Chapter 274: Havoc in the Streets of the Capital

Chapter 274: Havoc in the Streets of the Capital

At the other end of the teahouse, Luo Yunzheng was very depressed as he watched the show whilst fulfilling his bodyguard duties. He knew how vicious women could be. How would that woman, who was currently pretending to be a holy mother, respond to a question like this? It was very clear that her expression had changed.

“I almost believed what the doctor’s wife said. Your woman really has so many tricks up her sleeve.”

“She… will never be my woman.” Yu Kuang glanced over at the other side of the teahouse. They were separated by more than the street between them. Bai Xiangxiu didn’t notice the look in his eyes at all, her eyes intent on the scene unfolding below. Su Yun, you really are amazing. However, you have to have a clear conscience when pretending to be a holy mother. After all’s said and done, you’re not the female lead like Lin Qianzi was. She was a bona fide white lotus before she turned over to the dark side!

“How unreasonable!” Su Yun’s servant exclaimed when she saw her mistress turn pale. However, Su Yun spoke up, “There’s no need to be this way. This sister, you and I are both women. This is an act that’s not proper to conduct in public. Is it possible for you to follow me back to the palace so that I can try it out?”

It was a well worded response, but it seemed that the woman had anticipated it, “I knew that it might be a problem for the noble consort, so I prepared a towel. This is made out of the medicinal water and can entirely replace the role of its liquid counterpart. You only need to dab it on your face.”

“Ludicrous! Who knows whether you’ve poisoned that thing?!” Su Yun’s servant retorted.

“It’s not poisoned. You can ask anyone here to test it.”

“Let me try it!” A soft clear voice rang out , followed by a woman just as stunning as the noble consort in terms of looks.  She was very young and beautiful, but her most outstanding aspect was her posture as she walked forward. Even though she wasn’t sitting daintily in a luxurious carriage, even though she wasn’t surrounded by hordes of guards, she was still so beautiful that nothing was needed to accentuate her grace.  “Greetings, Noble Consort Su. Née Bai is willing to test it out for you.”

Bai Xiangxiu had found the perfect opportunity to walk down and appear before everyone. Regardless of what everyone in the capital thought of her, she would definitely drag Su Yun down today.

“Madame, do you really want to try it?” The doctor’s wife asked, baffled.

“That’s right, give it to me!” Bai Xiangxiu smiled as she stretched out her hand. Seeing this, the miracle doctor’s wife handed over the towel.

However, just as she lifted the towel to dab her face without the slightest hint of hesitation, Noble Consort Su walked over and stopped Bai Xiangxiu. “How can I trouble Princess Consort Li? This seat will do it!”

“Noble Consort Su’s body is comparable to that of gold. If you were to be injured, the blame would be too much for them to bere. However, I am but the humble daughter of an official. If anything happens to me, it will be of my own accord and will not make things difficult for them.” Bai Xiangxiu didn’t loosen her grip, creating tension in the towel as the both of them tugged on it.

Su Yun smiled and said, “How would this seat blame them if this isn’t poisoned?”

She couldn’t let Bai Xiangxiu steal her limelight right now! Wouldn’t that just make her seem suspect? Moreover, it was evident that this woman was setting a trap for her. If she didn’t rub it over her face, it would prove that there was room to doubt her. But if she did rub it over her face, who could guarantee the towel hadn’t been tampered with?

But seeing as Bai Xiangxiu had dared to raise it to her face, she felt that it ought to be safe and snatched the towel over, gently rubbing it over her face. She didn’t dare to exert too much force. After not feeling anything amiss, she smiled, asking, “Is there still a problem now?”

Just when everyone thought that there was definitely nothing wrong with her, a terrifying thing happened. Bloody scars crisscrossed her face like a child’s first drawing. In a matter of moments, her beautiful face was transformed into one of nightmares. A stinging pain accompanied the transformation, and Su Yun shrieked, adding to the horrifying image. She hid her face in her hands as she screamedt, “Seize her! She put poison on the towel!”

However, the miracle doctor’s wife rushed up to her as though she’d gone mad. “You’re the culprit! Murderer!! I lied about the word murderer appearing and an some injured face. Those were all lies! I only put a hemophagic drug on this towel. If someone has an injury that’s been concealed, this will immediately bring it to light! My husband used it for autopsies, but I never would’ve thought that it could be used like this. You vicious woman! There are too many injuries on your face to count!”

“Nonsense! You’re the one who poisoned me!” Su Yun wasn’t in that much pain. There was only a slight burning sensation lingering on her skin. She was sure she’d fallen in a trap, but didn’t expect Bai Xiangxiu to think so far ahead.

“Fine. Since you said there’s no poison on the towel, then have her try it.” Su Yun pointed at Bai Xiangxiu.

Bai Xiangxiu wasn’t panicked at all. She didn’t really know whether the thing on this towel would harm her or not, but even so, it didn’t matter. Why should she be afraid of being put to the test if she hadn’t done anything bad? Thus, she took the towel and dabbed at her face before gently putting it down. “Lady, you’ll have to bid your life farewell if something happens to me.”

However, even when they waited longer than Su Yun’s transformation, Bai Xiangxiu’s face was still as perfect as it was before. The miracle doctor’s wife was already sobbing. She couldn’t exact her revenge after being pinned down, screeching, “What nonsense about royalty facing the same crime as commoners when they break the law? Why does the emperor’s wife get to live a good life after committing a crime and harming so many lives? Why does my husband have to die after saving countless lives in his life? It’s not fair. It’s not fair…”

“Y-you all are working together to harm me!”

Su Yun’s servants were already making their move after hearing the accusations, hastily grabbing Bai Xiangxiu and the doctor’s wife. Bai Xiangxiu sidestepped their hands and said, “Noble Consort Su, this is wrong. I don’t know this woman at all. I only stepped forward to help you. Where’s your evidence behind your accusation?”

She secretly pinched her arm and tears welled up in her eyes. The little white flower expression she had on made everyone feel sorry for her.

Upstairs, Luo Yunzheng fiercely held Yu Kuang down. “Don’t get excited. Your woman won’t suffer.”

“I already said that she’s not my woman.” He emphasized the last two words and spoke very slowly, but his slightly reddened face said otherwise.

“I say, how old are you to still be embarrassed? It can’t be that you haven’t had a woman in your life yet, right?” Luo Yunzheng looked at the saintly Yu Kuang with surprise. Seeing his face turn from pink to white, he felt sure that this was indeed a viable possibility. He quickly loosened his grip and smiled, “Then I really was impolite. But I think you ought to go and at least try to lose your virginity.”

Yu Kuang’s face darkened. He didn’t have the same thoughts as Yu Shū, but they both felt that this woman was special. He’d never thought about that aspect because she’d never given him anything to fantasize about. Having Luo Yunzheng say something like that made him feel that it was some kind of blasphemy, both towards Yu Kuang and Bai Xiangxiu.

“Luo Yunzheng, she’s not Lin Qianzi. She’d not the sort to be with a different man every day.” Luo Yunzheng had an extremely unpleasant look on his face at Yu Kuang’s blunt words. He shoved Yu Kuang so hard that the other party stumbled backwards. After that, he turned around and leaped downstairs, disappearing without a trace. Yu Kuang heaved a sigh of relief after Luo Yunzheng left. Even he was extremely shocked as to why his own attitude would change so much when Bai Xiangxiu was mentioned.

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