Chapter 295: Yu Kuang's Cute Little Wife

Chapter 295: Yu Kuang's Cute Little Wife

“Junior sister, you’re too young to know of things. You shouldn’t be speaking for that man.”

“I’m not speaking for him! If it hadn’t been for you, we wouldn’t have…”

“How could you slander me like this, junior sister? I didn’t sleep all night because I was out searching for you. Master is my witness.”

“Indeed, it is true you didn’t sleep all night because of a girl. Well, to be more precise, girls. You spent the night at Amorous Fragrance and slept with two girls there. The drug you used on Yu… Miss Yu also came from there. The madame is here as witness.” A voice suddenly rang out. Yu Jiaoniang’s face instantly reddened when she recognized the voice. She noticed that the alliance head’s face was also blushing. This… this… seeing his face was enough for memories of how she’d pushed the man down last night to surface in her mind. This is so embarrassing, what should I do??

The sect head was surprised, things had taken a complex turn. Why was the wulin alliance head suddenly investigating his sect’s matters and even brought people to help him resolve this headache?

The senior brother also hadn’t anticipated the appearance of the alliance head and was momentarily stunned. The madame gave a full recounting of his crimes as he stood there, dumbstruck. This b*tch is heartless alright! She promised me that she wouldn’t say anything!

“How could you treat your junior sister this way?! She viewed you as a brother!” The old master of Jade Peak Hall’s towering fury erupted as he bellowed. 

“As a brother? She’d rather be with some random stranger instead of me…”

“I already said he’s not some random stranger!”

“Then who? Why are you trying to defend him even now?” This time, the sect head frowned at her. His daughter had to marry after this! She couldn’t be so freely taken advantage of! But judging from how she was behaving, she was acting like she was the one who’d taken advantage of the other instead. She wasn’t spitting out the name no matter what he said!

“It… it was me.” Yu Kuang was both a man and the alliance head, so no one doubted his words. Both Yu Jiaoniang and the senior brother kneeling on the ground were immensely taken aback after that confession. The sect head almost fell off his chair. He couldn’t exactly be blamed for that either, this was simply too terrifying! His daughter had taken care of legendary block of ice, the alliance head himself! This… this…

No wonder his daughter had acted like it was she who’d wronged the man. She really couldn’t be blamed for something of this scale. The great alliance head sitting loftily on high, the millennium year old virgin was… no longer. He was even blushing! The sect head almost burst out in laughter. Who didn’t want an alliance head son-in-law?

The senior brother was completely stunned. Could someone please explain to him what was going on here? The junior sister was with the alliance head? Wait, wasn’t he in for a world of hurt then?

Just as he thought, he was hauled out to experience a world of hurt. As his pitiful wails faded into the distance, Yu Kuang awkwardly dropped to one knee and asked for Yu Jiaoniang’s hand in marriage. How could the sect head possibly entertain second thoughts? He immediately nodded in agreement, but, much to everyone’s surprise, his daughter spoke. “Wait a moment.”

“Eh?” Why should they wait on such a good matter? One couldn’t find such a good son-in-law no matter which desolate mountaintop they searched! Well, his daughter had stumbled upon him without even trying. Why should they reject such a stroke of good fortune? And yet here she was, protesting with a serious face.

“We, what happened was a misunderstanding. You… didn’t even know me before, so we can just forget anything happened.”

“I know you. You’re Yu Jiaoniang. You also came to the last wulin gathering.” Yu Kuang was a bit nervous; this would be the second time his proposal failed! No, I can’t fail this time! And so he immediately treated this like a martial arts competition and stared Yu Jiaoniang down.

All things put aside, the girl’s nerves were as tight as harp strings after last night, so how could she possibly bear up beneath such an intense stare? She immediately fainted dead away.

Yu Kuang didn’t hesitate and immediately revived her, staying by her side the entire day. There were wulin gatherings every year; that wasn’t nearly as important as getting a wife. Someone might ask him at this point that, “Weren’t you supposed to be a sexless block of ice? Why are you so anxious?”

Who didn’t want to get married at his age? Look at what a good life Long Heng was leading! Yu Kuang would be a fool if he wasn’t jealous. With Long Heng’s numerous kids running all over the place like living reminders of what he lacked, Yu Kuang would be a fool if he wasn’t anxious.

And so,Yu Kuang used all his patience to lure in his little wife and finally succeeded in the end. He too had children soon, and his little wife actually found his personality disorder quite fun. This actually depressed him a little, but of course that conversation would happen far, far into the future.

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