Chapter 268: The Unlucky Eunuch

Chapter 268: The Unlucky Eunuch

Boom! The strike knocked down the unlucky emperor. Unfortunately, he regained consciousness after being stabbed, to which Ah Song quickly responded with another quick jab at his neck,

“...” Bai Xiangxiu nearly burst into laughter. However, it didn’t seem quite appropriate to laugh at the moment. “Cold water,” she whispered weakly.

“Oh.” There wasn’t a lot of people around, so Ah Song was able to find some cold water relatively quickly.

Bai Xiangxiu didn’t even hesitate for a second before pouring the cold water all over herself. Cold water was enough to temporarily soothe the symptoms because the aphrodisiac wasn’t as potent as those from the enemy nations. After that she pulled out the hairpin from the emperor’s body. “Carry the eunuch here,” she ordered.

Ah Song followed her orders and carried the eunuch over to where she pointed. After that, she ordered him to arrange the eunuch into a specific pose and stabbed herself in the shoulder. Blood began flowing down her arms. Now with pain and cold, she was completely relieved from the aphrodisiac’s symptoms. It wasn’t very potent, so it was quite an easy temporary solution. She then placed the hairpin in the eunuch’s hands and sat on the bed with a cold look on her face. “You may go!”

“...” Princess consort, what the hell are you up to?

Ah Song had no choice but to leap out of the room. He’d just done so when he heard the princess consort scream for help. “Guards! Protect the emperor! Assassin!”

“……” Ah Song nearly stumbled mid leap. Did she have to yell so intensely? However, after thinking about the situation just now, he quickly came to the conclusion that this was the best way to solve this problem. It was a pity about the eunuch though.

A bunch of people came rushing in after they heard Bai Xiangxiu yell. Amongst the crowd was Noble Consort Su, who was likely waiting nearby to watch a good show unfold.

“What’s… What’s going on?” Nevertheless, she was a little befuddled. Were things supposed to develop this way?

It was at this moment that Princess Consort Li, previously curled up in a ball, suddenly ran towards the noble consort and jumped piteously into her arms. The force of the jump nearly knocked the wind out of Noble Consort Su. She was even more shocked by the sound of Bai Xiangxiu’s crying. “Elder sister, help me! This eunuch has gone insane and tried to kill me! Fortunately, the emperor suddenly appeared and came to my rescue!”

The emperor came to her rescue? Well, it wasn’t impossible simply based on the scene in front of her. Noble Consort Su then furrowed her brows. “What are all of you waiting for?! LIft the emperor onto the bed and summon the imperial doctor!”

“Sister, I was so afraid!” Bai Xiangxiu’s white lotus charms immediately unfurled and made Noble Consort Su stiffen. Goosebumps had broken out all over her skin, but she couldn’t push Bai Xiangxiu away. How did things end up this way? Isn’t she supposed to be sleeping with the emperor? I was supposed to catch them in bed and punish her for seducing the emperor! After that, the emperor would pity her and take her into the harem, and then we would slowly torture the gunpowder formula out of her! She’s just a woman from the olden times! She’s nothing without her man!

Bai Xiangxiu could consider herself a corpse after giving out the formula, since Noble Consort Su despised white lotus flowers with a fiery passion. Unfortunately, the target of her scheme was currently sobbing into her bosom and rumpling her clothes hard with her fingers. Noble Consort Su was growing incredibly irritated.

The eunuch awoke soon after the doctor was finished bandaging the emperor up. The first thing he noticed was the hairpin in his hands. He immediately threw it away after jumping up in horror. There was still blood on the hairpin dripping onto the floor.

Xiaoshi and Ah Song were now allowed to enter the room. Xiaoshi nearly fainted when she saw the bandaged wound on Bai Xiangxiu.  Fortunately, Ah Song was there to support her. Clearly shaken, Xiaoshi immediately rushed to her side. “Princess Consort! What happened?!”

“Wuu… His Highness may have offended someone in the palace. Somebody actually tried to assassinate me! Fortunately, His Majesty risked his own life to save me so I was able to escape from death’s door.” Bai Xiangxiu finally let go of Noble Consort Su and collapsed into Xiaoshi’s arms.

“I can’t believe something like this would happen! You must’ve suffered through so much, princess consort!” Xiaoshi completely empathized with her mistress as she began crying as well.

What’s wrong with these women from ancient times? Their tears keep flowing like it’s complimentary! It doesn’t even take much to cause them to cry. Their weeping sounds are so damn annoying!

“That’s enough. This seat will make sure that justice is served.” Noble Consort Su raised her voice a little in a vain attempt to stopper the crying. It was at this moment that the emperor awoke. He seemed a little dazed and confused. He was just about to speak before he noticed the figure kneeling in front of him. Wait. Isn’t she the Née Bai who I was just about to sleep with? Why is she crying up a storm right now? And why does my abdomen hurt so much?

He would’ve lost his manhood if the wound had been a little lower! Cold sweat began pouring down his face. He immediately sat up on his bed as his anger rose. He would’ve kicked Née Bai already if he hadn’t been wounded. He’d never felt so depressed in his life before. No woman had ever tried to hurt him, but she had.

He’d never received such a serious injury before in his life. He was genuinely angry yet anxious at the same time. And yet, he couldn’t openly reprimand her because there was simply too many people in the room. Most importantly, which woman in the palace wouldn’t allow him to do as he pleased? The one who didn’t just had to be Long Heng’s woman.

While he was coming up with plans to punish her, she suddenly began to speak. “I thank Your Majesty for saving me. If it weren’t because of Your Majesty, I… I would’ve surely been assassinated by that wretched eunuch!”

What? The emperor was completely taken aback. What eunuch? As for the poor eunuch, his face had already turned the color of a tombstone. When did I try to assassinate the princess consort? The emperor was clearly the culprit trying to rape you! Is it really alright for you to tell lies like this without blinking?!

“That’s not true! This humble servant…” How am I supposed to explain myself?

The emperor didn’t give him time to explain himself either. He waved his hand and yelled, “Drag him away and execute him! How dare he try to harm the princess consort!”

Without even the slightest chance to explain himself, the eunuch was executed. After his death, the emperor even said, “Send his body to the Prince Li Manor and let Prince Li dispose of it as he pleases.”

Other than disposal, what else can you really do to a dead body? Bai Xiangxiu was tired of crying as well. She slumped her body to one side. “Thank you, Noble Consort Su, for speaking up for me. If it weren’t for the emperor… Wuuuuu…” This time Bai Xiangxiu was only making crying sounds with no tears to be seen.

“That’s enough. Princess Consort Li must be tired. Why don’t you go back to the Prince Li Manor? I don’t want Prince Li to worry.”

“Understood. Thank you, Your Majesty.” Bai Xiangxiu had been waiting for him to say this. She immediately had Xiaoshi help her up. . She made sure to follow every etiquette, even though she didn’t delay her departure by one bit. She’d only been here for a moment, but had managed to infuriate Noble Consort Su and the emperor beyond belief. They deeply felt that this woman was not one to be underestimated.

Bai Xiangxiu immediately lay down, unmoving, after entering the horse carriage. After that, a figure jumped into the carriage, bringing the cold air with him. Bai Xiangxiu sneezed from the cold, but that person quickly warmed her up with a big hug. For some reason, Bai Xiangxiu really wanted to cry, but the lust within her was simply impossible to ignore. Fine, it seems like the aphrodisiac hasn’t worn off yet.

“Long Heng…” Her voice was a little husky and sounded quite sexy. Long Heng could feel his body tense up. “What on earth happened in there?” He quickly asked.

“Let us speak when we return to the manor. I’m cold… and really hot at the same time.”

“Speed up!” Long Heng shifted the carriage curtains aside and gave the driver an order. The horse galloped all the way till they arrived at the manor. Long Heng quickly carried her out of the horse carriage and ran towards their residence.

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