Chapter 281: Who Are You, Really?

Chapter 281: Who Are You, Really?

Just as Yu Shū was about to throw a tantrum, Long Heng reached out and hauled the former out. Luo Yunzheng followed them out, his face looking thoughtful. All things considered, Su Yun had been a one of a kind opponent, so Long Heng granted her death wish. However, for Bai Xiangxiu’s safety, he remained just outside.

But before the door shut, Bai Xiangxiu could be heard saying, “Dump some water on her and wake her. There’s no need to waste time.”

“Oh…. oh.”  After the men left, Bai Xiangxiu sat to the side to take some time to reflect. Dealing with Su Yun recently had put her in mind of the female lead. Suddenly, she realized she’d made quite the wise decision to remain low key in this world. Although she may not have experienced significant ups and downs, at least her life was relatively stable. Well alright, she was technically a widow right now, so life wasn’t entirely stable.

Su Yun woke up just as she was reminiscing. She moaned painfully at first, but gradually regained consciousness. She appeared a bit lost when she opened her eyes, but once she noticed Bai Xiangxiu, it was as if she had regained all her energy. “Who are you really? Why was everything going so smoothly before I met you, but began to fall apart after I encountered you?”

“Su Yun, I’m not the reason why you lost. You lost because human lives mean nothing to you.”

“Ha! Why can others be like this and I can’t?”

“That happens in novels and TV dramas. It doesn’t work like that in reality.”

“So, you are a transmigrator! I was right! How could you treat someone from your hometown so cruelly?!”

“Su Yun, you’re certainly one to speak. So what if you knew I was from your hometown? Based on your personality, would you have been lenient towards me? I have no doubt that you would’ve constantly tested ways to eliminate me. For instance, back in Tranquil City, those diversionary tactics was clearly meant to assess me. You sent an assassin targeting me.”

“So what? You were helping my enemy.”

“But from my perspective, they are also my enemies.”

“But afterwards, you still moved against me despite the fact that we were from the same world.”

“Have you seen how anxious the doctors’ family members were when they were frantically trying to locate their loved ones? Are you aware of how tragic the lives of the wives and sons are now without their husbands and fathers? Are you aware that one of the wives bled to death during childbirth after hearing the news? You never heard a word. Why? Because you only have eyes for yourself. You only care about your power and status. In order to attain what you want, you treat humans like ants. For despicable people like you, this outcome is already quite good.”

“Shut up! What about you!? It’s fine for you to seduce men and get them to kill for you? You’re like a little white lotus hiding behind others while you enjoy yourself. What’s the difference between you and me?”

“I don’t allow my man to kill innocent people. I don’t make him do things for my own selfish reasons. That’s the difference.”

“Humans are selfish. Aren’t you selfish?”

“I am selfish. I can freely admit that. I would be more than willing to hurt others in order to protect my family. But I would never kill so many people because of a face. Of course, I don’t expect you to understand. After all, you have always been a spoiled rich young lady without the slightest ounce of respect for others.”

“...You knew me from before, don’t you?” Su Yun seemed to have realized why she had lost. So this person knew me from before?! Who is she? Is it my scheming younger cousin? Or my love rival? Or perhaps, a random jealous slut?

“I do know you, so I was well aware of your personality. I knew that you have no moral integrity. That’s why I have never told you who I am. But now, there is no harm in telling you.”

“You….” Su Yun wanted to sit up straight but it wasn’t possible. Her body didn’t have any more strength. She could barely see the person clearly.  “Tell me who you are, so I can rest in peace.”

“I’m the person you looked down on so so much. The girl who sold flowersLiu Yangyang.”

“Hahaha! So it was you!? Did you want revenge?”

“No. I only wanted to live in peace.”

“Live a peaceful life?! Liu Yangyang, don’t be a fool. That’s not possible. Transmigrators don’t belong in this world or time.”

“No, I belong here. I have a child and a husband. Whereas, you have nothing, regardless of whether it’s in the modern or ancient times.”

“No! I have everything. I…..”

“What do you have? People who miss you? They’re only into you because of your kinky tricks. Those who were loyal to you are probably all dead, and they mean nothing to you either. So, ultimately, there is only one outcome for you in this world.”

Pretty damn cold, right? Actually, Su Yun’s current circumstances was the ultimate revenge. Yes, Bai Xiangxiu held some hate for Su Yun. Regardless of modern times or ancient times, Su Yun was the root of some of traumatic experiences. So if she didn’t get any revenge, she would be too much like the holy mother! Don’t blame her for piling on the hurt when Su Yun was down. Su Yun had done her fair share of hurting others as well. Bai Xiangxiu didn’t mind at throwing a few more stones at someone like Su Yun one whit.

“Liu Yangyang. I curse you! I hope you die! I hope your man betrays you. I hope your son will have a bad ending….!”

Crack! Bai Xiangxiu was furious. So she reached out and slapped Su Yun right across the face. She coldly stated, “Cursing is already out of date. Or do you think that you have superpowers from transmigrating?”

“Long Heng, come in! Long Heng! I know you’re outside!” Su Yun loudly screeched. Still outside, Long Heng quickly rushed in to see what was going on. Seeing Bai Xiangxiu’s close proximity to Su Yun, he quickly pulled her away. “Be careful. She might hurt you.”

“It’s fine. Right now, she’s….” But before Bai Xiangxiu could finish her sentence, Su Yun cut in. “Long Heng! I told you from the start, don’t think this little bitch actually loves you! She has another identity!. She’s from the same place I am. She’s going to leave you sooner or later and just leave behind a beautiful body. Also, she’s not a good person… she…..”

Crack! Su Yun’s head spun all the way around as she landed on the ground with a dull thud. No more words came out.

“Ah….” Bai Xiangxiu was frightened. The innocent Yu Shū cocked his head as he looked down at her, “Big sister, she really couldn’t take a hit.”

No duh! Who could take a hit from you? But Bai Xiangxiu was still a bit shocked. Just like that, a life had been snuffed out. Long Heng patted her on the head, “Don’t be scared. I’m here.”

“I wasn’t scared. I just feel like….she shouldn’t have came here.” Bai Xiangxiu sighed deeply. In the modern times, Su Yun was a bad person, but at least she didn’t kill so many people. Modern society had laws and restrictions that shackled people with those urges. But when Su Yun came here, she felt like she was peerless and unstoppable. That was what led to this outcome. Sometimes, humans must not view themselves too highly.

Luo Yunzheng, “She’s dead. In my opinion, we shouldn’t keep the corpse. I’ll bury her in an unmarked grave somewhere.”

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