Chapter 216: Setting The Bed On Fire

Chapter 216: Setting The Bed On FireYu Kuang’s jianghu mannerisms shone through as he spoke in a very forthright manner. “You wouldn’t have gotten sick if not for that woman. I will kill her.” Yu Kuang had decided he would take some action against Lin Qianzi even if Bai Xiangxiu tried to stop him. Lin Qianzi was simply too detestable. Everyone suddenly came to realize the meaning behind his words. Bai Xiangxiu would’ve still been thought of as a young male strategist if that woman hadn’t revealed Bai Xiangxiu’s identity. Nobody would’ve even suspected otherwise.

“No… Don’t. Alliance Head Yu, despite everything, she is still a woman,” Bai Xiangxiu didn’t continue after that. She seemed to be speaking with Long Heng, who was by her side. “Let me travel back tomorrow!”“How are you supposed to travel when you’re in this state?” Long Heng gently stopped her from climbing out of bed. This woman was trying so hard to be tough that it was heartbreaking. He ordered the maid to take good care of Bai Xiangxiu and had everyone else leave. He then visited Prince Rong to ask a small favor from him. Prince Rong accepted his request for an audience even though it was the middle of the night, and then even agreed to help him with his request.Yu Kuang however, decided to pay Lin Qianzi a visit. He wanted to give her a lesson. Even though Yu Kuang knew that it’d be wrong for him to beat up a weak and feeble girl, he couldn’t help but want to teach her the lesson that one shouldn’t go too overboard.  However, Yu Kuang soon realized that she wasn’t in her room. Where could she have gone in the middle of the night? Yu Kuang was straightforward, but that didn’t mean he was stupid. He was the wulin alliance head after all. He subconsciously felt she was probably with Guard Captain Chen right now.Yu Kuang was an expert in the art of concealment. Even though this was an army camp, he’d arrived at Guard Captain Chen’s quarters in the blink of an eye. A house in the middle of the city, it was very easy for him to climb onto the roof. Even before peeking inside, he heard some very interesting sounds. He too was a man, he knew very well what those sounds meant. However, he still delicately lifted a roof tile to make sure the other participant was indeed Miss Lin.He quickly scanned the room after moving aside the roof tile. His face was full of disgust when he confirmed that the woman was Lin Qianzi. They were conversing. “You said that… you’d help me avenge my son. But she was only struck five times by a military rod.”“True, but she’s gotten a high fever just from that. She’s not far from death now. Don’t worry. I’ll make life a living hell for her…”“You actually want to have her for yourself right? I’ve seen the way you look at her.”

“What? Are you jealous?”

“If you want, I can help you get her. Just make Long Heng hate her. In fact, make every man around her hate her. Can you do that for me?”“Of course I can. All I need to do is play with her like how I play with you, and those men will soon abandon her. Women, right? All you need to do is to give them a little bit of training and they’ll turn from a saint into a lust-filled slave. Isn’t that true?”“Yes…”“Then serve me well first.”What a disgusting pair. Yu Kuang snorted scornfully and quickly went to report his findings to Bai Xiangxiu. He was sure that Bai Xiangxiu would no longer take her side after this.Bai Xiangxiu awoke when she felt someone enter her room. She noticed that her maid had fallen asleep while lying on a table. Her acupoints must’ve been struck again. “Who is it?”

“Me.”“Yu Kuang?”“Mm. Not that little rascal.” By rascal, he meant Yu Shū. He then asked, “Has your fever gotten better?”“Mm. Yes it has.”“Is something the matter?” You and Long Heng will fight again if you don’t leave before he returns.“Yes. I came here to tell you that Lin Qianzi is currently in bed with Chen Tao. They’re trying to come up with a plan to gift you to Chen Tao.” Yu Kuang told Bai Xiangxiu everything that he’d overheard.Bai Xiangxiu gnashed her teeth in anger. She glanced at Yu Kuang, “Go back to where they are right now. When you get there, if they’re still doing it, light their house on fire. But make sure to burn their clothes first.”

“Eh…” Yu Kuang felt that her plan was far more evil than just killing them.

“I will personally bring my guards with me to take a look,” Long Heng said. No one knew how long Long Heng had been standing at the door. He was looking at Yu Kuang calmly, but he couldn’t hide the fury in his eyes. Somebody was planning to do his woman harm. There was no way he wouldn’t be furious.Yu Kuang exchanged a glance with Long Heng and left the room without saying anything. Bai Xiangxiu was a little surprised by their interaction. These two are acting strange. Why did they leave without saying anything? However, she was certain that misfortune was about to befall Lin Qianzi. Bai Xiangxiu was incredibly happy that the female lead was about to be punished. After all, she’d been incredibly irritating thus far. She lay back down and waited for punishment to descend.

Things were progressing smoothly for Long Heng and Yu Kuang. Yu Kuang was an expert in martial arts. He quietly leapt onto the roof while holding onto a torch. It seemed like they were still going at it. So, he quickly slipped into the house through a window and knocked out two of Chen Tao’s guards. He noticed two sets of clothing on the ground after he’d snuck into their room, and immediately set them on fire. Then he lit the curtains and the bed curtains. After he was done, he slipped right back out the window and left.All done. Now, time to watch them scurry for clothes!I didn’t even spare a single piece of cloth. They probably won’t be able to cover themselves up since everything’s on fire! Since there was nothing left for them to use, they’d be forced to run out in their birthday suit. Long Heng and the patrolling troops arrived just in the nick of time to add to the drama. Feigning to notice signs of fire within the house, Long Heng yelled, “Guard Captain Chen’s room is on fire! Why isn’t anyone helping?!”

Chen Tao’s guards couldn’t allow others to barge into his room, but they couldn’t allow Guard Captain Chen to burn to death either! Maybe they’d soon find their way out. After a few moments, the two who didn’t wish to burn to death finally ran out from the room, each of them clutching a scrap of cloth that could barely cover up their extremities. They were incredibly bedraggled. Long Heng had seen everything. He laughed softly, “Guard Captain Chen! What a beautiful mood you’re in!” Long Heng’s subordinates all whistled upon seeing Lin Qianzi’s body. “Miss Lin! You have a great figure!” They all began to laugh raucously as they catcalled. Lin Qianzi was so embarrassed that she hid herself in a dark corner, refusing to come out. Men weren’t able to resist taking glances at her seductive body. After all, this was an army camp that was filled with only men. And because of that, nobody was giving her a cloak to cover herself with. More and more people had begun to come for a look. Yu Kuang was responsible for the now burgeoning crowd. He’d been running around, telling people to come and have a look.Lin Qianzi was on the verge of tears. Chen Tao could only say, “Why is everyone just standing there? Give me your cloaks, quickly!”“Understood, Guard Captain Chen.”Long Heng retorted. “Guard Captain Chen, why are you in such a hurry to cover yourself up? Wouldn’t Miss Lin be unsatisfied by your abilities?”The crowd burst into laughter. Chen Tao felt thoroughly humiliated. Although it was normal for men to make these kind of jokes at each other, Long Heng was obviously taking a jab at him.“You…” Guard Captain Chen was extremely cross, but his biggest priority right now was to find something to cover himself up with. Long Heng didn’t hold back either. “Guard Captain Chen, what’s the punishment for seducing another man’s wife?”

Guard Captain Chen replied. “What if I say that she was the one who willingly climbed into my bed?”

“We’d have to seek Miss Lin’s opinion then.” Long Heng moved his gaze to Lin Qianzi but quickly looked away in disgust. It was like he was looking at something utterly repulsive.

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