Chapter 82: Sharing the Same Room, Innate Sense of Seduction

Chapter 82: Sharing the Same Room, Innate Sense of Seduction

Naturally, staying behind required some justification. Consequently, the poor old master was hauled forth as an excuse again.

Long Heng told others that he was too worried about the old master and still felt it was better to return and take a look at the old master. The fact that the old master wasn’t fond of Long Heng at all was smoothly glossed over as he made his explanations.

As for the old master’s face being flushed red, it appeared that there wasn’t that much of a problem in that area. The doctor diagnosed it as a case of his heart’s blood becoming inflamed, and issued a prescription before he took his leave.Unexpectedly, the old master still asked Bai Xiangxiu for her opinion. When Bai Xiangxiu took a careful look and noticed his well-rounded body and the dark crimson hue to his face, she couldn’t help but think of the common affliction from modern timeshigh blood pressure.She wasn’t a doctor and certainly couldn’t issue a prescription, not to mention that this period and time didn’t even have the phrase “high blood pressure”. As a result she responded, “This concubine knows a home remedy that will have some benefits for old grandfather’s body. It would be best to take it daily in order to strengthen your body.”“Oh? Young girl, it seems that you know quite a bit.” It’s a pity that she’s that person’s concubine. How wonderful would it be if she were my granddaughter?In the past, the old master had never thought favorably of generals, believing them to be crude and ignorant. That Long family’s youngster had actually appeared to have some learning and talent, but his way of solving problems since his youth had always been crude, employing force to achieve results. To think that such a person had been arranged for the cute, little girl next to himthe old grandfather started to feel some beginnings of pity when his thoughts travelled here.

Bai Xiangxiu didn’t actually know any special remedies or the like, she merely wanted to decrease the old grandfather’s blood pressure. Thus, she said, “Have someone grind celery into juice and drink some every day. Treat it as water. If you don’t like the taste of it, adding some sugar or rock sugar is fine as well.”“Celery?” The old master frowned. He disliked this vegetable the most. But after seeing Bai Xiangxiu nodding her head with all her might, he chose to believe her and said, “Then let’s try it out.” He summoned some servants and gave them his orders.Bai Xiangxiu relaxed and let out a sigh. As long as the old master could persevere, his health should improve some. Afterwards, she mentioned a few plants that would be good to place indoors. The old master had some servants record it all.

Song Jiaoyue accompanied her throughout this entire process. Previously, he’d only held a hint of affection towards Bai Xiangxiu, but now he’d completely transformed into a lovestruck fool. Even though there were many women by his side, someone like her was truly too rare. What a pity that his friend would also be staying behind tonight. The both of them had been arranged to stay in the same guest room. This fact was actually gnawing at him. He glanced over at his friend, who was calmly sitting on the side drinking tea. Just how does he view her?Since the old grandfather needed to rest a bit earlier, Bai Xiangxiu and Long Heng were shown to the courtyard that had been arranged for them. The servants of the Song family had long since cleaned up the guest house, and prepared bath water as well.The two separated to go take a bath. Bai Xiangxiu ended up coming out a little later because she was nervous. She could tell with a single look that Long Heng’s hair had already been dried by the servants. He had taken up a seat on the side with a book in hand. He had helped her out a lot today, and Bai Xiangxiu felt that she should properly express her thanks.

However, with the two people in the same room, it was also possible that some “bad” things could happen at any time. Her nervousness had already relegated the matter of thanking Long Heng to the back of her mind.Long Heng was absentmindedly holding his book up, having already snuck a glance at her when she’d stepped into the room after finishing her bath. Just that glance caused the words “innate sense of seduction” to pop up in his mind. Even though on the outside he appeared to be strict and self-disciplined, this body of hers was simply just way too attractive to the eyes, and even more so to a man’s eyes.He didn’t think much of it during the day when she was wearing thick clothes. But now that she’d discarded her outer clothing and was only wearing a thin garment, her body’s curves had become faintly discernible. She exuded a different kind of sexiness, especially when she let down her hair, the kind that made others want to tightly grab it in their hands and ravish it.Long Heng felt that a hot ball of fire had started to burn his body. An uncomfortable feeling started to heat up his body, as if he’d explode if he didn’t do a particular something. However, he really couldn’t do anything tonight.According to the customs of ancient times, when a man and a woman were at another family’s house as a guest, and especially a married couple, they couldn’t perform the deed on another family’s bed even if they shared the same bed.This was considered extremely discourteous. If they really couldn’t endure the urge, then they had to leave behind some copper beneath the bed afterwards. This way, it could be considered that they’d rented the bed for use, not having used it for free. That would prevent them from bringing misfortune to the host family’s home.

Only, he was afraid that leaving copper would invoke laughter from others. Long Heng was a man and it wouldn’t affect him, but Bai Xiangxiu still had to go about her business.Truth be told, she was merely a concubine and didn’t need any sort of face. But, she was helping out the manor in its affairs, and she’d brought honor to their family with her doings in the Song household. If she was looked down upon by other people, they would inevitably end up pointing their fingers at her behind her back afterwards whenever she worked.As anxious as he felt, it wouldn’t hurt to wait another evening. However, could she not be this alluring?Especially as he only wanted to peacefully go to sleep. But she was being awkward, and her thoughts were written all over her face. She was obviously thinking that he would do something towards her, wearing an expression of both fear and shyness. Could it be that she didn’t know it to be almost blatant seduction? Long Heng didn’t dare look at her anymore, fearing that he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself from doing something bad.Bai Xiangxiu was conflicted for what seemed like half a day until Long Heng finally said a single sentence, “Douse the lights and go to sleep.”What, we’re going to go to sleep just like this? But how could this be possible? His eyes had definitely been filled with fiery predatory desire, and he’d left her trembling for half a day with just a single glance. It couldn’t be that they would be doing it after turning off the lights, right?Bai Xiangxiu crawled onto the bed, her body trembling as she lay down. She sighed over her miserable fate. She hadn’t even had time to fall in love after transmigration before being forced into rolling around in the bed sheets. But after taking another look at Long Heng’s wide back, she comforted herself with the thought that he was actually a responsible man. Perhaps after sleeping together he would treat her a bit differently and show her some consideration.

Even after the female lead entered the household, as long as Bai Xiangxiu didn’t court death with her actions, then it was unlikely that she would die! After all, the previous supporting Bai Xiangxiu had felt that it was very unfair that although she was more beautiful than the female lead, the male lead hadn’t showed her the slightest bit of favor.

Following that, she had scampered to and fro in front of the male lead, devising all kinds of ways to invite him to sleep with her, almost begging to be under his body. She’d even drugged the male lead, drugged the female lead, and drugged herself.In the end, the halo of the main characters allowed the male and female leads to preserve their virginity, and she’d ended up being oppressed into an ugly mess. Finally, she became a stepping stone to further the affections of the male and female lead, and when she was no longer useful, she was ruthlessly sentenced to death.

That the ending was so tragic had much to do with her idiotic behavior. Therefore, as long as she held onto her original intentions and didn’t have any improper thoughts toward the male lead, she should be able to save her life without any problems.Whatever, wasn’t it just sleeping with him!The other was already an extremely amazing man to begin with, one couldn’t pick out a single flaw whether in appearance or his “ability”. In modern times, this sort of man would’ve been a big celebrity or a chairman of some major company. She wouldn’t suffer any losses from sleeping with him. She lay on the bed with an audible sound, clenching the bed sheets tightly with a heroic expression, as if she was ready to die for a righteous cause.

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