Chapter 65: The Little White Bunny Will Be Eaten Sooner or Later

Chapter 65: The Little White Bunny Will Be Eaten Sooner or Later

The Long Family was a family of generals, and had long since formed the habit of having women in charge of internal affairs and men left in charge of external matters. The women were not to ask about the matters of the men, while the men were also not to ask too much about internal affairs. These were rules that had been passed down for several generations. Therefore, despite her headache, the old madame was unable to stop her son. Thus, she’d unhesitatingly pushed Bai Xiangxiu to the fore. 

Firstly, she was a concubine. Even if she went against the rules, she would at most only be punished by the family’s laws. Secondly, she had been rather close to the prince recently, so perhaps this matter would just blow over without repercussions. Having followed the old madame for so many years, how would Ye-mama not understand her intentions? It was just that she hadn’t thought that the Prince would actually just treat the family’s laws like air, even asking her to report her arrival beforehand next time.

Does that mean Mistress Xiu can come again?  Ye-mama felt that this was no longer just a matter of being close. However, she swallowed any such words. A concubine who was valued so highly by her husband would surpass the main wife sooner or later.If this matter spread, whether or not she had intentions of marrying in, that lady of the Lin family would also have to think of a way to deal with this gentle-looking mistress.

Ye-mama was not a heartless person. She had long since developed some feelings for Bai Xiangxiu after their long association.She wasn’t a generous or scheming mistress, but it was just that her looks were so charming that anyone who saw her came to like her. When they saw how pure and cute she was, they felt that she was much better than those women who hid many schemes.It was just that in this place, without the protection of the prince, she would be eaten by others sooner or later. Things looked alright now, as long as the matter of her being doted upon didn’t spread… However, would it truly not spread? 

Ye-mama nodded as she looked at her mistress. The prince actually no longer had that vicious attitude from earlier, as though the one who’d just been rampaging had not been him.“Was there anything that prompted your visit here?” Long Heng didn’t know why, but he’d actually forgotten about his belly full of fire just now after seeing her, as if nothing had ever happened. 

"No, I just want to ask - have you eaten?” Bai Xiangxiu didn’t rub her head, but just kept her head down due to her pain.Long Heng couldn’t see her injuries when her head was in that position, so he was slightly worried. He knew his own strength very well, simply throwing a stone was enough to kill someone. But there were others nearby, so he shifted from foot to foot before saying, “Have someone tidy up the place.”The servants had retreated to more than a hundred meters away from fear, so it was only Ye-mama and Xiao Shi who were close enough to hear his orders. Xiao Shi turned to leave first, feeling like it wasn’t good to ask the old servant to run around at her age. She had also seen that her mistress’s injury was not too serious, and would be fine after applying some ointment. 

However, she heard Long Heng’s cold voice sound right as she turned around, “Get more people over here. You go too!”He was naturally referring to Ye-mama, who stood stunned for a moment before turning to leave. She couldn’t help but bow her head in the face of Prince Li’s intense stare.How would Bai Xiangxiu realize that she had been betrayed within a single breath of time? She only felt a little panicked by the presence of the man in front of her.

He was just too strong. Especially seeing the great mess that was the aftermath of his rage, she felt that even beating people to death with staves was a little mild. Kicking people to death with a single kick was what was truly powerful! Moreover, the prince’s leg had only just recovered. She could only suspect that boards of iron had been added to his legs at his birth!

Her forehead throbbed with indignation at being ignored. With a start, she realized that her mind had drifted away in front of a man that could claim her life at any moment. “Ah…” Furrowing her brows slightly, she unconsciously shrank back. However, he was grasping her lower chin firmly. The warmth of his hand was punctuated with the slight dew of sweat, proof he had indeed engaged in some vigorous activities before standing before her.

Long Heng was relieved after he took a glance. It seemed like it was only a superficial injury. Still, her skin was really nice. The more he looked, the more enraptured he felt. He was also enchanted by the fragrance that wreathed around her. It had already been very hard for him to bear it when he’d hid in her room those past few days. However, her shrinking back, whether consciously or not, made him feel like she was scared of him. While it was only right that a wife should respect and fear her husband, in the end, they should be together. Having thought things through, he felt that this woman was his. He gently pulled her over and leaned over with his lips, whether she was willing or not.

Bai Xiangxiu’s heart nearly skipped a beat as this man tyrannically held her waist with one hand, whilst holding her chin with the other. She had originally thought that this would definitely be a tragedy with uncomfortably forceful kisses. However, she was wrong. That scary Prince Li only lightly pecked her on her forehead before raising his head, his expression still enraptured. “Let’s return and apply some ointment before having lunch.” Bai Xiangxiu was stunned for a moment. Such a development actually seems a little wrong ah? But where exactly was it wrong? Only when Long Heng was leading her in the front did she notice the reddened tips of his ears. Could it be that this man was being shy?

It wasn’t like that, right?It couldn’t be, right?It wasn’t possible, right?However, the truth was laid out before her very eyes, and the contents of the novel rushed back into her head to fill in the situation.

Long Heng was indeed a very domineering person, a man who had all the ability of a male lead. However, he was a virgin, having handed that out only after having met the female lead.His coldness and silence, along with his fierce, brutal personality, seemed to have dissipated along with the wind at this moment. She even almost forgot that she would end up dying at his hands. This was because his reaction, was really, very cute. 

As a modern day female, such men who grew shy so easily were few and far in between...The male lead wasn’t bad, wasn’t he? It was just that it was a pity that he was the female lead’s. Whatever the female lead did wrong, even if he blamed her for it at the beginning, he would still forgive her in the end. While the two had been temporarily separated because of her, it was hard to say that they would not be together in the future. There was still plenty of time ahead of them! Her mind drifting a little, Bai Xiangxiu followed behind him, only feeling that the image of his back was broad and safe, one of a real man’s.

Bang! Collision! A certain someone who was once again injured felt like her nose had broke, as she lowered her head and shed some more tears of pain. It wasn’t that she wanted to cry, it was purely a natural reaction of this body. However, when he turned back, Long Heng found his jade-like woman was now crouched on the ground after colliding with his back. Furrowing his brows, he extended his hand to her. “Are you alright? Where does it hurt?” After pulling her up, he retracted his hand because she might be frightened.

However, a single tear landed on his hand.Long Heng heart ached at that tear, as he lifted her chin once more with a frown. “You.. even walking isn’t safe for you.” You really cause me so much worry.

Her nose was red with lightly furrowed brows. Beauties in this state were just so enchanting. He had never been dazed by a woman like this before. He was supposed to really hate beautiful women like this. However, he couldn’t resist kissing the tip of her nose. Actually, it was more like he wanted to kiss her lips. It was just that he was afraid of scaring this little rabbit if he did this outside. What if she hid herself in a corner and trembled in fear if he scared her too much? What would he do then?

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