Chapter 232: Disfigurement, Gone Missing

Chapter 232: Disfigurement, Gone Missing“I’ll find a way. They aren’t that big of a hindrance if they don’t have that Su Yun woman to help them. There really is nothing else for me to fear.” Long Heng had been studying this area for many years as he’d always wanted to take down their headquarters. In the end, something good really had come out from all his effort.“What? Why wouldn’t she help them anymore?” There’s no way she won’t help them, right? Didn’t they save her life? It’s obvious that she will put in her full effort to help Commander Lu defeat us so that she can gloat at Long Heng for not accepting her help! This is a woman with princess syndrome we’re talking about here!

“She received an injury while she was running away,” Long Heng replied unhurriedly.“An injury? Where was she hurt?”“Her face”PFF! “Who injured her?”“Me.”“Sigh… can’t you just tell me everything at one go?” Bai Xiangxiu was anxious to hear the rest of the story, but Long Heng just had to choose this moment to treat his words like gold. Long Heng found it hilarious when she got all flustered. He began to describe how he’d given chase to Commander Lu and Su Yun after he destroyed the enemy camp. The two had escaped together on horseback. Long Heng had then given furious chase. Commander Lu was no match for him at all, and the commander actually tossed the woman at him to block a spear when he realized he was losing.

Su Yun reacted quickly and was able to avoid being struck on her vital points, but her face had been marked by the blade. However, she was quite ruthless and took her revenge as she jumped off the horse, slashing Commander Lu with a knife and severing the tendons on his heel. Long Heng didn’t pay any attention to that woman and was only focused on killing Commander Lu. Unfortunately, someone ended up coming to their rescue. Commander Lu managed to escape, but Su Yun was probably disfigured for life.“That doesn’t sound right. You probably could’ve held back, so you did it on purpose, didn’t you?”“Yes I did. You’re so smart.” Long Heng gently pinched Bai Xiangxiu’s cheeks and flopped onto the bed to rest with his limbs all sprawled out. He was being very casual. There wasn’t even a little bit of pretentiousness. Bai Xiangxiu suddenly realized that Su Yun had been dumb to think that she could conquer Long Heng. After all, Long Heng was a domineering CEO-type of man that specialized in curing princess syndromes. Su Yun would probably never forgive him for disfiguring her! “I will raze the surrounding smaller camps to the ground tomorrow. Then, the capital is open for capture.”“I see. Then you better get some rest.”“Accompany me.” Long Heng took Bai Xiangxiu in his arms and whispered in her ear, “These past days have been very hard on you. I will definitely make it up to you when we return.” “Who needs rewards? All I need to be content is to see you and Xiao Lin safe and happy.”“Mm.” Long Heng nestled her in his arms, falling asleep while breathing in her fragrance. Bai Xiangxiu didn’t disrupt him either. Long Heng was showing her his most genuine side right now. She snuggled deeper into his embrace and wrapped her arms around him as she went to sleep.When she woke up again, Bai Xiangxiu found that Long Heng was already awake, but he was still holding her tightly in his arms. “Why didn’t you recapture Su Yun? She’s still quite capable of many things,” Bai Xiangxiu asked with a seemingly casual tone.Long Heng laughed, “First of all, she’s just a woman.”“Are you looking down on women?” Bai Xiangxiu pouted to show her dissatisfaction.

Long Heng laughed and pinched her cheeks again. “That’s not what I’m trying to say. She would definitely be a great general if she were a man. She certainly has the confidence, and she has a certain way of presenting herself. These kinds of people are rare, but one also cannot rely on them.”

“Oh?”“Her thoughts are too complex. She would never be able to stay loyal.”“That’s true. But what if she was a man?”“Nobody should ever trust a person who defects that easily. Moreover, I really dislike the way she looks at me. I’m a man; not prey. I can never become another woman’s prey. Except for you, of course.” “Ah… what are you doing? Let me go! You’re heavy! What if someone suddenly barges in?”“Don’t worry about it. Aren’t you a bold woman now? Why did you suddenly become so timid again?” Long Heng lifted her onto his belly and looked up at her. He seemed very amused when he saw the awkward look on her face, which was why he gently lifted her legs in order to tease her further.“How am I bold? I’ve always been timid.”

“So timid that you’d beat up the citizens of Shu County?”“Uh… They were the ones who struck first, alright? I thought that they were bandits!”“Oh. So you seduced the enemy strategist because you were timid as well?”“I just didn’t want him to call the guards so I had no choice but to seduce him. Are you mad at me?”

“What about lying to me? Did you do that because of your timidness?”“When did I ever lie to you?!”“While she was running away, Su Yun told me that you have another identity and that everything you’ve said before was all a lie.”So Su Yun still believes that I’m a transmigrator! That’s probably why she told Long Heng that! “Then do you trust me or her more?”“You, of course. I was only joking. No one would believe anything she says. Alright, I need to leave, but you should get some rest.”It seems he’s going to launch a sneak attack on their headquarters tonight. Bai Xiangxiu really thought that the thousand-year nation would soon be conquered, but something unexpected occurred in the middle of the night. An emperor’s emissary arrived at camp. It seemed he had travelled night and day to make it this fast, riding hard the entire way. In his possession was a gold token and an order. To be more specific, it was a return order, commanding Long Heng to return to the capital with all haste. Bai Xiangxiu was so furious that she desperately wanted to beat up the emissary. He’s clearly here to cause trouble! Look at the timing, showing up with the order to return just when we’re about to win! Moreover, this was a return order via a gold token! Bai Xiangxiu couldn’t help but compare this moment with what had happened to Yue Fei, a very famous general who’d been framed by treacherous court officials.Long Heng was already on his way to battle with his men, but immediately returned upon receiving news that the emperor’s emissary had come. He knelt down when he saw the imperial edict. He jerked his head upwards upon hearing the return order. Bai Xiangxiu could almost see the unwillingness, rage and struggle in Long Heng’s beautiful eyes from her position inside the tent.“Emissary, you might already know that the enemy nation is already backed into a corner with no way out. If you give me a month’s time… no. Even half a month’s time would suffice to wipe the country off the map forever!”“It’s… not that I don’t want to give you time. It’s just that the emperor wants you back in the capital immediately.” The emissary had never imagined that Prince Li was capable of producing such results. He couldn’t help but tremble a little inside as he was afraid of offending the prince. This place was Prince Li’s domain after all, he could kill almost anyone if he wished to.A quick horse galloped into the camp while things stood at a standstill between Long Heng and the emissary. The man on the horse was holding another gold token in his hand, which allowed him to ride a horse into the camp. “Long Heng, receive this edict! His Majesty summons you to the capital. There must not be any delay.”They even brought out another gold token? Bai Xiangxiu could tell that something bad must’ve occurred in the capital. Why else would they want Long Heng to return so badly? If this was anything like Yue Fei, Long Heng would surely lose his command if he brought only a few men with him back to the capital. Moreover, his family was in the emperor’s hands. Killing them would be as easy as taking candy from a child. But he’d be going against an imperial edict if he chose not to return. The old madame and Xiao Lin would probably suffer an even worse fate if he chose not to return.

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