Chapter 261: The Cousin’s Retaliation

Chapter 261: The Cousin’s Retaliation

“Don’t think about too much and just get some rest. I will tell mother. All you need to do now is focus on being a good princess consort.” Long Heng left for the old madame’s residence.

Long Heng was rather straightforward with his mother. In short, he told her that he wanted to be loyal to Bai Xiangxiu, and explained just how important she was to him. After that, he began talking about the evil he’d seen in women when he’d met them on the battlefield and how Bai Xiangxiu was the only woman he’d ever trust with his own life. He even told her that he believed Bai Xiangxiu was good at bearing children. There was no need to worry about a lack of children.

The old madame was also quite surprised. This couple had always been different from others in the sense that they were always together. For all she knew, they might really give her a new grandchild soon. If she were to insist on a concubine now, wouldn’t it be a pity if Bai Xiangxiu miscarried due to sadness? Fine, I’ll let them do as they please. I already have a grandson anyways. If Heng’er doesn’t want to have a concubine, insisting on getting him one will just cause him to neglect the woman. Eventually she’d be  thrown out of the house. Come to think of it, he really didn’t touch any of the other three concubines in the past either.

The old madame waved her hand. “You can go. I’ll let you two make the final decision on these matters in the future. Bai Xiangxiu might not have a good background, but I won’t look down on her. She’s helped you so much after all. However, you should really minimize contact with the Bai family. They do seem like troublemakers, even putting aside the fact that your cousin was also in the wrong today. I’ll send her back after the ceremony and have her parents finalize her marriage to someone else.”

“Thank you, mother.” Long Heng rose to his feet and was just about to leave when he was interrupted by the presence of his cousin, crying at the doorway. This girl had always been scared of Long Heng, but had also always liked him as well. She was fine with being his concubine, even though she’d always dreamt of being his main wife. Unfortunately, he’d rather allow a concubine to become his main wife than take her as one, and was now even refusing to marry her.

“Cousin, why have you never even looked at me once, even though I’ve waited so long for you?!”

“How can an unwedded lady possibly know so little of shame…” Long Heng didn’t even hesitate a moment before leaving, thoroughly breaking the girl’s heart. She reached out to try and grab onto his sleeves, but how could she possibly be quicker than a martial arts expert? Sadly, the old madame saw everything, and her brows drew together. She had known that this cousin was a little wilful, but she’d never imagined that she’d be this shameless too. While it was true that the old madame was trying to add the cousin to the family, seeing her trying to seduce her son was a whole ‘nother thing.

Bai Xiangxiu seducing her son was fine, since it coincided with the old madame’s wishes anyway. The old madame was more than happy to see their relationship develop to what it was now. However, things were different when other women were trying to seduce her son. The old madame decided to reprimand Yu Xiaoshu a little, to which Yu Xiaoshu responded by running out in tears.

“Old madame, this old servant will have someone chase after her and drag her back…”

“No need. Let her realize her misdeeds on her own. A lady such as her actually tried to grab a man by the sleeves? So disgraceful! It would be better if she forgets about all this after doing such a thing. Heng’er hates women like that the most. Sigh…” I only wanted to cement ties between our families. It seems like that is no longer possible.

Unfortunately, the old madame never imagined the depths of Yu Xiaoshu’s boldness and shamelessness. She immediately ran over to Bai Xiangxiu’s residence to cause trouble after she left the old madame’s residence, all because she thought Bai Xiangxiu was the reason why Long Heng no longer wanted to be with her.

Long Heng was settling some matters in the study, giving Bai Xiangxiu the opportunity to get ample rest. Unfortunately, this left the door open for Yu Xiaoshu to barge into her room. As for Bai Xiangxiu, she actually wasn’t resting. After all, she hadn’t really fainted. She was watering Huo’er and the black devil’s snare. These two plants were her babies, precious things that she would never throw away even at the cost of her life.

Long Heng thought that one was too miraculous, while the other was far too dangerous. However, Bai Xiangxiu refused to place them anywhere else. They were placed in a specially prepared room that was very well ventilated. Theoretically, this would prevent others from getting poisoned or hallucinating. Because Huo’er was getting bigger, Bai Xiangxiu was trying to convince it to agree to a pruning. There was now three branches on its stem and another starting to make an appearance on the side. After Huo’er agreed, she began to assess which clipping to make, but was promptly disrupted by Yu Xiaoshu’s appearance and the resulting slap to Bai Xiangxiu’s face.

Slap! Yu Xiaoshu hadn’t gone easy at all, likely because she was much too enraged.

Has this girl gone mental? Why is she so impulsive today when she could keep her cool in the past? Bai Xiangxiu held a hand to her face while looking very confused.

“You bitch! It’s all your fault that cousin made up his mind not to marry me! I… I will never get to see him again in the future! It’s all your fault!” Yu Xiaoshu dropped to the floor in a heap and began bawling her eyes out, as though she was the one who’d just been slapped.

The edge of Bai Xiangxiu’s mouth began twitching. Thinking of the old madame and how she might dislike a strong backlash, Bai Xiangxiu decided not to confront her head on. She decided to give the old madame some face and also make her feel like she owed Bai Xiangxiu one. And thus, Bai Xiangxiu put on her own show by acting all surprised. When Xiaoshi rushed over to inquire about her injuries, tears began to flow down her cheeks as well.

“Ye-mama, go to the old madame’s residence and inform her about what just happened here. Tell her to send someone to send the lady cousin home. I...I…” If she likes to cry so much then let us all cry together! Bai Xiangxiu dramatically collapsed into a chair and began to bawl her eyes out as well.

Long Heng immediately came when he heard about the commotion, but was caught off guard by the sudden explosion of crying. It’d be more trouble than what it was worth to drag Yu Xiaoshu away now. He might as well wait for the old madame’s men to arrive. However, it was at this moment that Yu Xiaoshu’s expressions suddenly changed. In truth, she seemed a little inebriated and out of sorts.

“Cousin! You’ve come! You’ve finally come to welcome me! Let us get married! I can marry you right here and now!” Yu Xiaoshu suddenly seemed incredibly happy, and was even being a little bashful.

Long Heng took an involuntary step back. The situation seemed a little suspicious. Bai Xiangxiu wasn’t crying anymore either. Yu Xiaoshu’s previous reaction could still be considered normal and was probably due to extreme grief. However, this lady was now acting completely insane. Some wire had definitely shorted out in her brain.

“Are you alright?” Long Heng’s blood began to boil when he saw Bai Xiangxiu’s swollen face. He immediately yelled, “Yu Xiaoshu! Get out from my sight! Don’t ever set foot in my manor again!”

However, Yu Xiaoshu only reacted with a playful laugh. She began to tug on her clothes as she giggled. “Cousin! Let us head to the bridal chambers! I will give my body to you, and only to you!”

Pfff! Bai Xiangxiu nearly vomited blood. Face turning ashen, she immediately turned around and left. Yu Xiaoshu was being too strange. She couldn’t stand looking at her anymore.

“Send the lady cousin out,” Long Heng ordered Xiaoshi.

Xiaoshi nodded. She was also drenched in cold sweat. Has Yu Xiaoshu gone crazy over men?

Yu Xiaoshu began to wobble on her feet as they all started to leave the room. She massaged her temples as she asked, “What happened? Bai Xiangxiu! I will never forgive you!… C-cousin? W-what are you doing here?”

Long Heng now looked angrier than ever before and spoke to one of the old servants beside him. “You’ve seen and heard everything Yu Xiaoshu did just now, right? You can describe everything to the old madame when she comes by. Don’t miss a word.”

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