Chapter 254: You Won’t Die If You Don’t Go Looking For It

Chapter 254: You Won’t Die If You Don’t Go Looking For ItSu Yun was right, men are all wretched beings. Sex is all they ever think about. Naturally, a woman has no choice but to use her body as a weapon. They will do your every bid as long as you conquer them with your body. Am I so often hurt by men because I still cling to feelings and love? If only I was like Su Yun... She’s always the one hurting others. After a night’s rest, Lin Qianzi knew that she’d never be able to return to the luxurious life of an imperial noble lady. I wouldn’t have listened to the palace maids and followed their instructions if I’d known that things would end in this way. I also never expected that Luo Yunzheng would show up like that. Come to think of it, why did he suddenly appear? Does he have some sort of relationship with that Bai Xiangxiu? Haha! I knew that wretched woman isn’t as loyal as she seemed! Men surely flock around her, even if she wants to be loyal. There are clearly all kinds of men surrounding her at all times. I kind of pity Long Heng if that’s the case. He must be wearing innumerable green hats on his head due to the countless times he was cucked!

Lin Qianzi was now a little delirious and blabbed whatever she was thinking. She immediately slammed her hand on the locked door of her prison and yelled with a hoarse voice, “Bai Xiangxiu you wretched woman! Luo Yunzheng only ignored me because you seduced him! And also Commander Lu! And that strategist! It was because of your beauty that one decided to throw his sister-in-law to the wolves, while the other willingly died for you! You’re an evil jinx! Long Heng would’ve been mine if it weren’t for you! MINE!” Lin Qianzi screamed for the entire night and shrieked all sorts of obscenities at Bai Xiangxiu. The servants wanted to report this matter, but the old madame was now fast asleep, cuddling the young prince in her bosom. They couldn’t wake the old madame up as they were not allowed to wake the young prince up under any circumstance. The situation at the Apricot Garden was even worse. It was said that action was still fast and furious there. They’d be diced into a million pieces if they were to interrupt the prince now! Having no other choice, they could only wait until the prince was satisfied before they went to knock on the door. However, they had to wait until after midnight before the occupants in the room asked for water to be sent into the room.The servants were feeling all sorts of jealousy. Your Highness, why are you so energetic when you’re injured? This is too much! Who was the person who’d been carried out this morning eh? We’re all so confused!

One of the servants entered and reported on the ruckus that Lin Qianzi was making. Long Heng nodded his head and had them take their leave. After that, he picked the exhausted clump of mud that was Bai Xiangxiu and tossed her into the bath. After a little scrub here and there, he laid her down onto the newly made bed. “I’ll go and take a look at her before I take a bath and join you in bed.”

“Mm. Don’t spoil the goods or it’ll be a tough sale… so tired…” Bai Xiangxiu tugged on the blankets to cover her bare body and dozed off to sleep. Long Heng had no choice but to help Bai Xiangxiu dress before heading to where Lin Qianzi was imprisoned. She was still banging on the door and screaming abuse when he arrived. Long Heng grunted derisively and ordered the guards to open the door.

Lin Qianzi was shocked to see Long Heng when the guards opened the doors. She’d never quite imagined that such a stern looking man was actually someone who was very protective of his woman. He’d even protected Bai Xiangxiu in front of the emperor by covering her eyes so that the unsightly scene wouldn’t enter her eyes. And yet, Lin Qianzi had been cast aside like a dog. Nobody had bothered to pay her any attention, let alone care about her. It was at this moment when she also realized that she wanted a man who genuinely cared for and protected her.“Your Highness, it was my fault for not seeing who you truly were before. I shouldn’t have ran away, nor should I have given her the chance to get closer to you.”“Mm? That’s where you’re wrong. I should be thanking you.” Long Heng looked almost like a deity under the illumination of the moon. Because he’d just done the deed, there was a aura of sexiness wreathing him, making women fall under his spell. It was only now that Lin Qianzi realized that Prince Li was scary only in the rumors, but was actually a very handsome man in reality. His dominance and wit made him a reliable figure that every woman pined for in her heart.  “Your Highness, my feelings towards you was always different from other women. It’s a pity that we were fated to meet but never to…”“Enough. What do you want?”

“I just wanted to tell you something. That woman must’ve arranged things with Luo Yunzheng to set me up during the autumn hunt. Otherwise, why would he appear so coincidentally at that particular place? It was a setup to make me look bad in front of everyone while she cucks you behind your back. Luo Yunzheng is a lecher skilled in martial arts. Heavens know what they’ve done behind your back before she came into the Prince Li Manor…”SLAP! Lin Qianzi was flung into the wall with that slap to her face. It took her some time before she came to terms with what had just happened. “Your Highness, you must believe me! That woman has definitely slept with men other than you! How can she not when she looks as pretty as…”“Men, cut off her tongue,” Long Heng immediately turned around and left. He no longer wanted to listen to her nonsense.

“Your Highness! How can you do this to me?! I was to be your wife! I had already been escorted to your manor and would’ve been your princess consort if it wasn’t for that bastard Luo Yunzheng!” Lin Qianzi kept on struggling. It was her first time trying to get into Long Heng’s good shoes, but he just wouldn’t pay her any attention. However, Long Heng suddenly turned around when she was beginning to despair. He’d forgotten about all the humiliation he’d faced during that time, but the memories quickly came back when she reminded him of it.He laughed derisively. “I’ve come back to see them carry out my orders. This should be quite entertaining.” Someone placed a chair beside him almost immediately after he waved his hand. He was more than happy to witness this bloody scene, even though he was quite tired after putting in half a night’s worth of back breaking labor and his wounds were aching a little.Lin Qianzi looked like she wanted to say something, but two men with fast hands were already holding her jaw open. Another man walked over with a knife in his hands. It was at this moment when Lin Qianzi finally realized that Long Heng was being serious. They really were going to cut off her tongue. “Aaaa!! No! Ahh…!” Long Heng didn’t seem to care no matter how much she struggled. It was like he was just looking at a very interesting theater show. He just stood there watching as his men held Lin Qianzi down and was about to cut her tongue.

“Wait…”A glimmer of relief appeared in Lin Qianzi’s eyes. If Long Heng were to spare her today, she would choose to be by his side forever, even if it meant that she would have to be a concubine. Unfortunately for her… “Don’t cut too deep. Men will probably want to hear her moan in bed. It won’t be as satisfying if she’s mute.”The servants were dumbfounded. They’d almost thrown the knife away when Long Heng told them to stop. Your Highness, does the princess consort know that you’re such a violent pervert?“Be quick! This prince still intends to get some rest!” Long Heng yelled his orders while waving his hand.Lin Qianzi could feel her heart skip a beat. Soon after that, all she could feel was cold hard steel running through her tongue, which was quickly followed by warm blood spraying all over her own face. She covered her mouth with her hands and kept on screaming in horror while writhing on the floor. She kept swallowing her own blood because the wound seemed to bleed endlessly. In the end, she blacked out due to either pain, fear, blood loss, or maybe even a combination of all three.

Long Heng seemed undisturbed as he was already used to seeing such things. A blood-filled scene was said to bring out the hidden beast within a man, and he seemed to find some truth in that saying. He was feeling a little thirsty for something. He quickly made his way towards Apricot Garden after giving the servants an order to keep Lin Qianzi alive.Bai Xiangxiu was still deep in slumber when someone suddenly came and tugged her blanket away. “What’s wrong?” Bai Xiangxiu asked drowsily while looking at Long Heng with droopy eyes.

“I missed you.” Long Heng quickly removed his clothes and slipped into bed. He didn’t even bother waiting for Bai Xiangxiu’s permission before starting round number two.

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