Chapter 74: This Prince Hasn’t Married You Yet!

Chapter 74: This Prince Hasn’t Married You Yet!Song Jiaoyue looked on foolishly. In his past twenty plus years, he’d never been rendered dumbstruck looking at a woman. Even Yu Se behind him was staring with rapt attention, but she managed to recover just enough to jab her master at the crucial moment. He recovered his composure quickly after. He’d seized the opportunity to sneak a peek at her. This opportunity was naturally related to Long Heng. He knew that Long Heng wouldn’t be able to make his way over so quickly, so he’d hurriedly rushed over before his friend arrived. Little had he expected to see her current appearance.Song Jiaoyue had just recovered his composure when he heard the sound of footsteps from behind him. He hurriedly turned around and smiled, “Why are you so slow, I thought you were here much earlier? I even took the trouble to setting up such a peaceful place for you, don’t tell me you got lost?”Long Heng must have been held up by Miss Lin. Song Jiaoyue had heard from his subordinates that Miss Lin had wanted to meet Prince Li in private, but never quite got the chance to. Therefore, he’d arranged for such an opportunity.Only, he hadn’t expected that Miss Lin would be able to delay him for so short a time.Long Heng himself didn’t know why he was in such low spirits as he walked into the room and said, “It’s nothing.” When he saw Bai Xiangxiu, she had already stood up, intending for him to sit. “Your leg’s injured, sit!”Seeing the cold look on Long Heng’s face as he sat down, Song Jiaoyue said, “This Great Master is rumoured to have a consummate knowledge of Buddhist doctrines, the two of you can take your time to experience it for yourselves.”He didn’t plan on leaving immediately. After all, accompanying his friend in listening to the teachings of Buddhism was something he ought to do. As he took a seat, the room that was occupied by three masters and three servants quietened down as an exceptionally abnormal atmosphere hung in the air.Bai Xiangxiu felt that the pressure she was facing was as heavy as a mountain. She truly couldn’t understand why these two men had squeezed themselves into this small room just to listen to Buddhist teachings. Are they lacking space outside? However, this wasn’t the right time to speak. She could only endure it in silence while nervously wringing her handkerchief, her eyes darting to and fro. She was at a complete loss as to what she should do. However, her current appearance instead greatly pleased Song Jiaoyue; he liked seeing her various expressions. She was exceptionally beautiful regardless of what expression she wore.On the other hand, Long Heng was feeling rather suffocated and anxious in his heart. He didn’t know whether it was due to the matter with Miss Lin from before or something else entirely. As a result, not even one of those present in the room heard a word of what the Great Master had to say, and the awkward atmosphere persisted until another uninvited guest made an appearance.And that would be Lin Qianzi, the female lead of the original novel.She had heard a servant girl say that Long Heng had passed by the temple, but she hadn’t found anyone there. So, she planned on stopping him to personally thank him for rescuing her. After all, her father had been extremely unwilling when he sent the gifts over to him earlier.She had hardly expected Prince Li to stalk off the moment she saw him and leave her no chance to speak at all. Lin Qianzi had a temper just as fiery as his, and she was infuriated by his lofty attitude. She chased after him, intent on finding out what exactly he was so dissatisfied with.Who’d have thought that her slower arrival would result in three people sitting there in a daze for half a day? She herself was startled when she walked into the room. Her gaze first fell upon a gentle and tender woman so beautiful, it even made her feel inferior. Lin Qianzi had originally treated her as a friend, but after coming back, her older cousin had told her on multiple occasions that this woman wasn’t that simple. It seemed as if Prince Li had immediately known of their escape on the very day it happened, and he had even secretly made life difficult for her older cousin many times.In addition, the reason he’d been able to grasp Lin Qianzi’s whereabouts was because the prince had had prior knowledge of her circumstances. But, how many people knew about her secret?

It was impossible for her older cousin to betray her; how could she not know how he felt about her? No matter how she looked at it, the only person she could think of was this beautiful looking woman. She was Long Heng’s concubine, so she’d definitely side with him. Only, Lin Qianzi hadn’t thought that while she treated her as a friend, Bai Xiangxiu would employ such methods to harm her older cousin.

Lin Qianzi’s brows furrowed as her thoughts reached an impasse. Disregarding Bai Xiangxiu, she turned to Long Heng and said, “Prince Li, have you calmed down enough to listen to what I have to say?”

Holy shit, when did I provoke this noble miss? Why is there such bitterness in her eyes when she glanced at me? That look of hers immediately set off Bai Xiangxiu’s alarms as a female supporting character. The wave of nervousness that followed wasn’t entirely unwarranted either. After all, the female lead knitting her brows at the very sight of these concubines was the very reason why she was going to die!Filled with apprehension, a timid look appeared on her face. Only a fool would remain unafraid in the face of the Grim Reaper.

But the entire exchange had been witnessed by Song Jiaoyue off to the side. Upon seeing this, he couldn’t help but feel worry nibble at his heart. Things would be even more difficult for her in the future if her relationship with the future head of the household soured. He shifted his gaze back to Long Heng, worried that he’d be attracted to Miss Lin. If that happened...As for Long Heng, he took the opportunity to walk over to the Miss Lin that he had always found loathsome. “Please respect the Great Master expounding on Buddhism and refrain from speaking excessively.”Miss Lin’s pretty face immediately flushed with shades of red and white, becoming even more indignant. It was her fault for trying to escape the marriage, but did that mean he was in the right? He had clearly known of her whereabouts but hadn’t taken the initiative to rescue her earlier. He even waited till that man had laid eyes all over her before making an appearance!

She just wanted to get a little closer to him. After all, their marriage was now a given. Who’d have thought that not only would he deny her the chance to speak, but from the looks of it, he was just as the rumors had said, overbearing and ruthless! She forced down her anger and found a place to sit. Thus, an awkward four way ambience formed in the room.Bai Xiangxiu felt the pressure she faced continue to mount. Unable to bear it any longer, she stood up and paid Miss Lin a greeting. After all, she would be the future matron of the household; she couldn’t go against her!

But little did she know that the hearts of two men ached at the same time for her. One was pained at the sight of such an obvious show of submission. She was probably doing so due to thought about her future. Such a cautious way of living, not wanting to offend the future head of the house, was truly far too harsh a life for her. This situation might have been avoided if he’d taken the opportunity earlier to bring her into his household.The other was worried about her leg. Standing when her leg had swollen up to that extent would definitely be painful.The most important reaction came from Lin Qianzi. Unexpectedly, she merely nodded her head with great difficulty and shot a fierce glare at Long Heng. Long Heng’s lips were curled at an extremely dangerous angle. Under his piercing gaze, the woman lowered her head. That was when he stretched out a hand and pressed down, pushing Bai Xiangxiu back onto her seat with an audible sound.This seat could seat two people. One was Long Heng, and the other was Bai Xiangxiu. Song Jiaoyue and Lin Qianzi on the other hand, were sitting on chairs a fair distance from one another. It was plain to see that the relationship between the two on the same seat were the closest out of everyone else.

Luckily, there were no other people around as the four people within the room exercised patience and waited for the Great Master to finish.

The pressure Bai Xiangxiu felt was so intense that her entire forehead had beaded over with sweat. She had originally intended to politely take her leave first. Even a blind man could tell that the male and female lead needed to discuss their feelings in private. But just as she made to rise, the male lead shot her a strange look which forced her back down. His gaze was so piercing that she was practically pinned to the chair. All she knew was that Long Heng wasn’t allowing her to leave. If she did, she had a feeling she’d definitely provoke his ire.Compared to provoking the male lead, Bai Xiangxiu felt that offending the female lead still left her with a chance of redeeming herself. But, if she provoked the male lead, her options would be snuffed out like a candle in the wind. After weighing her options, she clenched her teeth and sat back down.Long Heng was very satisfied with her docile behavior. This lasted till Miss Lin, unable to bear it any longer, once again said, “Prince Li, could I… have a private…” “Miss Lin, this prince hasn’t married you yet. “ The meaning behind his words was crystal clear: they were merely engaged, how could they meet in private?Lin Qianzi’s face turned beet red upon hearing his words. They were engaged, and yet he refused to meet her. But that rascal from the jianghu was different. He’d chased after her and had constantly pestered her despite her continued rejection. The scoundrel had even gone so far as to follow her into her own bedroom.

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