Chapter 267: Confirmation, Noble Consort Su

Chapter 267: Confirmation, Noble Consort Su

“You flatter me. Come, let’s sit over there.” Noble Consort Su sat with her, but Bai Xiangxiu was so drunk she was swaying left and right. She even reached out and touched Noble Consort Su’s face, giggling as she spoke. “Noble Consort, your face is so smooth. What skincare do you usually use?”

Bai Xiangxiu frowned. This face feels real and is nothing like a mask at all. So, does that mean she’s really not Su Yun?

“Elder sister will send a portion over to you tomorrow. How about that?” said Noble Consort Su.

“Many thanks, elder sister.”

“My family has become strangers ever since I entered the capital. It’s naturally so so nice to have a sister I can walk around with.”

Dang! What am I going to do? She’s using familiar terms around me again.

“Which sister in the capital won’t like a beauty like the noble consort?” She clearly isn’t Su Yun, but what’s this indescribably sense of familiarity I’m getting from her?  Just as she was musing over her suspicions, someone outside announced, “The emperor has arrived!”

The imperial wives panicked. They were here to attend the noble consort’s banquet. They never thought the emperor would come! Bai Xiangxiu also stood up. Thankfully, she didn’t forget that she was pretending to be drunk, so she swayed a little as she got up. Noble Consort Su quickly helped her up. It really was the full… bosom of a beauty. Wait, something was off. Her chest wasn’t as large as Bai Xiangxiu had imagined, rather it seemed like padded. The feeling from the bottom was different.

Women from ancient times were normally very reserved. Those who had large chests didn’t stick them out. They would even bind their chest up as much as possible when they left the house to make walking more convenient. This was also the origin of loose clothing paired with long sleeves. Women felt walking with their chest sticking out was inconvenient because bras didn’t exist at that time. Since she could correct it herself, her undergarments were a little better than the ones used in ancient times. Even so, it only served to hold her breasts in place. She hadn’t yet had the time to research ways on how to perk them up.  It looks like I need to go back and do my research. Although it’s not directed towards seducing men, I still need to think of ways to maintain the freshness of my marriage!

But that was a matter for a different period in time. Long Heng hadn’t lost interest in her at the moment. Any move she made would just made this man burn with desire. There’s no need to try out unnecessary things. I’ll patiently wait things out and think about these things when the time comes!

“Younger sister, since you’re drunk, why don’t you stay in the palace today and keep me company?”

“Eh…” She’d actually sat down whilst absentmindedly, but this seat was a little strange. The emperor was seated at the rightmost position to where she was, followed by Noble Consort Su, then her.

The look in the emperor’s eyes was very strange, and it kept flitting over in her direction.  That look in his eyes took Bai Xiangxiu aback. Being the experienced person that she was, Bai Xiangxiu understood the intentions a man had towards a woman when he looked at her with those kind of eyes.

“I’ll have to pass. Xiao Lin is extremely attached to me. If I don’t return, I’m afraid there’ll be trouble.”  If only that were true. Long Lin didn’t even take notice of her. He already showed her quite a lot of face by smiling at her everytime he saw her.  Using children as an excuse was very good because Noble Consort Su didn’t insist on making her stay. The only thing she did was stop Bai Xiangxiu from returning to her original seat when she stood up. “Since you’re dizzy, you should just sit here and don’t move so as to not fall.”

Bai Xiangxiu felt as though she was sitting on pins and needles. The emperor was actually talking to her in front of his own woman. “It’s a pity that Princess Consort Li can’t hold her liquor. I wanted to drink with you since it’s normally very difficult to invite Long Heng out for a drink.”

Bai Xiangxiu gave him a small smile and responded, “I wouldn’t dare.”

What a joke! The emperor and the minister’s wife were sitting here, chatting about as they drank. If word of this travelled out, it wouldn’t be pleasant. She silently bowed her head and tried to minimize her presence as much as possible. Maybe she was too quiet and hadn’t touched more wine again. In any case, Noble Consort Su actually prepared her homemade grape wine and even personally poured her a cup to taste.

Bai Xiangxiu knew that there was no such thing as wine from in this world. It was a pity she was scrambling to survive since coming to this world, which then progressed to ways of how she was going to live her life. After which, she was busy saving Long Heng. With all these things preoccupying her, she didn’t have time to do research on these things. She mimicked everyone’s shocked expressions as she looked at the grape wine. “What is this?”

Even if this woman wasn’t Su Yun, she must definitely be related to her one way or the other. If not, where did this grape wine come from?

“This is the wine I made during my spare time.”


“That’s right. You must give it a taste.”

“Understood.” Bai Xiangxiu took a sip from the cup and thought that it really was rather tasty. She felt that Noble Consort Su definitely couldn’t poison her in front of everyone. Moreover, she’d also taken a few antidotes just in case. However, she felt abnormally dizzy just from this one sip. Even her body felt hot. She found it difficult to sit upright and was about to fall down with her swaying.

“It looks like you really are feeling dizzy. You should head round the back and take a rest before heading back,” Noble Consort Su spoke with concern.

Bai Xiangxiu really couldn’t move. She stretched her hand out and gave it to Xiaoshi, the person she trusted the most. After that, two palace maids escorted her to a bedroom. “Xiaoshi, soak a towel in cold water and bring it over here. Ah Song, remember if someone wants you guys to leave later, you must immediately think of a way to enter again.”

Something was definitely fishy. She even felt a little feverish now. This heat wasn’t normal. If her hunch was right, this was aphrodisiac. She’d ingested some before, so she was very familiar with this feeling.  Xiaoshi returned with the cold towel in hand, but a palace maid took it from her hands before she could give it to Bai Xiangxiu. The palace maid said that these were things they should do, and chased both her and Ah Song ou.  

Ah Song knew that something was amiss and quickly jumped out from a window after they were locked away somewhere. Curious, Xiaoshi asked, “Where are you going? This is the imperial palace. You can’t run around as you please. If you want to save the princess consort, bring me along with you.”

Xiaoshi pulled on Ah Song’s hand, shocking the other party so much he shook her off and ran off without saying another word. Xiaoshi didn’t think that he’d actually run off so fast. She didn’t dare to call out to him in a loud voice for fear of attracting the palace maids here. As such, she quickly arranged the bed so that it gave the false impression that there was a person lying down on it. This was so they wouldn’t be suspicious that Ah Song was missing.

Ah Song remembered Bai Xiangxiu’s order and threw himself back into where the princess consort was resting, entering through the back window. He reached out and knocked out the eunuch who was originally standing there. He peered in and almost fainted at the sight.

A brilliantly yellow figure had appeared by the princess consort’s bedside. He was gently tracing his finger over the princess consort’s slightly hazy face and smiling. “It’s no wonder why Long Heng is so engrossed with this face. You’re really an extraordinarily beautiful woman. I wonder what expression Long Heng would make if I make you my own. I’m afraid he’ll die from rage. I really want to see him like that. He’ll no longer be a match for me when he loses a helping hand like you.”

Ah Song was stunned. He never expected that a scene like this would occur! What was he to do? Should he commit regicide?

He didn’t dare do so, but the princess consort would be the one on the losing end if things continued. The prince would also dice his own corpse up when he returned! Ah Song considered his options in his heart for a moment and sure enough, he was slightly more afraid of his master than the emperor. Hence, he rushed over to the emperor and clapped the back of his neck. However, Bai Xiangxiu hadn’t lost all consciousness at all. She stabbed the rude man who wanted to get close to her with a golden hairpin she’d been holding in her hand.

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