Chapter 102: Martial King vs Martial King (4)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 102: Martial King vs Martial King (4)

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Luo Yin’s expression changed and she hurriedly let go of Gu Ruoyun’s hand to move to General Luo: “Dad, are you alright?”

Following that, she turned towards Ling Yu, speaking coldly: “Ling Yu, you’ve conspired with outsiders to plot against Azure Dragon Country’s imperial court. You’ve even injured the general who’s the protector of the nation, you’re guilty on all counts!”

“Luo Yin, you dare to mention that? If it were not for all of you, my family wouldn’t be destitute and dead. You wouldn’t even let off my handicapped brother! So all the retribution you’re going to receive today, is well deserved!” Ling Yu sneered as she spoke, killing intent and hatred thick in her eyes.

They were the ones who had killed grandfather and let granduncle take over the family, causing her to lose the position and pampering she had enjoyed in the Ling family.

This debt, she absolutely would not let it go!

“That’s because your grandfather was too shameless!” Luo Yin stood up, saying angrily, “Ruoyun and Ling Xi had already signed the life-and-death contract. Their fates were left to the heavens to decide. Don’t tell me that if he had killed Ruoyun, then it would have been what she had deserved and she’s not allowed to retaliate? However, your grandfather moved against a junior because of that, and even tried to use someone else’s life as a bargaining chip!”

This matter had already spread throughout Azure Dragon Country, and there was not a single person who didn’t know of it. After hearing Luo Yin mentioning it again, the gazes directed towards Ling Yu carried disdain.

That’s right, if it hadn’t been for the Ling family committing wrongs first, then their opponent wouldn’t have killed Ling Yi in self-defense.

“You…” Ling Yu turned red in anger, “Mr Sai, kill this damned woman for me!”

Hearing this, the man in black frowned. Although he clearly wasn’t happy with Ling Yu’s order, he didn’t say anything and flashed in front of Luo Yin…

“Yin’er, watch out!”

Watching this terrifying spectacle, General Luo no longer cared  about anything else, he reached out and pulled Luo Yin into his embrace, exposing his back to the enemy’s strike.

Zixie was about to act, when an extremely strong strike burst out from Hundred Herb Hall, and without giving him a chance to react, it landed on the chest of the man in black…

The man in black backed away a few steps, and cast his sinister gaze in front.

Dressed in white robes, the old man was resting his hands behind his back as he walked out slowly from within the medicine hall. His elderly face carried anger: “Who’s so daring as to cause trouble in front of my Hundred Herb Hall!”

The familiar and elderly voice finally allowed Gu Ruoyun to stop the anxiety in her heart. Elder Yu’s appearance proved that he had already broken through to martial king…

“Martial king?” The man in black had an expression as gloomy as murky water, a profound look shone in his deep black eyes. However, he didn’t continue attacking, but looked at the elderly man walking towards him slowly with a cold gaze.

He hadn’t thought that a tiny Azure Dragon Country would actually have a martial king expert…

He had been too careless.

But what did it matter? It seemed like the old man in front of him had just broken through to martial king, while he had already been a martial king for three years. No matter what, the old man wouldn’t be his match.

“Elder Yu, you’ve come?”

Gu Ruoyun smiled as she looked at Elder Yu: “Looking at the situation, it seems like you’ve succeeded?”

Elder Yu smiled lightly and nodded as he looked at Gu Ruoyun. His gaze shifted over to Ling Yu: “Little girl, I warned you not to come back to Hundred Herb Hall. It looks like you’ve taken my words for naught…”

“Hmph!” Ling Yu harrumphed dismissively, “If I didn’t have a guarantee, I wouldn’t come back to this place! Do you think that you can win over a martial king with your strength? Although I don’t know your strength, at most it’s at the mid stage of martial general, you’re just nothing in front of a martial king.”

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