Chapter 106: The Expert from Spirit Sect (5)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 106: The Expert from Spirit Sect (5)

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The direction of Ling Yu’s thoughts was so obvious that Zuo Shangchen could see it reflected in her eyes. His elegant brows furrowed, and disgust flashed through his own pair of eyes. Then, sneering, he said: “Aren’t you thinking too much? This prince has always had mysophobia, so an ugly girl like you isn’t even fit to grace this prince’s eyes.”

“You…” Ling Yu’s face turned red from rage, and completely forgetting the situation she was currently in, she angrily said, “What did you just say? Do you think that you look handsome? A man with a woman’s face, it’s a complete disgrace! You’re not even fit for this lady’s eyes!”

She was done for!

In her heart, Qingyi cried out in surprise and looked at Ling Yu with sympathy.

The biggest taboo for her lord was other people saying that he looked like a woman. Of course, Gu Ruoyun was an exception; she was the only person who had ever done so and gotten away with it.

However, that was because that fellow’s brother was the close friend who had been through life and death with her lord. How could he bear to harm Gu Shengxiao’s little sister?

Thus, the others weren’t as lucky…

“What did you just say?” Zuo Shangchen’s smile disappeared bit by bit, and an unspeakable darkness seemed to show on that beautiful face.

“Zuo Shangchen, you’re the fourth prince of Vermillion Bird Country, and I’m the niece of the imperial concubine of Azure Dragon Country: what can you do to me? So what if I said that you look like a woman? Don’t tell me you’re going to kill me? Not unless you wish to incite a war between our two countries!”

Ling Yu fiercely gritted her teeth, still holding that insufferably arrogant expression on her face.

If the one speaking had been Elder Yu, she might have been afraid since Elder Yu was a martial king expert. She didn’t dare to make enemies with a martial king! Unfortunately, Zuo Shangchen was just the fourth prince of Vermillion Bird Country and wouldn’t be able to touch the niece of the imperial concubine of Azure Dragon Country, otherwise the two countries would definitely go to war!

Gu Ruoyun shook her head. This Ling Yu had really been spoiled beyond saving. If Zuo Shangchen was merely a prince, could he have scared away a martial king expert with just a single sentence?


Zuo Shangchen’s laugh was dark and low. His red lips only slightly moved when he spoke two words, these alone enough to press down on Ling Yu’s body like a heavy rock.

“Kneel down!”


As if her legs suddenly weighed thousands of kilograms, Ling Yu plummeted to her knees in front of Zuo Shangchen. She raised her head and stared at the man’s beautiful features with fright and shock.

She tried to raise her legs with all her might, but it was as if her body was stuck to the ground; she couldn’t even move…

“The niece of Imperial Concubine Ling?” Zuo Shangchen smiled and raised a hand to brush off his pink robes. He then sat down on his sedan again and gently waved his fan, sneering as he said, “Even if it was Imperial Concubine Ling herself, is there anyone who dares to stop this prince from killing who he likes? This prince will do as he likes! Who dares to stop this prince? The emperor of Azure Dragon Country? Apologies, he’s not even worthy of this prince’s notice!”

That domineering spirit! That crazy arrogance!

The man held a smile on his lips and had an indolent and undisciplined air. However, at this moment, no one dared to underestimate this man who looked like a woman again.

“General Luo!” Ling Yu hurriedly looked towards General Luo, saying, “As the general of a nation, are you going to stand by as I get killed? I’m an imperial relative; the emperor is my uncle, you have to stop him!”

General Luo looked coldly at Ling Yu: “Only the nieces of the empress can call the emperor uncle. You’re merely the niece of an imperial concubine; you don’t have the right to call yourself a member of the imperial family! Furthermore, you were the one who first conspired with external powers to harm others.”

“That’s different,” Ling Yu was anxious, “Gu Ruoyun used to be a general’s granddaughter, but she was abandoned by the Gu family. Even if she died, it wouldn’t matter. However, my aunt is the imperial concubine. My lineage is noble, how could it possibly compare to a lowly commoner?”

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