Chapter 226: Princess Syndrome Is Also An Illness

Chapter 226: Princess Syndrome Is Also An IllnessAs a result, Bai Xiangxiu had a very bad impression of her at the time. Su Yun had even showed off her new young and cute boyfriend when the two girls met next. Back then, Bai Xiangxiu hadn’t shown her any face, “Princess syndrome is also an illness! You need to be cured!” After that straightforward outburst, she’d turned around and left. Bai Xiangxiu heard later on that the boy had quit. Someone else then said that they saw him driving a very luxurious sportscar on the road. After that, she only heard that they’d broken up, but couldn’t be bothered to find out why.Bai Xiangxiu couldn’t be bothered with someone who was so afflicted with the princess syndrome. She had indeed had a crush on the boy and had never thought that things would end with such heartbreak. This should’ve been confined to her previous life, but as fate would have it, their paths would cross again in this new world. At the same time, Bai Xiangxiu couldn't really confirm if they were the same people. She'd have to wait to really know for sure.She had suddenly begun to miss the modern times for some reason. However, this wasn't the right time for her to be all sentimental; there was a battle still raging around her. It lasted all the way until sundown and was incredibly gruesome. Bai Xiangxiu had come to realize how cruel and brutal war was in reality, but she still maintained her cool. She began to worry about the soldiers’ meals whilst they were still out there fighting.She ordered servants to steam cornbread and had those who could run quickly deliver the food to the soldiers. She did the same chores as the workers too. The people truly believed that they were in good hands when they saw the general's wife doing the same dangerous yet heartwarming chores with them. Some of the soldiers were indeed so hungry that they could no longer move. Wave after wave of attacks from the enemy were driving fear and despair deep within their hearts. But all of a sudden, a very beautiful woman approached them and handed them a warm piece of cornbread. Cornbread didn’t taste particularly good, but it imparted warmth into their stomachs.

The most important thing now was to win the war. The battle had been going on for almost a full day and night now. The enemy had lost their original objective when Bai Xiangxiu’s bombs and the resilient soldiers had thwarted their assault. Bai Xiangxiu immediately went back into the gunpowder manufacturing room after she was done delivering cornbread. Slowly but surely, Bai Xiangxiu created bombs one by one. She was able to make about a hundred bombs in one night.One hundred bombs with roughly the same power as grenades might not make a difference in a modern battlefield. But in the battlefields of old, that kind of firepower seemed enough to defy the heavens! Besieging a city and defending a city were two entirely different things. Yu Kuang and the men from the wulin would attack any enemies who tried to group together. The enemy was unable to catch them because they kept jumping high and low. These qinggong masters chucked the bombs wherever the enemy clumped up. Every single bomb maimed dozens of people.The enemy soon began to fear them. Their numbers were quickly dwindling and the bomb-making machine Bai Xiangxiu was still going strong. Upon their last assault’s failure, they declared defeat and retreated at daybreak. Prince Rong broke into a cold sweat. If he’d panicked and sent the letter to Long Heng last night, their losses wouldn’t just have been limited to Tranquil City. In fact, they may have even lost half the country! Their victory was all thanks to Bai Xiangxiu. He’d definitely made the right choice in taking her as his godsister. It almost felt like years had passed since he had last seen sunrise. It was at this moment when someone came to report, “Your Highness, there’s an emergency. The general’s wife has fainted.”“Summon a doctor quickly to go have a look.”

“The doctors are all busy.”“Then have a maid to take care of her for now.”“I can have a look. I learned a bit of medicine when I was still in the mountains,” Yu Kuang’s voice echoed from nearby. He was now entirely drenched in blood, making him look a little demonic and evil. He no longer looked like a celestial being from the heavens.

This battle had changed many people, including the wulin men who were often arrogant and uncontrollable. They were now much more obedient compared to when they first arrived. They’d realized how insignificant an individual was during a battle. In a war, their personal strength no longer mattered, as none of them were as powerful as the gods.Prince Rong was no longer as strict as he was in the capital and allowed Yu Kuang to do as he pleased. Yu Kuang changed his clothes and went inside Bai Xiangxiu’s room, only to see her fast asleep in bed. Rules and etiquette weren’t so strictly enforced here like they were in the city. Her personal maid hadn’t even let down the bed curtains. Yu Kuang reached for her hand to take her pulse. Even with his scant medical knowledge, he could tell that she’d fainted because of fatigue. “The madame has fainted due to fatigue. Feed her something nutritious when she wakes up later.”The maid looked like she was put in a difficult spot. “What nutritious food? The madame has already given out all of the nutritious food to the soldiers!”“I’ll find some for her then,” Yu Kuang then placed Bai Xiangxiu’s arm back under the blanket. Maybe most of his feelings for her came from his time as Yu Shu, but he was now beginning to realize that he himself was finding it difficult to take his eyes off her. This was a woman worthy of his respect. He couldn’t help but admire her bravery for what she’d done for both her country and her husband.Yu Kuang went into the mountains to hunt a chicken, having the servants brew a bowl of chicken stew. He made some for Song Jiaoyue as well, even though he didn’t really like the man all that much. But since he was injured, Yu Kuang decided to make some for him as well.Bai Xiangxiu was fed some chicken soup when she woke up. The poultry smell was a little too overwhelming for her as it’d been a long time since she had some meat. She forced herself to drink a couple of mouthfuls before asking, “Where did this chicken come from?”

“Hero Yu hunted this chicken for you. He said that you needed some supplements because your body is very weak. He even made some for Sir Song as well.”“How is Sir Song doing?”“He’s awake now. His injuries are a little heavy, but he should be fine.”“That’s good news,” Her lips were sealed about everything else. There was no way she could tell anyone about what had happened behind the chimney. She gently touched her lips. Was that a misunderstanding on my part? Or did he do it on purpose? Unfortunately, she would probably never get to know the answer to that question. Her priority right now was to get some well-needed rest.When she could finally get out of bed, she received an unexpected letter from Long Heng. She opened it to look at the contents, only to find out that Long Heng was currently facing all sorts of weird obstacles hindering his progress. These obstacles were frightening and incredibly strange. They couldn’t keep up at all and needed her help.Bai Xiangxiu’s mouth twitched. This is all thanks to my fellow human from the modern world. However, isn’t using suicide bombers a little too sadistic? I really have to tip my hat to her for coming up with such a thing. Bai Xiangxiu went to report this to Prince Rong. After that, she changed into men’s clothing and departed to catch up to Long Heng.

Long Heng was in total shambles. He’d never fought someone with so many despicable tricks up their sleeves. The enemy was being incredibly illogical. They’d often hide inside their camps and chose not to fight. And when they finally did decide to fight, they’d always have a new trick to play. In the beginning, the enemy’s cavalry suddenly rushed out to do battle, but then retreated almost as quickly as they came. When Long Heng’s soldiers decided to pursue, they all stepped on some kind of poisoned caltrops.

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