Chapter 105: The Expert from Spirit Sect (4)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 105: The Expert from Spirit Sect (4)

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After Gu Ruoyun passed Elder Yu the spiritual weapon, the author fell sick and somehow missed on posting a chapter. I couldn’t find the chapter ‘The Expert from Spirit Sect (3)’ anywhere, so I’m going to skip that chapter and reorder the chapter numbers… >w<;;

This will be the order v

Chapter 104: The Expert from Spirit Sect (2)

Chapter 105: The Expert from Spirit Sect (4)

The results of the battle are pretty clear in this next chapter!

Spiritual weapons… This was the fearsome power of spiritual weapons.

Someone who had been on the losing end had completely increased his strength by a few times after receiving a spiritual weapon.

He gritted his teeth fiercely and cast a sinister look at Elder Yu’s wrinkled face, his unwillingness to accept the loss clear on his face. He said coldly: “Are you sure you want to make an enemy of me by protecting this girl?”

“That’s right,” Elder Yu sneered, “She belongs to my Hundred Herb Hall, so I must protect her.”

“Good, very good!” The man in black said eerily, “Then, do you know what kind of person I am?”

“I don’t know, nor do I need to know.”

Elder Yu raised his head and spoke dismissively.

“Hmph! Then I’m going to tell you. With everything that you’ve done today, no matter who your backer is, he won’t be able to save you! The organisation that I belong to is something that you should never have provoked! You’re fated to pay the price for your actions today!”

The man in black gritted his teeth. That hoarse voice sounded like crackling dry leaves, it was extremely unpleasant to the ear.

“That’s right, Hundred Herb Hall can’t afford to provoke the organisation you’re in, but there’s one person who can afford to.”

A devilish voice slowly resounded through the crowd. Perhaps out of curiosity, everyone turned their heads to look.

Thus, that sedan being carried by a group of beautiful girls appeared in front of their eyes…

A man was holding a feather fan in his hands, lying indolently on top of that sedan. He was wearing a pink robe that set off his face; the face that was as seductive as a woman’s, and as stunning as ten miles of cherry blossoms. He was so beautiful and alluring that he didn’t seem to be real.

However, when a man was beautiful to this degree, it really made people tremble in disgust…

At this moment, the aura on the man in black abruptly changed. His hidden face changed from his earlier shock to astonishment, then was filled with the intention to retreat…

Zuo Shangchen, why would this guy be here?

If he were here, then, that person must surely know…

“It looks like my master has really underestimated you, Gu Ruoyun! However, just you wait, you’re not going to live for long. You can’t blame anyone else, just blame your lousy fate! Farewell!”

Although Elder Yu had a spiritual weapon in his hands, since he had come from that organisation, there was no way that he wouldn’t have some aces up his sleeve. However, with Zuo Shangchen here, he wouldn’t be able to kill Gu Ruoyun no matter what…

Thus, he could only return and report his failure. If Master found out that Zuo Shangchen had interfered, he probably wouldn’t be scolded too harshly.

Thinking up to here, the man in black crushed something in his hands, and his figure suddenly disappeared without a trace.

“A teleport stone?”

Gu Ruoyun’s pupils shrank, she seemed to have guessed the identity of this man in black…

“Mr. Sai, Mr. Sai, wait for me!”

Seeing that the man in black had disappeared, Ling Yu became anxious. She hurriedly shouted, but unfortunately, the sky remained silent and no one replied her cries…

Her face turned pale in an instant and her body started trembling lightly.

“You’re called Ling Yu?” Zuo Shangchen smiled, “Tell me, how should this prince take care of you?”

Ling Yu couldn’t help but let loose a mournful wail. She looked at Zuo Shangchen’s smiling eyes, and for some reason, fear filled her heart.

“You… what do you want to do? My aunt is the imperial concubine, you can’t touch me!”

Ling Yu had heard the rumours about Zuo Shangchen before.

It was rumoured that this fourth prince of Vermillion Bird Country not only looked like a woman, but was extremely lecherous. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have kept so many beautiful female servants by his side. Thus, from Ling Yu’s point of view, the fourth prince surely wanted to ravage her!

No! Her heart belonged to the crown prince. Before letting someone else touch her, she would rather die first!

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