this favour…

Friends weren’t rare in good times, but it was hard to find someone who would stick around during the hard times…

“Dad,” Luo Yin smiled as she walked towards General Luo, “Let’s go home.”

“Alright!” General Luo waved his hand and announced, “Ling Yu of the Ling family conspired with outsiders to bring harm to our dynasty! Luckily, Vermillion Bird Country’s Fourth Prince managed to foil her plans. This general is going back now to report to His Majesty. Soldiers, follow this general back to meet the emperor!”

After the man had finished speaking in his domineering and rough voice, the last shred of hope in Ling Yu’s heart died. Her body folded, falling onto the ground, and her delicate face showed absolute despair…

It was over, it was all over…

Thinking of her grandfather’s horrible death and how she had fallen from being a noble, honoured miss to this point, her heart was filled with wrathful hatred.


Suddenly, she laughed out loud; her hair was messed up just like a lunatic’s. A vicious, hostile light shone in her eyes.

“Gu Ruoyun, why is there a woman as cruel and merciless as you in this world? You destroyed our entire Ling family! I, Ling Yu, once again swear that I won’t let you off even if I become a ghost!”

Frost flashed across the depths of Zuo Shangchen’s eyes before he smiled: “Become a ghost? Apologies, in the hands of this prince, there absolutely won’t even be a chance to become a ghost!”

Having said so, he waved his hand and a burning red flame shot out from his sleeves, igniting Ling Yu’s body in an instant…

It hurt!

This kind of pain, it was as if her soul was being torn apart.


In the red blaze, Ling Yu’s face contorted as if she was suffering the most extreme pain…

That pain lasted for a very long time… It was only when everyone reached a point where they couldn’t bear to continue watching that the body in that red blaze finally turned to ash, disappearing without a trace within the flames. Even her soul hadn’t been spared; her entire person had been erased from this world.

As for the man that had just killed a person in such a brutal manner, his face was still the same as before. He held a loose and elegant air, an indolent and seductive smile hanging on his lips, gently waving his fan as if nothing had happened.

“This prince said earlier, that you wouldn’t even have the chance to become a ghost,” Zuo Shangchen’s lips raised, and under the stares of the crowd, he motioned for Gu Ruoyun to come closer. With a face full of smiles, he said, “Xiao Yun’er, you really made this prince wait for a whole month. Come here quickly and let this prince hug you, so this prince can finally stop missing you.”

Gu Ruoyun rolled her eyes as the corner of her mouth twitched. She said: “Fourth Prince, could you be a little more decent?”

“Why?” Zuo Shangchen raised an eyebrow, his almond-shaped eyes holding a mesmerising smile, “My Xiao Yun’er thinks I’m not decent enough? Then… how would you like me to be decent?”

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