Chapter 219: Manufacturing Gun Powder

Chapter 219: Manufacturing Gun PowderLong Heng wanted to get intimate with her after washing up. After all, they hadn’t done anything recently because they were too disgusted by Lin Qianzi. However, right now, Bai Xiangxiu was giving him the cold shoulder. She was trying her best to fall asleep while hugging her sachet. Long Heng didn’t try to interrupt her when he saw this. He laid down on the bed and went to sleep. The war effort was his priority now. By right, he shouldn’t have removed his armor, but he wanted some intimacy with her tonight as he would be sleeping in the army camp from tomorrow onwards. However, the other person wasn’t giving him face!How could he possibly fall asleep when such thoughts coursed through his mind? He immediately flipped the still awake Bai Xiangxiu over and rained kisses down on her. Bai Xiangxiu was in a daze as she was eaten up. She had no idea what was up with this man. Unfortunately, the author had a rule that any amorous activity would instantly confine her to bed for three days. Long Heng’s vigor was so much so that Bai Xiangxiu quickly fainted dead away. After all, for all her strengths, she was still in a weak and feeble female supporting character’s body. Fortunately, she was finally able to speak to Huo’er after she fainted. Huo’er looked a little like a collection of green flames, just hovering in mid air.Its voice seemed to have matured, now sounding a tad like a young man. “Mistress! Mistress! Huo’er misses you so much!” Huo’er exclaimed joyfully.“I missed Huo’er too. I never imagined that I could contact you even with such distance between us.”“That’s because mistress used her blood to form a connection. We would lose this connection if the spines in your hand rot or disappear.” Huo’er had also learned some human speech. It no longer used ‘part of its body’ to describe its spines.

The human and plant soon got down to business after some chit chat. Bai Xiangxiu hoped that Huo’er would be able to help her find the formula, but Huo’er actually brought her to some manufacturing plant in some unknown dynasty. Invisible to the workers, she carefully watched them toil away. She overheard conversations about materials, and took a long close look at the tools they used to create the finished product. She also saw the power of the completed product.

She didn’t think that Huo’er would have such an ability. She turned her head around and saw a cactus sitting on top of a table in the corner. Am I traveling through time and space to plagiarize? Bai Xiangxiu didn’t have much time to think about all that. She paid full attention to the workers as she was worried that she might forget. She memorized the entire manufacturing process after an entire night’s sleep; it was more distinct than any notes she might’ve made. She was elated. She wanted to conduct an experiment first thing after getting out of bed.

Which resulted in… Bam! Bai Xiangxiu’s legs immediately gave way at the knees, causing her to fall in a heap. She was hammering the floor out of frustration while pulling at her clothes. How can I forget about the author’s “can’t get out of bed for three days” rule? This is agony! I can’t even feel my legs anymore! My joints are in so much pain!“Oh dear! Madame, how did you fall down?” Maid Xiaomei immediately came to help her up. Her face was all red when she realized that the madame was naked.Looking exhausted, Bai Xiangxiu lay back onto the bed and said, “Quickly hand me a brush and paper. I need to write down the formula.” I need to write it down before I forget.The maid immediately ran off to grab the things she needed. Bai Xiangxiu wrote down the complete formula, and also the list of required ingredients. She handed them over to Xiaomei. “Have someone prepare these ingredients. But you must warn them not to mix these ingredients together.”“Understood. But who should I ask to prepare these things?”

“Hand the ingredients over to the general. Tell him that I’m not feeling well and that he should have someone to prepare the ingredients first.”“Understood.” The maid ran off to complete the errand. After a while, she came back to inform Bai Xiangxiu that the general was already preparing the ingredients. Xiaomei also whispered, “The general asks if you want to take a hot bath. He has already ordered Shu’er to prepare the bath for you. Does madame want to take a bath?”“Yes…” Bai Xiangxiu blushed. There really was a possibility that she wouldn’t be able to get out of bed for three days if she skipped the bath. How was she supposed to deal with the incoming enemy if she was bedridden? She had to be a step faster than the enemy’s research. They would be in grave danger if the other transmigrator were to complete their research and produce an incredibly deadly weapon. She decided that this was no time to be lazy after she realized the magnitude of her responsibility. It was time for her to get to work. Bai Xiangxiu cursed Long Heng under her breath as she let the hot water soothe away the aches until she could finally get up to put on her clothes.The food wasn’t very good as they were in a war zone. A bowl of porridge was the staple around here. Long Heng was a responsible man. His meals were exactly the same as his soldiers. Naturally, his concubine would have to eat the same meal as well! Long Heng was very impressed by this point. He would’ve sent her back if she had complained otherwise.

Firecrackers were exploding after they were done with their meal. Who would play with firecrackers at this time? Something bad must be happening. Bai Xiangxiu felt her heart sink and immediately ran out from her room. She saw multiple fire arrows soar through the air and explode when they landed in the city. Damn! It’s a sneak attack! However, what kind of stupid sneak attack is this supposed to be? These tiny sparks are nothing compared to the firepower of artillery I’ve so often seen in war films. “It seems like they have yet to complete their weapon. That’s why they’re using arrows to shoot them into the city. The firepower is still quite weak and hasn’t changed much since the last time.” Bai Xiangxiu murmured while she walked towards the arrow barrage, hoping that she could get a clear picture.“Madame! Madame! You shouldn’t walk up to the arrows like that! You could get injured!”“You’re right.” Bai Xiangxiu went back to her room to grab an umbrella, “This should do it.”“…” Xiaomei was speechless. How can an umbrella possibly shield you from the terrifying rain of fire!From Bai Xiangxiu’s point of view, it was basically just firecrackers raining from the sky, only with rather different circumstances. People were only panicking because they’d never seen something like this. She however, was unafraid. She went out while holding an umbrella over her head and then witnessed an arrow explode in front of her.The explosion was surprisingly powerful and blew a big hole in the horse trough it landed in. This weapon was capable of maiming someone, if not outright killing them. It seemed that the enemy had figured out how to increase the firepower. She decided to seek shelter and brought the maid with her to cower in a dark corner, “Don’t run out into the open. Stay here and stay vigilant.”The soldiers emerged from cover after a while to put out the fires. The rain of arrows had stopped, likely because Long Heng had gone out to chase after the enemy soldiers. This sudden attack was definitely a tactic to intimidate them and stop Long Heng from continuing his pursuit. However, their scare tactics were not as effective as it seemed. It was at this moment when a staunch-looking shadow crept up behind her. She slowly lifted her head to see Long Heng in a full suit of armor. She reached her hand towards him and smiled. “Good afternoon. Didn’t you go out to chase after the enemy?”

“Why would I personally go to battle when there’s only a dozen of them? Why did you come out?”Long Heng tried to suppress his concerns because his subordinates were just behind him. He didn’t want them to think that he was a henpecked husband. Deep in his heart, he was actually thinking, How did she get out from her room? Last I checked this morning, she was still as weak as a newborn kitten.

“I just wanted to see the strength of their explosives with my own eyes, so I can try to create a stronger explosive than theirs.”“Oh?” Long Heng’s heart filled with warmth. She was doing it for me after all. Long Heng’s subordinates had the same thoughts as well. It wasn’t easy for a woman to do so many things. Most importantly, was she really capable of reproducing such a dangerous weapon? It was fortunate that Long Heng had decided to keep her around.Unfortunately, while Bai Xiangxiu might sound mighty, her legs were much less so. Her legs went soft when she tried to get up and nearly caused her to fall.“You shouldn’t have come out if you haven’t recovered from your illness.” Long Heng could feel his face burn as he spoke. The first thing he saw when he ducked his head was Bai Xiangxiu rolling her eyes at him.

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