Chapter 284: The Emperor Leading Troops Into Battle

Chapter 284: The Emperor Leading Troops Into Battle

Putting Xiaoshi’s matters aside, the emperor had finally made the decision to personally lead his troops into battle. Of course, he put a few senior officials in charge of taking care of his usual national responsibilities before departing. These five senior officials had been working for three generations of emperors. They would be in charge of making any decisions together, much like the parliament in today’s modern society.

Bai Xiangxiu felt that people from the olden days did not lack in wisdom. After all, her husband had already guessed who these five people were beforehand! She knew this because she’d been right beside him when he had been analyzing the information!

Yes, Long Heng would often analyze the current situation with his wife whenever he had some free time. It didn’t even matter that she might not understand some of the things, he just liked to talk to her about it. Bai Xiangxiu was the person he trusted the most in the world. There was no one else in this world which he could do this so freely with. Bai Xiangxiu enjoyed this feeling. It was as though they were a couple that had been married for many years.

What made Long Heng the happiest was the fact that he could finally tell Bai Xiangxiu about how that butt-for-brains emperor was going to personally lead the troops to battle in Shu County. The emperor believed that his generals were very well-trained, but the only thing that they’d trained well was their ability to bootlick. Their abilities wouldn’t be worth meager coin on the battlefield. Their armchair strategies were truly impressive, but even Bai Xiangxiu would probably be more useful when push came to shove.

“Do you really think that I’m that dumb?” Bai Xiangxiu was angry because Long Heng had started comparing her to the emperor. She was just about ready to throw her shoes at him! However, she then began to worry about Xiao Lin and the old madame. “I wonder how Xiao Lin and Old Madame are doing. We were supposed to join them in Shu County, but the emperor just wouldn’t give us a chance to do so.”

“Don’t worry. You just focus on taking care of yourself. I will soon travel to Shu County. They should be fine, especially since Ah Quan and his wife are taking care of them.”

It’s all thanks to the fact that she’d saved both their lives. I never imagined that they’d end up being so much help. It seems like showing kindness does bring some benefits once in a while. Of course, kindness should only be shown to certain people.

“Right. Has Miss Lin escaped from that place?”

“She… is doomed to live the rest of her life in that place.”

“Ah?” Bai Xiangxiu couldn’t understand. Didn’t he say that he’d made a deal with Minister Lin? Actually, Minister Lin was truly an admirable father for doing so much for her daughter, even during such trying times. But why hasn’t she been rescued from that place yet? Did Long Heng go back on his word?

Long Heng flicked Bai Xiangxiu in the forehead. He’d been packing his things lately in preparation for his journey to Shu County. The servants were normally supposed to help him pack his things, but since he was now “dead”, he had to keep a low profile. He wouldn’t even take a walk in the manor’s garden. There weren’t that many that knew the prince was alive since the servants didn’t normally enter the princess consort’s residence without permission.  “Miss Lin has fallen in love with one of her customers, and is waiting for him to retrieve her to be his concubine. Considering the fact that she’s been waiting for almost two months, I fear that nothing will come out from this.”

“She decided not to leave because of this reason alone?”

“Yes. We couldn’t convince her no matter how hard we tried. In the end, Minister Lin had no choice but to give up and abandon all thoughts of rescue.”

“Hah! As expected of Miss Lin and her logic. I really can’t comprehend how she was raised. All she thinks about is love… and love that’s nothing but a deception at that.”

It’s fine that she can’t live without love, but can’t she at least try to pick and choose a little? Isn’t she just trying to torture herself? Bai Xiangxiu only spared Lin Qianzi the barest thought before her mind threw itself into other matters. Compared to the matters at hand, Lin Qianzi just simply wasn’t worth a full thought. I’ve already tried to mend our relationship when you were still the female lead. Unfortunately, all you wanted to do was run yourself into the ground and chase after a wretched fate. How is anyone supposed to convince a person like you? Are we supposed to follow you when all you want to do is jump off a cliff?

“Forget about her. Take good care of yourself when I’m gone. Don’t go out unless you really have to.”

“Mm. Why would I leave the manor when my stomach is only getting bigger and bigger?”

“It should be the dawn of a new era by the time he is birthed into the world.”

“Yes. I hope everything goes smoothly.”

“It will. I will pay extreme caution to my every move now that I have the both of you to take care of. I’ve definitely stopped being as hot-headed as I was before.”

“You said it yourself. You must remember to arrange a safe place for Xiao Lin and everyone else when you arrive at Shu County. Just in case the enemy breaches the defenses and reach Shu County.”

“They won’t be able to. Even though my men might seem to be disorganized, they have not been standing idle when they stand guard over the place. I am only allowing the enemy nation to come near the border so that we can realize our plan. Otherwise, the enemy would’ve been struck down a long time ago.”

“Fine, fine, fine. You’re the best.” One really couldn’t stop a man when he’d begun to boast. He would only become more boastful if you try to take him down a notch. For example, Long Heng had just dragged Bai Xiangxiu into his lap and asked, “You don’t believe me?”

“Of course I do. Have I ever said otherwise?”

“Then why don’t we make a bet?”

“Sure. What bet?” How could Bai Xiangxiu not say yes? He might do other things to her if she didn’t say yes!

“How about… you give me another son if I flatten the entire monarchy within two months?”

“You’re already ordering the next one before this one is born! What, do you think I’m a sow?” Bai Xiangxiu faked anger and pinched Long Heng without putting much strength into it.

Long Heng burst into laughter and then hugged her tight. “What I’m looking forward to the most right now is taking my sons out to battle with me! After I raise them to become men amongst men, who could possibly stand to rival our army?”

“Haha…” Do you really plan on taking them into battle? Are you sure you’re not just trying show off your ability to give birth to sons?

“What are you laughing for? I am about to leave tomorrow. Princess Consort, why don’t you let me… tonight…”

“Let you what?” Bai Xiangxiu asked despite knowing the answer. Her shimmering eyes had raised an inferno in Long Heng’s heart.

“You… are torturing me on purpose, right?”

“When did I? Haha! Stop tickling me! Hahaha, stoppit! Long Heng, you’re being indecent!”

“……” Bai Xiangxiu was actually asking him to act decently even though they were husband and wife. However, the more Bai Xiangxiu wished for Long Heng to be decent, the more indecent he became.

Long Heng finally departed after two days with his men in tow. Bai Xiangxiu hit the bed with her hands while holding her back. She talked to the baby that was growing in her stomach. “Your daddy is an utter bastard! See, he’s capable of all sorts of wicked deeds! Wuuuuu… my back really hurts…”

Bai Xiangxiu continued to act as a “young widow” after Long Heng had departed. Truth be told, she was actually living a very carefree and comfortable life during these past few days. Because rumors had stated that Long Heng had been assassinated by the enemy nation, the entire Prince Li Manor was actually treated very well by everyone. Even the emperor kept up appearances.

Bai Xiangxiu’s younger brother, Bai Xueru, had also come to visit this poor sister of his. After they received news of Long Heng’s death, his mother and that second sister of his nearly hung up red cloth in celebration. If his father hadn’t stopped them, they might’ve even come to condemn her and scam some money off her. According to what they said, since a young widow had nobody to rely on, why not take the money for themselves before it falls into somebody else’s hands? Bai Xueru couldn’t help but sigh at his sister’s misfortune. After becoming princess consort, she must’ve thought that she would live a life of luxury. Unfortunately, Prince Li suddenly passed away, and left two mouths to fend for themselves in this manor. How will they survive without him?

Bai Xiangxiu allowed her younger brother to enter since she had a good impression of him. Bai Xueru thought that he’d be greeted by a pale and pitiful-looking sister that was wearing her mourning gown. However, things were not what he expected. While Bai Xiangxiu was definitely wearing her mourning gown, the saying that women looked their best wearing a white mourning gown was definitely true.

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