Chapter 57: Teasing, A Practical Joke

Chapter 57: Teasing, A Practical Joke

Bai Xiangxiu was unaware of the thoughts running through his head, otherwise her jaw would have bounced off the floor. How was she kind? It was true that she’d helped those servants, but that was just for appearances’ sake; to improve relations between superiors and subordinates. As a modern-day girl, even if she didn’t quite know these things, her parents would remind her!

Whether it was friends or through WeChat, both taught you how to be a person that others wouldn’t find annoying. Add that to her naturally placid disposition, it was rare that she displeased anyone. Because of that, the impression of her as a good Samaritan was only strengthened. Actually, she’d never considered herself as a particularly good person. Of course, she wasn’t a villain, either.

The old madame doted on her son, but now his future wife had hurt him to this extent without even stepping through the door. Who knew what could happen once she did make that first step through the door? That girl would become her son’s harbinger of bad luck! She shouldn’t have arranged this marriage for him. But now that she had, the fact remained that it wasn’t easy to reject this marriage anymore, just like her son had said! Leaving aside the emperor’s trust in Minister Lin, there’d be trouble enough just dealing with Lady Lin.

“This matter… has wronged you greatly,” The old madame thought of that shameless daughter-in-law, before glancing at the well-mannered girl beside her. This girl had recently helped her with many things. Most importantly, she was neither conceited nor rash, but had a good temper. She was intimate towards the servants and never thought of putting on airs just because she held a bit of power. She treated everyone the same way, but didn’t keep any money for herself in secret as a reward for her hard work. A girl like this was truly rare. It was obvious that her son had come here because he trusted her. How could it be as simple as because her place was close by?

Though he truly was too attentive to a mere concubine, it was better than concentrating his attentions on that Miss Lin. He’d only left for a few days before coming back covered in blood! If he had to wed that star of ill-fortune, it would be better to have someone by his side who could take care of him. 

Originally, the old madame had wanted her son to move somewhere else to rest, but when she spotted him sneaking glances at the girl demurely sitting on one side, she shook her head and spoke up. “It’s not convenient for you to stay here. Why don’t we get someone to lift you back!”

Afterwards, she paused to study his expression. Seeing that he hadn’t even budged an eyebrow, she added, “But every place here can be considered your home. It’s not easy to move you with those wounds, so recuperate here for two days first!” The old madame pursed her lips. It’s so hard to try to get the slightest reaction out of him! 

Time had changed her cute and docile son into someone who acted one way and thought another. “It’s just a pity for the person who’ll have to wait on a patient like you.”How would Bai Xiangxiu dare voice a single complaint? Even if she did, she could only keep it buried deep in her heart. On the surface, she feigned a magnanimous air. “It’s no problem at all; it’s my duty to wait on the prince.” 

Why aren’t you getting your female lead to do it? Oh, that’s right. Right now the male and female lead were at odds with each other. Actually, the novel wrote that they often disagreed, though not to the point where the male lead wanted to reject the marriage. He was always the pursuing party. No matter how much trouble his little wife caused, he still accepted everything without question. Hopefully, the story wouldn’t change to the point where she couldn’t predict things. Once it changed to that degree, she wouldn’t know how to deal with anything.

The old madame spoke with Long Heng some more before sensing how low his energy actually was. She took her leave reluctantly, urging Bai Xiangxiu many times to take good care of him before she finally departed. Bai Xiangxiu’s mouth responded that she’d definitely complete the task, but her heart was furiously thinking of ways to get as far away from the job as possible. 

If she couldn’t do that, then she’d just show her face for a pass instead. She assumed that the servants could take care of everything, so why would a mistress and concubine like herself need to show off her skills? 

But that guy just wouldn’t let her rest. Even when it came to meals, she had to serve him. Besides going to the lavatory, which Shu’er took care of, she had to be on the scene constantly! Whenever she left, there’d always be an old female servant or two urging her back to take care of the prince’s this or that. She could only sit meekly next to the prince on the bed as he laid back, reading books. Tea and drinks were always at hand, so there really was nothing else to do. In the end, she picked up the embroidery she was learning and started to sew. 

Because life in ancient times was truly boring, there were boundless areas to explore in the field of needlework. Meanwhile, Long Heng wasn’t reading at all on the bed, but rather just holding a book as a cover for admiring a beauty. She looked rather beautiful as she quietly sat there, much like a picturesque painting. But wait, why did she suddenly stiffen and cry out?

“Why are you so careless? Come here; let me have a look.” Long Heng furrowed his brows as he called out to her, regardless of whether she wanted to come or not. In the past, Bai Xiangxiu had spent her days with plants. Though she had contact with men, none of them were as young as Long Heng or possessed his uncommonly heroic bearing. Most importantly, his aura was too strong. She only hesitated briefly before her heart and body dutifully shuffled over. 

Still standing at a distance, she stretched out her finger, a drop of blood welling up from the tip. She hastily turned her head to the side, like she was trying to avoid a set of gallows in front of her. Long Heng didn’t have any ulterior motives, only the honest intention to check the depth of her injury. But after he saw her acting ‘shy’ enough to want to burrow into the ground, he unexpectedly grabbed onto her finger. It was obvious how her body stiffened, so as a mischievous joke, he stuck her finger into his mouth.

The soft and delicate sensation he held carefully in his hand versus the slightly gory and sweet taste in his mouth caused Long Heng’s face to heat up, but he calmed down as soon as he say that she looked even more nervous than he felt. He kept on teasing her. Until that face, and that hand, and even the skin on that skin turned pink. Even then, he didn’t let go. There was no one else in the room, giving him ample time to do as he liked. However, his leg was still injured, or else he wouldn’t have just stopped at that. “P…. pr…. prince, you… let go of this, this concubine first.”

What was the male lead doing? Were his hormones suddenly acting up violently? Not only was he holding her finger in his mouth, but he was also teasing her like playing with a cat. As a very proper girl who’d never acted foolishly, she almost couldn’t take it. What should she do now? What to do since her legs were turning weak? This body of hers, wasn’t it too oversensitive? Or was this just very stimulating?

Ah….She didn’t understand anything at all; she just had overwhelming urge to flee. But Long Heng’s hand maintained its grip on her finger, neither firm nor loose. A tiny strength like hers wasn’t enough to escape him. She felt like crying but had no tears, but heard the voice of a saviour from outside. 

“Your Highness, Senior Madame is here. She’s asking whether she can come in to look after your injury.” The senior madame was the mistress of Spring Garden. Bai Xiangxiu didn’t have a good impression of her in the beginning, but she was quickly beginning to revise her opinion of this woman. She certainly had an exquisite sense of timing. Bai Xiangxiu was this close to kneeling on the ground in thanks.

A glance down at the bed revealed that the male lead Long Heng’s eyes were flashing with reluctance. His grip had slackened as well, allowing her to finally wrest her hand free with a red face. 

“I, no, this concubine will go receive Senior Madame.” Long Heng found her flustered, fleeing state very amusing. The corners of his lips slowly drew upwards. Who would’ve thought that teasing women would be something as fun like this? Or rather, teasing her was something as fun as this. As for other woman...He looked at his leg and decided it was better if other women didn’t touch it. Aside from this woman, all others were either annoyances or threats. See now, another hindrance has arrived.

Actually, he could’ve said he didn’t want to see her, but his anxiety had kept him from speaking up in time. Meanwhile, the nervous Madame Bai had rushed out to receive the guest. In this situation, there was no choice but to meet the other woman.

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