Chapter 230: Yu Kuang Slowly Warming Up

Chapter 230: Yu Kuang Slowly Warming Up“What? Stomach pain?” Despite his age, Yu Kuang was still innocent about these kinds of things. He still had an innocent body after all, despite his age. How would he know the significance of a stomachache to a woman? In his mind, even though she’d fallen, there was no way she could have suffered heavy injuries from such a fall. “Don’t move. I will summon Long Heng.”“Carry me to the bed. Something feels wrong,” Bai Xiangxiu no longer moved an inch as a possible reason flashed through her mind. Yu Kuang had no choice but to carry her onto the bed, only to have Long Heng enter the tent at that precise moment. He glared at Yu Kuang furiously, but the latter didn’t seem to realize that this was a situation that called for an explanation. Danger seemed to be escalating.“Stop glaring at each other! Go summon a doctor now! If you go any later, it might come at the cost of a life!” I’m going to be so pissed if it really is what I think it is. How long has it been since I last gave birth?! Long Heng, do you have to be so efficient? This is going to be hell if my life is going to be like this!Long Heng quickly ordered someone to summon the doctor when he heard the term ‘cost of a life.” He thought that they’d done something to her. The doctor took Bai Xiangxiu’s pulse for a long time without saying a word. She suddenly felt that there might be another explanation for all this. Could this be due to a very intense greeting of that time of the month instead?

The doctor looked at Long Heng while Bai Xiangxiu was still caught up in her thoughts. He hesitated for a bit before saying, “General. This young sir here… his pulse is a little odd. I… I…” How could this kind of pulse come from a man? Was his skill deteriorating because he’d been treating battle wounds for such a long time without making any diagnoses?Bai Xiangxiu immediately caught his drift, “I’m actually a woman.”“W-woman… why didn’t you tell me that earlier? I was almost frightened to death.” The doctor didn’t know her true identity, so his tone became a bit resigned as relief flooded him.“Uh… what’s wrong?” Long Heng noticed that their choice of words was a little unusual, which was why he immediately asked.“Why don’t we send this gentleman outside first?”Yu Kuang furrowed his brows but still left the room. This made Long Heng and Bai Xiangxiu even more nervous. They genuinely thought that something was wrong.

“This lad… this madame’s pulse indicates that her pain is due to the accumulation of yin energy from the cold weather, which was why her menstrual period has come late. All she needs is some medicine to boost her blood flow and qi.”Color immediately returned to Long Heng’s face after he heard what the doctor had said.

“Unfortunately, there’s only medicine for wounds in the army camp. So, we will have to travel to Tranquil City to get her medicine.”“I will go,” Yu Kuang interrupted from the outside. He could hear the doctor very clearly even though the doctor had kept his voice low. Long Heng frowned. This wasn’t something that he should let another man intervene with, but he didn’t have a choice. He had very important matters to deal with right now. The couple looked at each other in the eye, only to see the speechlessness in each other’s faces.Yu Kuang immediately left for Tranquil City after the doctor wrote down the prescription. It would take him quite some time; they were a ways away from Tranquil City.“Are… are you feeling better now?” Long Heng asked carefully while holding her hand as he sat beside her.Bai Xiangxiu felt very aggrieved. She held up Long Heng’s hand and bit down hard. “I was so frightened. I thought… I thought…” A gentle smile emerged on Long Heng’s face, “You thought what?”“I thought I was pregnant and lost the child when I fell. I was so frightened to death at that time! I didn’t even dare move an inch!” I’m so relieved that I was only panicking over nothing. Bai Xiangxiu suddenly felt chills radiate from someone beside her. It was at this moment that she finally noticed the ugly look on Long Heng’s face.“Your Highness?” What’s wrong with him?

Long Heng had suddenly grabbed her hands and held them tightly. It seemed that he finally realized how precarious of a situation Bai Xiangxiu had been in just now. It was hard to say how things could’ve truly ended. If she’d been pregnant, then the fall she had taken just now would’ve… You best remember this. I, Long Heng, will surely took revenge for this!

“You’re thinking about taking revenge for me? Go ahead! Let me tell you something. Commander Lu was actually the one who came to rescue Su Yun.” This was basically a chance bestowed by the heavens. Wouldn’t it be such a waste if they were to do nothing with that knowledge?“It was him?!” Long Heng bounded to his feet. The enemy’s commander-in-chief had shown up! Long Heng would be able to get twice the results with half the effort if he were to attack the enemy right now. A hint of happiness and excitement appeared in his eyes.“Go on, I’m fine.”“Alright. I will take revenge for you and our child.”“What child? Don’t speak nonsense!” Bai Xiangxiu rolled her eyes at him. She had been doing this a lot lately to the hero who was admired by thousands. The hero wasn’t even slightly angered by it either. In fact, he even gave her a kiss to alleviate her anger and left the tent. Men meant for big things were always like this. Even though Bai Xiangxiu wished that he’d stay around and accompany her at a time like this, she was consoled by the fact that he’d dispatched a lot of soldiers to surround and guard her tent. He rallied the troops and left for battle in roughly seven minutes. Long Heng was furious that they’d tried to harm Bai Xiangxiu. Their relationship was now much more than just skin deep. It was a sort of relationship that had seeped deep inside their hearts. He’d likely wouldn’t be able to control himself if anything happened to her. His anger influenced the soldiers as well. They all knew that Bai Xiangxiu was here to help with the war effort, but the general’s face was almost ashen when he’d come out of the tent. They figured that the enemy must’ve done something to the madame.Long Heng had a habit of boosting his soldiers’ morale before a battle. He’d speak eloquently about how they were protecting the country and stopping the enemy from ever threatening their own nation. This time however, his speech contained nothing but words of murder and pillage. There wasn’t even the slightest bit of mercy. Like a cold-blooded god of war, he commanded his men to form ranks. Soldiers were easily influenced by their commander’s mood. Moreover, the soldiers also respected the madame very much. So it came to no surprise that they were thirsty for revenge as well. And so, the entire army began their march, empowered by their newly found rage.Bai Xiangxiu was currently resting on her bed after she changed her sanitary pad. She had no idea that some people had the misconception that she was dead, and that they were marching angrily in hopes to avenge her. Even Bai Xiangxiu was stirred by their battlecry; it seemed loud enough to rouse the heavens. Why am I being all excited for? I can’t even get up! This menstrual period of hers was incredibly ferocious.Yu Kuang soon came back with a variety of medicines. He handed over the medicine to Bai Xiangxiu and marveled as he watched her gulp it down. “Are you feeling better now?”“Pfff!” Bai Xiangxiu almost spat out all the medicine in her mouth. She coughed a few times as her cheeks flushed red. “Feeling… better?” She was still quite shy when it came to that topic.“Song Jiaoyue’s wounds have gotten better and he’s gone back to the capital.”“I see, that’s good news. Life in Tranquil City does not suit him.”“Yes. But it doesn’t suit you either.” Yu Kuang gently tucked her hair behind her ears. The gesture looked incredibly affectionate. However, he immediately withdrew his hand when he realized what he’d done. He didn’t seem to understand why his heart felt so much pain.“Is that so? But I’ve no choice.” A wife should follow her husband. All she wanted was for him to return home safely and reunite with their son.“I thought for a moment there that you’d lost a child.” Yu Kuang couldn’t be blamed for harboring such thoughts because Bai Xiangxiu had thought the same as well. Her actions had caused Yu Kuang to greatly misunderstand things. It was such a series of unfortunate events.

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