Chapter 103: The Expert from Spirit Sect (1)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 103: The Expert from Spirit Sect (1)

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Actually, Ling Yu was completely guessing at Elder Yu’s strength.

Since General Luo’s rank was early stage martial general, and even he treated Elder Yu respectfully, she thought that Elder Yu was surely stronger than him. Since the top expert in Azure Dragon Country was a late stage martial general, but Elder Yu did not share the position of number one with him, she thought that Elder Yu was weaker than that expert. Thus, this old fogey was surely a middle stage martial general.

What Ling Yu didn’t know was that, since Hundred Herb Hall did not belong to Azure Dragon Country, Elder Yu naturally wouldn’t be ranked alongside the experts of Azure Dragon Country…

“Hehe,” Elder Yu was angered to the point of smiling. He replied with rage, “Did you think that I would be afraid of you just because you found a single person to back you up? Gu Ruoyun belongs to my Hundred Herb Hall, if you want to touch her, then you’ll have to see if I’ll let you or not!”

“You…” Ling Yu was so angry that her face turned red, she glared at him fiercely, “You damned old fogey, you’re not going to live long yourself. You’re still trying to protect that bastard at this time!”

Having said so, she sneered as she looked at Gu Ruoyun: “In the whole of Azure Dragon Country, who doesn’t know that her mother was someone of unknown origin? Didn’t she seduce Gu Tian to become a daughter-in-law of the Gu family for the sake of the status of the Gu family in Azure Dragon Country? Thus, the daughter that she birthed must have the same morals: shameless! This Gu Ruoyun even disgraced Gu Tian so much. If I were her, I would have long jumped into the river to save my ancestors from being shamed!”

Elder Yu’s expression turned cold. The rage in his body could almost light the entire area on fire.

Of all the people that Ling Yu could have chosen to insult, she had chosen the Dongfang family’s precious jewel!

His family’s miss was of such noble birth, and the Gu family was just a little general’s household. If she hadn’t loved Gu Tian so deeply, why else would she have chosen to leave the Dongfang family to marry him? However, for someone as heroic as Gu Tian, how many girls admired and loved him?

Those girls were so jealous that Miss had won Gu Tian’s love that they had spread slander about her. In the eyes of everyone, Miss was someone who had stooped to all sorts of ways to climb into Gu Tian’s bed.

However, Miss had always been indifferent to what people had thought of her. No matter what everyone thought of her, she wouldn’t come out to explain herself at all…

Rumours were scary; no matter how much Gu Tian protected her, even he couldn’t stop the idle mouths of gossipers.

“Good! Very good!”

Elder Yu laughed out loud, and stared dead on at Ling Yu with rage: “Ling Yu. This name isn’t bad. Unfortunately, you’re not worthy of it. In this lifetime, there’s only one person worthy of being called Yu! And you, for that name alone, should die a thousand times over!”


The elderly man’s punch was like the wind; he quickly moved in front of Ling Yu. In the same instant, the pressure of a martial king expert burst out, that formidable aura encircled his body, compressing the air so that she couldn’t breathe.

However, before Elder Yu’s strike landed, a hand reached out suddenly from the side, and easily stopped his fist.

In the slight breeze, with his black robe swaying gently, the man stood with his whole body encased in darkness. He spoke eerily: “Move aside.”

His words were directed to Ling Yu.

At this time, Ling Yu still had not come back to her senses after the shock. That delicate little face had turned pale, and cold sweat was dripping from her forehead. She looked as if she had just escaped from the gates of hell…

“Martial king?”

The man in black moved his gaze towards Elder Yu and smiled coldly: “I didn’t think that there would actually be a martial king in this tiny Azure Dragon Country.”

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