Chapter 83: Demanding Some Interest for Taking A Bit of Advantage

Chapter 83: Demanding Some Interest for Taking A Bit of AdvantageThe lights were soon doused. Unexpectedly, Long Heng was behaving himself. He wasn’t even moving an inch as he lay there on the bed.

Bai Xiangxiu was lying with her back against him. She didn’t even dare to sneak a glance at him. But after some time, he still hadn’t moved, and she finally realized something. Was he not fooling around because they are in another person’s residence? Was his character was actually more demure than she had initially thought?Feeling relieved, she noticed that despite the curtains being down, the silvery moonlight had slipped through them and was gently illuminating the room. She could even see the flowers and magpies carved into the wooden bed.

In olden times, magpies were considered to be an auspicious symbol. She reached out her hand and gently ran it over the carving.  She was genuinely impressed by the handiwork. There were magpies carved on her bed in her residence as well, but it was not as exquisite as the carvings on this bed. She was unsure whether if Long Heng was asleep or not, just that his breathing was a bit irregular from behind her. Even though this wasn’t the first time he was sleeping beside her, she had never earnestly listened to his breathing before. Only now did she notice that men took such large, stable and deep breaths. She couldn’t help but begin breathing along with his rhythm. All of a sudden, and it really was all of a sudden, a burningly hot hand clamped down on her shoulder. Caught by surprise, her whole body couldn’t help but start trembling.Long Heng knew that she was afraid. His heart was filled with anxiety as well. But since he had nothing else to do and couldn’t fall asleep despite lying down quietly, why not collect some interest? Just touching her a little and looking at her wouldn’t be considered discourteous... right? With that thought in mind, he straightened her petite body and cupped her small, slightly panicked face in his hands.The slivers of moonlight that reached the room was enough to even see the panic in her gaze. Her enchanting eyes left his self control in tatters as he leaned in to giver her a kiss. Her lips were soft enough that he couldn’t help but want more. He began to suck on her lips, drawing her towards him.Yes, he was actually sucking on her lips. He even gave her a little nibble. Her heartbeat was thunderous in her ears, which made her very uncomfortable. However, little by little, he improved. He slowly became less and less of a brute, and began to treat her gently, almost tenderly instead. His gentleness intoxicated her, so much so that she even forgot to breathe.Or maybe she was intoxicated from oxygen deprivation. Her mind was increasingly blurry as they kissed. So dizzy… Her mind was floating further and further away. Then, she felt a chill on her skin. He must’ve peeled off her clothes.Bai Xiangxiu felt that she should be struggling, but truthfully, her heart had already given up. She knew that struggling wouldn’t help her in this situation anyway. Yes. Give up! Maybe, she’d have an easier time than she’d thought.Then, she felt a large hand land on her chest, and a jolt of electricity went down her spine. She couldn’t help but moan through her kiss.I can’t take it anymore!I really can’t take it anymore!Long Heng raised his body off the bed. The thought of only trying to take a small bit of advantage of her was such an idiotic idea. He’d originally thought that it would be a pleasurable experience, but this was more akin to torture instead. Holding himself back in front of such an alluring beauty was too difficult. It was extreme torture, that’s what it was. The awkwardness of being in a tough spot yet forced to restrain himself was driving him insane.This won’t do. This really won’t do. He had to have her, and he had to have her right now. She wasn’t even putting up a fight. All she did was shift her body when she felt discomfort. To the lust fogged Long Heng, it was nothing less than an invitation. Caressing her silky long legs, he wanted to take this to the next level.There was nothing in the world that could stop him now. But just at this moment, a second before he was about dive in unrestrained, he felt that small, restless hand pinch him in the shoulder. It didn’t hurt, but it was a marker. The timing was too inappropriate. To him, that painless nip served as a warning that his actions were out of line.

Long Heng raised his head, and started taking in big, deep breaths. This had been really unwise of him. In his haste, he had almost made a wrong move. There was no need to rush this kind of thing. He would be home tomorrow night anyways. He could have her tomorrow all the same. How could he make her feel ashamed of herself in the future just for a little bit of fun now? That thought was like a pail of cold water, and he abruptly rose from the bed, tidying his robe. He needed to cool his head off, and so he went out for a walk without a word.As for Bai Xiangxiu, residing in a hazy fog of nothing but sensation, the sudden lack of pressure on her body startled her. All she could feel now was the chilly air on her bare skin. SHe tugged on the blankets, as her mind began to recover. Once she could think again, the first through that struck her was she certainly looked like a sorry figure now.

What the heck had been wrong with her just now? Shouldn’t she have been pushing him away in disgust? Why had she even enjoyed what had happened earlier?

Only, hadn’t he been a little too rough? Why were both her chest and thighs kind of sore? She creased her brow, and immediately pulled on her robe, rolling to her side. However, as she calmed down, she suddenly felt the need to use the lavatory. Her body felt strange. Extremely strange. Almost like it was hollow.She quietly headed next door to use the lavatory. When she came back, Long Heng had still not returned. Where had he gone in the middle of the night? Surely he didn’t go out to settle the matter by himself… right?Her face blushed red at the thought and she quickly hid her face beneath the blanket. At first, she thought that she would have trouble sleeping tonight. But it didn’t take her long before her drowsiness overcame her and she fell asleep. Maybe what had just happened had tired her out more than she’d thought.She was already fast asleep when Long Heng returned. He had no choice but to take a bath again because he was sweaty from all that martial arts practice he did just now to cool off. After tossing about in the bath, he finally settled into bed. However, with her sleeping by his side, he couldn’t help but feel that tug of attraction to her again. In the end, he had no choice but to settle for cuddling her and falling asleep that way.Even within his dreams, all he dreamt about was her.However, he felt like he’d only closed his eyes when he had to wake up for morning court. Normally, he’d be awake around this time, but he had a little trouble getting up early today. After all, he had been tossing about until midnight yesterday. It would be odd if he didn’t get up a little later. However, the person sleeping by his side seemed to be having a good night's sleep. He couldn’t bear to wake her up when he saw her sleeping with that peaceful look on her face.

He got up quietly and tiptoed out of the room. Shu’er was outside to serve and help him change into his court robes. After freshening up, he spoke to Xiao Shi, “When your mistress wakes up, tell her that I’ll personally come to get her after morning meeting. Just tell her to wait for me.”

He felt uneasy letting other people come fetch her. Since he had some free time on his hands, he might as well do it himself. Xiao Shi agreed, even going so far as to make multiple assurances to him. She was sure that the prince must be deep in love with her mistress. Look! He even wanted to personally come fetch her!

As for Bai Xiangxiu, she had actually awoken when Long Heng did. It was just that she didn’t know how to face him. So, she acted like she was still asleep and didn’t open her eyes. She waited after he’d left before she finally got up. She couldn’t help but blush at the memories of last night. When Xiao Shi entered the room, she saw her mistress’s face flushed bright red and the “magnificent” marks on her neck. She couldn’t help but blush along with her mistress and help her freshen and dress up.Maybe it was because Bai Xiangxiu’s skin was more tender, the ‘rough acts’ by Long Heng last night had left quite a number of marks on her. Xiao Shi’s occasional touch caused her some pain, but it didn’t hurt too badly. The pain made her brow crease slightly, but it was still bearable.But she still had some thoughts of her own. Long Heng was undoubtedly a military officer, so his strength was really quite domineering. She also remembered the scenes in the novel about the male and female lead’s ‘performance’. Despite being as gentle as possible, the female lead still suffered to hell and back. According to the book, the female lead could not get out of bed for two or three days after they had done the deed.The thought of that made her shudder. Nothing much actually happened yesterday night, and yet she already had bruises here and there. If they had really done the deed, wouldn’t there be psychological scarring as well?! But even then, she was still kind of looking forward to it. After all as a woman, only a male lead like Long Heng could be considered a man amongst men!

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