Chapter 260: Appointing Another Concubine

Chapter 260: Appointing Another Concubine

The married couple of the Prince Li Manor went to see the old madame and apologize. Long Heng even guaranteed that Bai Rong’er would never cause trouble for the old madame again. The old madame couldn’t help but frown after she heard the story from the cousin Yu Xiaoshu. Was Née Bai feigning obedience the entire time? Fortunately, her son and daughter-in-law arrived while she was in the middle of her thoughts and promptly relieved her of her worries. In the end, Née Bai had settled this matter quite appropriately by not letting things escalate. Moreover, this matter wasn’t really her fault. How was she supposed to control a mouth that wasn’t her own?

The old madame waved her hands to signify that she no longer cared about that issue. “Heng’er has begun to settle down now and probably wouldn’t be dispatched to the border in the near future. Your cousin sister has also suffered through quite an ordeal as well. Née Bai, tidy up one of the residences when the ceremony is over and escort your cousin into the manor!”

Bai Xiangxiu had always tried to feign ignorance in the past, but the old madame’s intention was now more obvious than ever before. She wanted to appoint a new concubine for Long Heng! How could I have forgotten? This is the olden times! Even if I’ve risen to the position of the main wife, the old madame will never allow his son to only keep one woman by his side.

Bai Xiangxiu was not a magnanimous person. She quietly lowered her head and bit her lower lip, looking like she was on the verge of breaking into tears. The old madame furrowed her brows, but Long Heng was very obviously empathizing with Bai Xiangxiu. He decided that he would have to find time to talk to his mother in private. For now, he only darkened his expression and responded, “Mother, cousin has just arrived and has already bickered with someone. Wouldn’t the entire manor be flipped upside down if she enters the household? The Prince Li Manor is now in a precarious spot. We cannot afford to face even the tiniest of issues. Moreover, when have I ever made her such a promise? Or rather, when have you?”

The old madame was at a loss for words. Why would they make a promise when this was something that everyone knew was going to happen? Even then, the cousin’s temper was still acceptable for the position of a concubine. However, her son was never a man who was attracted to many women, particularly not the wilful and troublesome ones. Wouldn’t it be a bigger loss if that woman disrupted the harmony that’d just gotten started?

Thump! Bai Xiangxiu suddenly collapsed onto the ground while the old madame was still pondering.

“WAAA!!” Even though Xiao Lin might not seem very close to his mother, he immediately broke into a thunderous wail when he saw his mother faint. He kept flailing his arms in her direction like he was very worried about her. His tears flowed like an endless river.

The old madame had received quite a shock as well. “What’s wrong…”

Even though she knew that Bai Xiangxiu was actually quite sturdy and bodacious, the first impression was always the deepest and the longest lasting. The old madame’s first impression of Bai Xiangxiu was that she was a delicate and fragile girl with a weak body, the type to faint at the drop of a hat.

She must’ve fainted because of anger and anxiousness. She’s being treated unjustly! And mother’s even asking her to fetch another woman into her home. Long Heng quickly lifted her up and yelled, “What are you waiting for? Summon the doctor!”

Knowing that his mother was about to be carried away, Long Lin cried even harder. He even began to hiccup between his wails. While everyone was panicking, Yu Xiaoshu’s keen eyes picked up the fact that Bai Xiangxiu’s hands were moving by themselves. She yelled out, “Why are all of you panicking? She’s clearly faking it!”

“Shut your mouth.” Long Heng was so furious that his face was nearly crimson when he heard those words on his way out.

The old madame was actually extremely concerned that her grandson might injure himself from all that weeping. However, she couldn’t help but boil over in rage when she heard what Yu Xiaoshu had said during such a tense moment. The old madame went up to Yu Xiaoshu and gave her a tight slap. “Why can’t you be a little more sensible?” This girl is truly trouble alright. So many issues have arisen before she’s even joined the family! The old madame didn’t blame Bai Xiangxiu one bit! After all, she was the one who’d fainted! Also, Bai Xiangxiu was her grandson’s mother. It was obvious that there was an unbreakable bond between them just by looking at how fiercely Long Lin was crying. The old madame had to give her beloved grandson some face. Her heart had gone soft. After all, the older generation always pampered the young ones.

Cousin Yu Xiaoshu had never once suffered a blow from the old madame. She quickly broke out in sobs as she bewailed that fact, causing even more chaos.

All Long Heng cared about was taking Bai Xiangxiu to the doctor. The doctor quickly rushed to her aid and noticed something when he was taking her pulse. Wait. She isn’t sick! Fortunately, he was the doctor who had spent quite a lot of time acting with Bai Xiangxiu. Because of this relationship between them, he decided to carry her charade along again despite not knowing why she was doing this. “The princess consort is showing symptoms of extreme grief and anger. She should not suffer so much extreme emotion. It would be extremely harmful in the long term.”

Long Heng nodded. “When will she wake up?”

“She should be waking up soon. It would be best not to disturb the princess consort for now. She’ll eventually wake up when her body has calmed itself. Make sure not to make her too angry or cause her too much emotional distress when she wakes up later.”

Princess Consort, I’ve done my best to help you. The doctor had no clue just how touched Bai Xiangxiu was feeling right now. There was so much appreciation in her that she almost wanted to make him a relative of hers. Moreover, this doctor was simply too good at reading a situation. He had truly missed his calling as a politician. Unfortunately, there was no escape from having to take medicine. I really hope he won’t prescribe something that is too bitter.

Long Heng was now clasping Bai Xiangxiu’s hands while speaking words of repentance and assurance! Come to think of it, this was the first time Bai Xiangxiu had ever heard this man swear an oath. It made her feel all warm and tingly inside.

“Xiu’er, I know you’re suffering. Don’t worry, I will explain everything to mother. You’ve rode to battle with me and have gone through all sorts of winds and storms by my side. I understand that not every woman could be as loyal and dependable as you. I, Long Heng, am not an ungrateful person. I will never love another woman other than you. I understand fully the troubles of the rear court after all the lessons over the years.  Forget your worries, I will never think about anything else other than to keep us and Lin’er safe, sheltered, and sound.” Long Heng might not have used any elegant words, but these words were not ones that would easily fall from his mouth. If she hadn’t fainted, he would probably just say “Leave it up to me” and end it there. How could such simple words possibly ease her worries?

At this point, Bai Xiangxiu decided to speak. “You must keep your promise. If you break your promise, I will go far away and never return.” Long Heng would never find her once she pricked herself with Huo’er’s spines and returned to the modern world.

Long Heng was dumbfounded. “How long have you been awake?”

“Ever since you started talking.” I never actually fainted. All I did was pick the correct timing to fall onto the floor. Yeesh, the fall did actually hurt quite a bit. I guess there are some sacrifices that has to be made for a good and convincing act. But all was not for naught, at least now I know that my son is actually a good filial kid. He was so sad when he saw his mother take a fall like that. Because of this father and son pair, Bai Xiangxiu had resolved to beat back any and all women who were planning to destroy her harmonious home. She became incredibly lively once her fighting spirit was ignited. Her eyes were sparkling like a fairy’s.

“I will go talk to mother. What’s with the expression on your face?” You look like you’re about to eat someone. But in an incredibly cute way. Speechless, Long Heng pinched her cheeks.

“Alright then! Just tell her that I’ve told you nothing and that I seem extremely depressed.”

Long Heng’s eyes twitched. This was just an ordinary conversation between husband and wife, but why did it seem like she was teaching him how to lie to the old madame? Cough. No matter, that was actually his original intention anyways. This was not the first lie that he’s fed the old madame. He’d done it once before Long Lin was born as well, which had led to a rather fortuitous turnaround.

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